Wednesday, November 24, 2010

RIP: "Ghost Hunters" My Eulogy

For Christ's sake, just put me out of my misery finally. They picked up GH for another season. It started out with the best of intentions and really did change people's views on what ghost hunting is, made it less embarrassing to be a ghost hunter, and showed that debunking is CRITICAL.

Then, like a bad marriage, they got complacent. You know, the moment your spouse starts wearing a dirty shirt and hasn't showered and farts blatantly in front of you. Well, GH seems to be doing that to viewers and to the industry. Honeymoon is over, time to file for divorce.

Their cookie cutter explanations of what a ghost is, how it works and the way they drill it into poor Steve and other team members until they can rattle it off over and over again like zombies has spread throughout the country into franchise-like groups that tout the same party line. To top it off, they still do the exact same thing and team up with the same people for every investigation. They don't experiment. They don't try completely new ways of doing a sweep. Then, their idea of putting some zing in it is adding the tranny-looking, fucking brain-dead housewives of Atlanta.

Okay, I'm out of here. I quit watching after season 3 and I admit that I am so apathetic at this point that the only reason I would watch this pile of steaming doggy doo is to laugh at this team that touts its highly trained members taking in a bunch of vapid females with new manicures worrying about spider webs onto a hunt.

They get what they deserve at this point. I'm not watching them circle the drain another season and bring in "celebrity" hunters. I wonder how often Stephen Hawking brings in George Clooney to help him contemplate astrophysics?

RIP (year of death, somewhere around 2008).

You know the really sad thing? They will come back to haunt us in syndication forever like some godawful residual...


  1. Now. Tell us how you TRULY feel, sweetie! Go on... hold nothing back; because I love it when you get all riled up!! LOL!

    You know they re-upped only to torture you. Right?
    I thought so. Hee Hee!!

  2. I'd blame the producers/network more than the cast themselves. They're just out to make money, and any chance they have of getting more schmoes to watch the show they'll take. I saw this coming when they invited their first WWE "guest star" to the Halloween special.

  3. I will be at the wake as well... the Atlanta housewives, jeez... I quit watching them after one eppy this season. Now they are going to haunt me on GH tonight. I wonder if the equipment will function around all that silicone? We shall see.....

  4. I see I'm not the only weary one. I do blame SyFy in that they feel the need to punch up the show and plug other shows. But, it would be entirely unnecessary if the team would simply grow and change over time. Even if they put Grant with Tango and Steve with Jason, it'd be "exciting" compared to what they've been doing and how about trying some theories, some new equipment and actually growing in the industry of ghost hunting?

  5. Format is everything. Anybody can say what they want about GAC, but I at least appreciate the first half of their show being used to set up the history of the location, as opposed to listening to the GH folks talk on their walkie talkies during their "van ride" to the location.

    In a way I'm a bit sad about this, as GH was really the first catalyst for me in realizing that paranormal investigating can actually be done, and it opened the door for me personally to take action and look for myself.

    It's also been pretty hard for me to come up with alternate explanations for some of the "Grant Wilson faked evidence" clips that have popped up on the net. Very disappointing if true, and I can't help but think that they are true.

    As for now....yeah, GH has been pissing me off. I will still watch, but only like I've been doing for the last several months: i.e. recording it and skipping to "the reveal".....

  6. Dan;
    Yeah, I'm with you. GA is a hoot and I love the guys for being brassy enough to admit they're making the shit up as they go along and that's exactly what ghost hunting is. It's not rocket science. It's smoke and mirrors and half-second glimpses of things and like trying to hold jello. So, that being said, GA tries things, talks to "experts" (such as they are in the field) and rocks it in places that have a little less foot traffic, takes down the crew to 3 dudes, and experiments. I think the provoking is total theater, but what I'd give to see Jason stand in a dark room and chew out a ghost's butt like he did with Brian when he was in the group. Yeah, GH did wake people up to the alternate explanations out there for hauntings and I bless their hearts for that. I just mis the grumpy-pants dude with a trailer in his yard and a wife chewing him out for pissing away the kid's college funds...

  7. I rearly see puking made this sexy.

  8. Haven't watched it in sometime. I probably wouldn't have even noticed it was gone. Just like leaving my ex....haven't even noticed she is gone.

  9. Echo;
    You crack me up.

    Yeah, funny how easy it is to not notice something you quit noticing a long time ago...

  10. Does your show feel tired and run down? Do you feel the need to hoax? Have you become a huckster for Dodge? Do you use celebrities and gimmicks but your ratings keep dropping?

    Then you might have an ailment that we call "ghost-hunter-halitosis" an often terminal disease.

    Check with your fan base for the cure. It usually requires you to return to what made the show a success to be with.

  11. Barry;
    That would be putting the genie back in the bottle. Not sure it's possible. They could have evolved and with their amazing influence on the field of ghost hunting, they could have brought in scientists, experts, inventors, all kinds of forward-thinking and educated people to take it to the next level. They didn't need gimmicks with academies and wrestlers and TV celebrities and singers. They could have done an episode on purely EVP or one where they left the team in a place for a week to live and eat and sleep there. They could have done so many innovative ways of showing hunting. I'm sure SyFy wouldn't be thrilled to have something unpredictable and with a questionable budget, but it would have kept the show running happily much longer. Now, if they'd just ask me about my concept for a fantastic ghost hunting show that I've devised...

  12. I will not watch Real Housewives of Anywhere. This "celeb" guesting is a true evil mad scientist combination of TV and should be shunned and chased with pitchforks and torches.

    I didn't mind the WWE guy though. He seemed interested and respectful, though I wasn't paying an enormous amount of attention. At least WWE is actually on the damn SyFy network so it made some kind of sense.

    Maybe they can get Lebron James. Everyone loves Lebron. Right?