Monday, February 29, 2016

Ainu: Were They First People of Americas?

Ainu man

These tribe members (above) were found in the 1800s in Nevada. Those who photographed them were not sure who these wild folks were.

Obviously, the facial hair is rather odd, as well as the features to be any Native tribe we know of in America. 

They do, however, have the facial hair, features, and even the "paper hats" style head coverings that the Ainu had. 

Is there evidence other people have been in the Americas perhaps before the Amerindian people's arrival? 


Penon woman was found in Mexico and dates back 13,000 years ago. The problem is, she had a long Caucasian face and appears to show no indicators she is from the same region as the future Native Americans. In fact, she is compared with Australian aborigine/Polynesian/South Pacific origins. 

The mound people, the giants spoken of by the Native People, the coastal indians with Polynesian head shapes, Penon woman, and this obscure tribe in Nevada (above) show definite signs that we have had many other races of man here at various times. Some might have mated in with the arriving Amerindians, but some might have died off by isolation in a time period before the arrival of the "Native" people. 

The bog people found in Florida were also found DNA wise to not match Native Americans and to be likely European. This is intriguing as these people were buried 9000 years ago. Unfortunately, the government's rule that all ancient people are handed over to local Natives for reburial is a tragic loss. 

In fact, the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada has fought long and hard to hold the Spirit Cave mummies, as they are certain the Paiutes have no claim to the remains, being that there were no Paiutes in that area in the time period the bodies were placed in the cave, as well as the skeletons being obviously not Native American. 

Were Ainu one of many people who found their way to America but didn't survive the long-term or was this tribe from yet another origin like Polynesia? This certainly brings a new look at the "discovery" of America and how "young" our continent seems. 


  1. Hi Sharon - Look at the third photo, supposedly from Nevada - those two are holding monkey heads (or possibly a gorilla head on the left) and their knives/spears are bloody. They've just hunted these animals. Also, there is tropical foliage in the background which is not indigenous to Nevada. The photo may have been FOUND in Nevada, but I doubt very much if it was SHOT in Nevada.

  2. This photo is from the Emory Strong book "Stone Age in the Great Basin" page 187. "They have good features and most of them have hairy beards" Photo by John Hiller 1873 Smithsonian Institute. No, that is not a palm, that is plant life. There is no monkey.