This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

So, Thanksgiving week is over, Holiday season looms. Will this affect our horror watching? Take a look and you judge… (sigh)

SyFy: “Saw III,” “Saw IV”


SciFi: “Ghost Hunters” (yes, the one with the Atlanta Housewives and, yes, I am rolling my eyes right now).

**SyFy: “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” (Lunar Landing Hoax and a UFO episode)
*History Channel: “Ancient Aliens” marathon

AMC: “Independence Day” “The Walking Dead”
*Travel Channel: “Ghost Adventures” Ontario’s “Ft. Erie.”

AMC: “The Walking Dead”
A&E: “Paranormal State” “Psychic Kids”


  1. I don't see an asterisk (*)on any of the shows, does this mean you are not watching any of them (except ForF of course). We can watch GH together at your place and make fun of those silicone bitches!

  2. Yeah, I was so unenthused writing it, that I forgot. I'll go back and stick those in--there are very few of them.

  3. ID4 was one of my favorite post-drinking sober up on the couch movies in the 90s. I know I'm probably in the minority with that pick. Love the Saw ones as well.

  4. CB;
    You're just a freak of nature, buddy!

  5. The asterisk have appeared, yahoo! We can watch GH together, that will be fun.

  6. Damn, yeah! I love having someone to laugh with.

  7. I love Ancient Aliens! It is one of my favorite shows. I have pretty much stopped watching SyFy because they seem to only show reruns, bad movies and ghost hunters when I am home. =*(

  8. Yakoi;
    I LOVE Ancient Aliens. I could sit and watch a marathon of that forever and ever. It's my very favorite second only to a marathon of Bigfoot documentaries. Man, oh man! If I had a cold rainy day and a marathon of that, I'd park in front of the TV with tons of hot tea and biscuits and just not leave my spot. That'd be the perfect day off.


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