Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Destination Truth and Haunted Highway Tonight!

Destination Truth
Alien Invaders/Swedish Lake Monster

It's nice to see Josh chasing UFOs too.  It doesn't matter much what he does--love the episodes, but I do admit to paying only partial attention to water monsters. It's a bore from a gathering evidence point of view. It's murky. It's hazy. There's sonar hits that are nebulous. I like his paranormal and monster episodes on land better.

Haunted Highway
El Durado Hell Hounds/Georgia Skinstealer

The show does not have me sold at all, but the damn titles of the episodes do. I feel compelled to peek and then I tell myself, "why did you do that again?" I know they will be screaming and rushing around in the dark supposedly filming themselves but they go back and forth with having a light on them and then in nightvision and the way they film it leads me to believe there is no way there isn't a crew with them in the woods. Then, they go back to the car and already have an expert on the laptop to talk to them about evidence they sent--from the woods? Hmm... It's cheap thrills. I want something with real teeth--researchers who seriously hunt down everything they can, no skimming the cream from the top, but churning butter, dammit!

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  1. Doesn't Haunted Highway seem a little scripted at times to you?