Vintage Halloween Masks

I want to have a wall collection of vintage Halloween masks. Oh, you know the ones--uber creepy and wrong, wrong, wrong, like something out of the movie "The Strangers." There's a shop online that sells them called Goblinhaus.

Ebay has a lot too, but mostly I think it would be great to make them based on some awesome google search images of vintage Halloween masks. They are so handmade which makes them even more disturbing.

 (above) This was my first attempt at a Halloween mask that looked vintage.

I got a cheap paper maiche plague mask and antiqued it up. Now, it's getting closer.

Here's some I recall from my youth -

It gets a bit freakier when you go back in time.

In the movie "Trick R Treat" the kids on the bus were wearing the best ones I've ever seen. Totally horrifying. Most craft stores like Joann and Michaels have the simple plastic mask and you could go to town recreating some of these babies....


  1. Autumn, have seen the work of Dianne Arbus? Among many other things, she photographed mentally ill people in Halloween costumes. Creepy...

    1. Wow, I have to do a post on her work. That's really unsettling. Thanks, HN!


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