Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dale the Doll: Okay, Maybe I Went a Little Overboard

For those of you who might be new to this blog, I'm Dale the Doll, Autumnforest's sidekick. I don't like or trust humans and people might call me a curmudgeon, but the truth is, I'm the brains in this operation.

Sometimes, I sneak and use the laptop while the Human is asleep. She was really mad at me this October. You see, I have this curse and every October I get into some mischief. Okay, I seriously fuck up, but hey I can't be held responsible for the dolly porn video or the hiding of the kitchen knives or filming her while she slept, that was all my alter ego.

That being said, I'm in her good graces again she said, as soon as I apologize for being a horse's behind during October and stalking many of your blogs and leaving comments. I won't apologize for stalking the pretty lady bloggers. Hell, I am a man; whether I'm plastic and stuffing or not!

Okay, so I kind of think this is where I'm suppose to say that I feel sorry about what I did and I want to repent for my sins and yada yada yada, horse shit! There, I said it. Take it or leave it!


  1. Dale!! I really don't think you're in her good graces. :)

  2. CB;
    Good observation. I just came on and read Dale's little "apology." He's spending my day off with Skittles in the steamer trunk. Yeah, that should punish him enough.

  3. Dale, this is the tactic of denial.

  4. Echo;
    This is self preservation. If I have to admit I did wrong and apologize for the Human, I'll be doing it the rest of my life. Do you know how long a doll lives???

  5. I don't know what doll's life span is. My guess as they are not that high maintenance as humans, their live expectancy in captivity is more years then in the wild.

  6. Dale! Why so hostile? I know you can't help yourself in October, but I REALLY think you should behave yourself! Your "human" is a powerful lady! You never know what can happen to a little dollie! Muuaaaahaahaa!

  7. Dale, you little molded tweeker, I am disappointed in you. All this build up for mischief and you all but disappear around Halloween. Mild Dale Doll porn (R-rated I was told since I never watched it) but mainly hiding from Skittles. You ought to have feathers glued to that outfit of yours.

    As for an apology, I hardly noticed anything you needed to apologize for. Try harder next time.

  8. Pretty Lady;
    I am kind of scared of the Human, but mostly because I have no idea what she'll do next. She thinks I'm unpredictable!

    Mr. Monkey;
    See, I didn't think it was that bad either. When Skittles wasn't around, the October before, I got into a lot more trouble. She should be thankful I was a better doll this year.

  9. As soon as you mentioned doll porn I thought of the annual sex convention they hold in Las Vegas (no, I've not been there) and those people who buy those life-size anatomically correct dolls that you can customize to look like anybody. Yeah, I have no clue either. Taboo on NatGeo also did a thing on these people. Christ, not even I get THAT lonely.

  10. F-everything;
    You cracked me up. Yeah, that would be an interesting convention to see. I'd like to see the furries gathering too. Hee hee

  11. Good effort, man.

    Don't let the naysayers get ya down.

  12. Happy to hear your on your best behavior; Dale. I tried to tell the Human insane clowns creep me out.

    When you tire of her; you let me know. I might even see if I can find a doll friend of the female persuasion for ya! XOXO