Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ghost Hunters SyFy Tonight

Sloss Furnaces:

Grant thinks Jason pushes him in the shoulder and Jason is responding to questions Grant isn’t asking. Who or what is pulling these pranks? Is the paranormal trying to communicate? Don’t miss this episode as legendary rocker Meat Loaf also joins the team for an unforgettable hunt in Alabama.

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  1. Must not have been any activity for Jay and Grant to play games. I heard the word Atlantis whispered in my ear; even though, no one else heard it and it wasn't recorded by any device --- wink wink.

    Maybe we will get to see the girl with the tattoo again just like in Ghost Adventures.

  2. Is it me or are they relying more heavily upon guest stars and other gimmicks this season? Could their ratings be faltering? How long before their version of "Cousin Oliver" appears? Or has it already? And how many more questions can I cram in to a field designated for comments?

  3. Barry;
    Yeah, their apathy is really showing big-time.

    Cousin Oliver--holy shit! That was excellent. I can barely type--I'm still laughing so hard. Or, how about the baby version of Ghost Hunters? You know how the cartoons did that for a while, like Scooby-Doo and Flintstones did versions of them as babies? Baby Ghost Hunters, packing EMF meters in their diapers!

  4. I wonder if they will have any activity like the GA boys did? I will be watching, of course.

  5. Julie;
    I have to admit, as someone who looks for certain features physically and historically in haunted locations, this spot does seem as if it should have activity. Assuming it might have been filmed around 3 months back, there were good bursts of geomagnetic activity and so there is hope.

  6. I may have to start watching GH again. I got away from it because it was getting a bit dull. I'm not real fond of celebrity guests as to me it's a popularity ploy. But I may give them another shot. I still have my favorites though that thanks to the beau for having DVR I can still watch!

  7. Meatloaf usually annoys the hell out of me. This episode did not alter that.

  8. Damn I love this show, because apart it is true of course you will never know if something it's gonna shows up ;D