Monday, July 30, 2012

Another Alien Encounter?

I wrote some time ago about an "alien" memory in hypnosis. I disregarded it as utterly ridiculous, but several months ago, I had an incident that did not involve hypnosis, but did occur while sleeping.

I woke up quite suddenly and had no real reason, like sound or discomfort. I knew I wasn't alone. I looked to my left and saw two alien grays, one a few feet away and one at the end corner of my bed area, then I turned my head to see a gray at the foot of my bed bathed in an orange red light and then to the other side of the bed, another gray. All at once, I knew their thoughts and it was kind of like "oh shit! She wasn't supposed to know we visited." One by one they disappeared, starting with the one in the orange red light. I sat up and watched the last one turn away and then disappear. And, the room smelled of ozone.

This was not like a sleep paralysis, which I've had before. There was zero terror. I was moving around in the bed, sitting up, and still seeing one of them as I sat there staring at it turn away like it was impatiently waiting its turn, though it knew it was being viewed.

In that moment of being able to read them, I got such a huge rush of knowledge. I knew that "he" had sent them--the one from my childhood (in the story in the link above). I also knew that I was fulfilling some expectations set in motion for me. I was not resisting the intuitive that would guide me to my full potential. I felt strangely on the verge of yet another chapter of my life.

I don't believe in aliens, abductions or any such concepts, and yet I find myself profoundly changed by the experience to feel a patience about my life unfolding, that it is underway and I am doing the right thing and it will lead in a direction that will be truly miraculous.

The final message to me was something like this - you are in charge now and as long as you are making the decisions, amazing things will happen!


  1. Wow! Your renown has reached other galaxies now! (Apparently even aliens dig redheads! LOL!)

  2. This post shook me to my core, because I have a deep-rooted fear of grays. I'm more or less fearless, but even seeing a picture or representation freezes me.

    I'm even surprised I clicked on this story from my reader, usually I'd look away, scroll to safely, and ignore.

    I have a similar childhood story, when I was 3 or 4. Shortly after I started reading, excelling in school, and even skipped a grade. I was always ahead of the curve and wondered why.

    Looking back, I wonder if there is a correlation. I also wonder if I'm going to be revisited when I'm your age, receiving the same kind of 'analysis report' like you had...


    1. Brandon, I am not at all surprised. One thing psychics know when they enter a room is who else has the skill. They take a little mental note of each other, acknowledgement. There are several bloggers I have always felt were my peers in terms of this sensitive and unusual background, feeling of being a bit different. You are one of them. I'm glad you recognize it. I would not be surprised if you see it in others from time to time, a restless energy as if life is not challenging enough for them and they don't see things as having limits, but are driven by "what else am I capable of?" My sense from the first encounter was that I was given something fundamentally different, almost like DNA.

    2. I'm trying to fathom how I can have an eye-opening revelation simply by you sharing yours. Things suddenly make more sense.

      What's odd is this subject (encounters) frightens me to the point of near-paralysis. I want to research and understand more, but every alarm goes off whenever I try. I wonder if *that* was programmed in as well?

    3. And thanks for the compliment. I wish I had more time to regularly read your blog (two hands in too many pots) but I am glad I found this post. I feel physically ill, but am still glad.

    4. That's interesting to me. My encounter from childhood had absolutely no fear at all, though admittedly, I did not want to look up at the two tall slender gray beings flanking the little one. I knew they were sort of guards or something, but I also knew they kind of scared me. But, the little guy--I felt like he was my true father in ever sense and a mentor. I wasn't sad he was leaving, but his message to me that I would go through many trials and he gave me everything I needed to handle it struck home in my 20s when I developed panic attacks and within a few months completely recovered permanently by embracing the power of the mind to create your reality. When I engaged my mind, karma paid me off big time. It was like I wasn't fighting my nature any longer and wasn't scared of my capabilities. I suspect when you accept your unique abilities and see yourself as limitless, you will find amazing successes that will startle you and the folks around you.

    5. Oh, and I would add -- don't be afraid or being suprahuman. I think most people are and they hold back or "hide their light under a bushel." Lead a limitless life and the knowledge and the talents and the timing come to you out of necessity to get this greater task done.

  3. This story gives me chills every time I hear it.