"Ghost Adventures" Drinking Game & Video!

(Today's video Rammstein, the German band, doing "Amerika")

Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas is a fort that once held German POWs. Song seemed terribly appropriate for tonight's episode. You know, I have to find a video that suits the subject each week. Also, have to give you the drinking game:

* Stay Home
* Take a sip for every "bro," "dude," "man," every time Zak gets touched by the unseen and every time Aaron's mouth becomes unhinged in surprise.

Tonight's drink? Something totally appropriate--Shiner Beer. They are an American beer maker that makes German beer.

**Don't forget tonight is Lonely on a Friday Night at 7pm EST. Come here and comment back and forth with everyone, chit chat, flirt, discuss the show as you watch it, and I also have a comment to make to everyone about my divorce.**


  1. With those rules I would be completely shitfaced 15 minutes into the show...guess that's the idea, huh?

  2. Bleaux;
    Seriously. I always say, 2 beers and I'm undressing, 3 and I'm asleep. There's a small window to enjoy my buzz. I have to laugh. One night, I think I had like 14 sips and I was making them small because it was seriously a "dude"/"bro" kinda night. I wondered if I should revise the game to wine coolers instead.


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