Monday, November 29, 2010

My Funniest Post Ever and Written By Y'all!

I have to say that the open conversations that occur at the end of a post are the best part of blogging. Screw my posts! I want to hear what ya'all have to say! I'm amazed sometimes by the wit, insight, heart and intelligence of the readers. Like an insecure high school girl, I keep wondering what I'm doing right to attract such a crowd, so I can continue to do so.

Read these comments out of context and tell me what a freaking weird blog I have that these are the sorts of responses I might receive. See if you can figure out what the heck the posts were about that elicited these beauties below.

I love this place, it's awesome! I love ya'all, you're awesome! After all, you wrote these:

"You don't scare me, Pinn-dorkio! I've got a bag of termites with your name on it! (Am I really fighting with a doll?)"

"hahah, I wonder if the nipple clamp shot will get the vid removed from youtube."

"You just posted on my site (for all to see) that you think I'm a douche. Thanks a lot!"

"autumn, i'm mothman, except for the question that asked about how i was in my fam growing up & i had to admit, most mothman, 1 part chupacabra!"

"We had a blue, glass eye cup in the bathroom when I was a tot. I am still positive it is some kind of extradimensional demon-viewing monocular. Either that or a WW2 era torture device. Maybe both."

"I can remember as a kid seeing those things hanging up on the showers. God help me, I can still see that shit in my head ! Why ...why ???????"

"I still think that checking with an expert with puppets is a good idea."

"Haha. I love bread and ham stories!"

"Hmmmm... I get no visits from a sweet voice. Maybe I need drugs."

"You can have the room divider just stay out of my tub!"

"That swinging gate sounded like an ejaculating moose."


  1. Ha! I remember some of those! Especially the one about the eyewash cup! LOL

  2. Very funny comments. I like the pinn-dorkio insult.

  3. No clue!! But I'm thinkin' it has something to do with Dale and a deserted farm. Does circle get the square?

  4. CB;
    You got two of them. The one you wrote about me calling you a douche was from the "Would You Date Me?" post. The one about the thing hanging in the shower and the eye cup came from the "My Mother's Douche Bag" post. The ejaculating moose was from the abandoned stables post. It doesn't seem to matter what I post about, the commenters always win!

  5. I do remember many of those. (I think Barry wrote the bathtub one, lol.)

  6. Bingo! You're right! I bet you can hear other follower's voices in some of the other comments too. A freaky witty bunch!

  7. HN;
    The nipple clamp one was yours but it was for the video I put up of the unusual ghost hunting trip I took (to the adult store).

  8. Actually, that was "The Halloween Blues". Wish I thought it up!

  9. It was? Darn! My photographic memory must have f'd up. I will be doing a series of these from time to time and I probably should come up with a name for the series. Perhaps "Readers Writings" or something like that. Y'all say the best things!

  10. LMAO! AHHHHH! NOW I remember the "My Mother's douchebag" post!

  11. T-Dear;
    This has to become a regular installment becuase there were soooo many comments I could use, it was hard to choose.

  12. You know what? I also love bread and ham stories.