How To Use a Pendulum

(The crystal pendulum above came from my favorite online shop - Trash City)

We often think of the pendulum as a spiritualist's parlor trick, like divining rods or table tipping and Ouijas. It is often used for interviewing spirits and in conjunction with EVP recordings, it can be another form of verification.

You hold the pendulum by your fingertips. It helps if you can clear your mind, let yourself be ready to receive, no extra head-room chatter.  Test it by holding it out and saying "show me yes." When it starts moving, note if it is going back and forth or in a circle. You now know how the spirit answers "yes." Now, to test it, ask it to show you "no."

You can also utilize the pendulum to find things. "Am I facing you?" (yes or no) Now, walk into another room and turn. "Am I facing someone?" You can learn much from your answers. "Do you want me to leave this room?"

Some people utilize pendulums in their everyday life. They ask it questions they already know the answer to like "Do I like my job?" or "Am I 36 years old?" But, then they can begin to feel a sureness in the way those were answered compared to ones they don't have answers to, like "Will I be getting a raise this year?" or "Will my boyfriend ask me to marry him?"

It's basically a skill that comes with time and utilizing the same pendulum so you know its particular feel. You must be patient too. Sometimes, it looks like it's going back and forth and then begins to circle.

For the women out there, you might appreciate this - I wear a windchime necklace to an investigation

I attached a small key ring circle to it and hook the chain of my pendulum to it. I can wear them to the investigation as a piece of jewelry and then I remove the pendulum to utilize it and hang the windchime up in a room to know if anything is moving about.