Cave of the Red-Haired Giants Conflagration

(above - MK Davis at Lovelock Cave, Nevada)

Recently, MK Davis and Don Monroe were on our Paranormal Geeks Radio at the mouth of the Lovelock Cave about to enter. When they did enter after the radio appearance, they did some exploring and found what would appear to be an 18" hand print, adding to the legend of the red-haired giants being driven in and burned to death by the natives.

In this video, MK discussed the kind of heat it would take to make the ceiling covered in this "soot/potential body fat rendering" that we see on this hand print (it's my guess this was made by one of their giant tribe who went in to cover over the graves of his dead clansmen, perhaps touching the still moist ceiling. Over thousands of years, it has turned hard.

I think we've found how that fire could be so hot - Blowout Cave is a great example "According to family tradition, the cave derived its name as told by Sarah Jane Shelley (1850-1950), Alfred’s stepdaughter. As she recalled in 1949 for an article published in Frontier Times, area Comanche Indians followed a bear into the cave and had a lighted torch which they threw down in the cave. It caught fire and the guano of the bats made an immense fire. The story was that the fire got so furious at one time the whole earth "blew out" on the West side which made a large cavity on that side of the mountain. It was reported that the blast was heard in Fredericksburg thirty miles away."


Next Tuesday on Paranormal Geeks Radio, the first 45 minutes, we're having MK Davis and Don Monroe on to talk about this hand print finding and the research being done on it (9 pm EST/8 pm Central/6 pm Pacific)


  1. Yahoo! I am looking forward to hearing what they have to say.


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