Mind Fuck Tuesday: Women, Periods and Poltergeists

**Bob Saget has a weird new show on A&E tonight called "Strange Days" and in this one he hangs with a group of Bigfoot hunters. Definitely worth a look-see and a laugh.**

One of the most popularly observed explanations for poltergeist activity is women, especially adolescent women just getting their menses. So, is this just another misogynist male fear of women and their "magical abilities" from childbirth to periods? Another Curse of Eve scenario and blame it on women syndrome? Seriously, in folklore tradition, that would make the most sense.

In a book I'm reviewing later this week on this blog, a discussion was made of poltergeists and women's menstrual cycles. The author of "The Physics of the Paranormal" postulates that the female's bodily anti mass field radiations must converge on stones to manipulate them and make them fall from the ceiling. Basically the explanation is along the lines of our bodies being able to change things on a molecular level. Well, if that were true, I suppose my ninth grade Algebra teacher, Mr. Osborne at Robinson Secondary School, would have gone up in flames after the first lecture and those girls in the cafeteria who hated when I got attention from football players, might have made me combust with theirs stares alone, especially if like most girlfriends they ended up menstruating the same time of the month!

Kidding aside, one thing I learned as a psychic reading abandoned locations for Julie and I's book is that locations where hormones (teens) combined with alcohol, emotions and drugs makes for an insane residual. I know of many times in which people in strongly emotional times and the aid of mental illness or drug/alcohol influences can seriously leave residual emotion and even patterns on an environment. What is it about strong hormones in menstruating women? Perhaps the same thing that causes us to be weepy or angry around our period times, those wonderful hormones, play part in psychokinesis.

So, do you think there's anything to this theory of women causing poltergeists with their scary female hormones? I'm curious to hear your input.

**Tomorrow Julie and I are hitting the road to finish our abandoned book by seeking out yet more abandoned sites and no doubt some insane videos that I take along the way. Expect to see the results of our insanity during the next few days. (You also might wish the people in the town of Superior, AZ to just pull the shutters closed and wait out the rampage)**


  1. I have so many snippets running thorugh my mind, but will keep this comment to one - Since when do you need to add hormones to drugs and alcohol to get insanity? I know. I know. You're talking about strength of residual. But you get where I'm going.

  2. Hmmm...might explain my raging mad screaming fit I had this morning. Interesting concept I've never even thought about. However, the poltergeist activity I've experienced no one was home so that debunks that theory. Lemme think on this some more! ;)

  3. MM;
    Well, admittedly, just people in a horrible mental state can cause residual, people who are overly emotional because of drugs and alcohol and people having hormone surges causing mental issues all have the same thing in common--amplification. Now, if you got a 13 year old girl drunk and high and angry--you might get some serious activity. Well, ask any adolescent boy on the receiving end. Hee hee

    It could also be that if the activity occurred when no one was home it was simple spirit activity and not poltergeist. I can't think of any poltergeist activity that occurred when no one was present. It could happen and you're not aware of it until later and think it happened when you were gone. If someone finds something misplaced when they get home, I think of the rush people are in to leave the house and might have carried something into another room while putting things away and set it down to do something else and forgot, but if you find your dining chairs in a perfect pyramid when you get home, I'd say that's about the weirdest thing I've ever heard of because that would be more like a poltergeist event. Hmm... I'd like to hear about the poltergeist stuff you had happen.

  4. Now that is something I never knew or heard of. But it may explain all of the things my daughter experiences now, but doesn't explain what she went through when she was 3.

  5. Interesting about your ideas about poltergeist theories. I'll come back tomorrow to share some interesting ideas from the Blackie book series (written by a Catholic Priest) about women and poltergeists.

  6. Hormones are enough sometimes to be considered insane.

  7. Oh, yeah, hormones. I can verify they do create insanity, the question is, can they manipulate objects (and a woman pitching a phone at a guy's head doesn't count as a poltergeist).

  8. I keep trying to formulate something to say in regards to male teen raging...erm...hormones.

    Y'all can just fill something snide and dirty in for yourselves.

  9. Pangs;
    To fuck with our minds a bit more; imagine that testosterone and androgen makes men physically more angry--they literally punch things, but women with estrogen and progesterone tend to psychically punch things.

  10. Evil spirits are attracted to any kind of strong emotions anger,hatred,lust etc. They feed off this energy like thirsty vampires,and they don't mind moving objects or possessing an unexpected person. I have seen it over and over again. They also love to fool humans into thinking something else is causing it.


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