Saturday, February 27, 2016

Believe: Your Weight and Living An Ingenuine Life

It dawned on me while I was running today (5 miles a day) that weight isn't so much about lack of discipline or cravings. It's about living an ingenuine life.


When I was very unhappy in my life, stuck in a role I didn't want, limited by my self expression, and basically told to stay in line and not stand out or do anything "strange," I ended up wearing beige to blend in and be invisible and ate my anger. I had a life I imagined for myself and I was 180 degrees the wrong direction. I had let someone else's expectations, values, priorities and vision of me direct my decisions and even my relationship with myself (as I lost respect for me for not standing up and claiming "this is not me!")

When I started my own life, doing what I want, my way, expressing my intelligence, my loving nature, my curiosity, adventure, talents... when I started painting, writing, communicating, speaking, expressing... food was not an issue any longer.

As I workout to regain my genuine body (the one not corrupted by every day wearing a life that didn't fit), I am reminded of how holding back the human spirit, whether it's a bad job, bad marriage, or situation in which you have little control over decisions, is an inner death.

If your body is a wrong fit, your light might be too.

Liberate yourself and I promise you, the weight melt rights off when you're doing more to honor the life you always knew in the back of your head that you were supposed to have. You are fully engaged like a child and your entire metabolism comes back to life for to live up to the potential you are taping.


If you need to hike to be with nature and photograph, do so. If you need adventures, go on ghost tours, explore caves, go to a new town you've never seen. If you need to write, write. If you need to paint, paint. If you need to sing, sing. Even if you have to go outside and hide away to do it.

Reclaim your genuine life and your genuine body.

And, remember, it's not you you're mad at, it's your situation. 

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