Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time Shifts and Alternate Universes

If you're a follower of the wonderful show "Wormhole," you no doubt are aware of the string physics theories that explain the concept of multiverses (many universes) and that whatever decision was made, plays out in different universes; i.e. you turn right at the street corner in one universe, left in another.

Here's a couple of incidents that make you wonder about things like ghosts, psychic abilities and deja vu - 

I had an old mantle clock I inherited from my father's home in Norway. He kept a photo of his family inside it and as a child, I would see him ritualistically open it, study the photo, put it back and close the door. When I inherited it, I realized it had a cord that was hidden behind the dresser when I was a kid. I plugged it in to see it worked on this early 20th century clock and it did. It began to tick. I opened the door and pulled the photo out, looked at it, looked up at the room and saw a completely different home with high ceilings, portraits stacked atop of each other, heavy curtains. I looked down at the photo again and then back up and it was gone. I was back in my home. I put the photo away, unplugged the clock and didn't think about it until the rest of the inheritance arrived in boxes. I went through the photos and found my grandparents' wedding in the home in Norway, a photo I didn't know existed. A room with tall ceilings, heavy curtains and portraits stacked atop of each other. I saw a view with the clock of something my grandmother had a view of nearly a century before.

Time shift? Perhaps it was. 

And, perhaps we sometimes glimpse another universe-

What about this case - A very awesome paranormal investigator from ChIPS group in Illinois, Jim Heater, relayed a recent story of something that happened to him. Going off a blood pressure medicine, he was at work and heard a co-worker ask him to come over to see something. He walked over to her and picked something up, falling over as he tried to stand back up when his blood pressure dropped. She helped him out as he started to faint. Now, in a lucky quirk of fate, he was near her when this happened and not out in the middle of the floor where he would have done a face plant. But, what's even more odd is he asked her why she called him over and she told him she did not. 

Did Jim encounter an alternate reality in which his coworker did ask him over there to see something? 

Do we really have psychic abilities or do we tap into time shifts and alternate universes to gain insights we normally wouldn't have? Is precognition a part of this? When we have a dream that there is a tidal wave and one occurs the next day, did we shift in our own universe's time to see the coming event? Perhaps time and our universal plane are not as fixed as we think. There could be a fluidity to it that we haven't conceptualized and allows us to see an apparition in an 1800s outfit or even know what someone is going to say, or feel a sense of deja vu because of these subtle shifts. 

Multiverses actually allow us to explain paranormal phenomena, deja vu and precognition. If there is a natural science to make sense of the unusual and unexplained, this would be it. Now, the question becomes why do these shifts occur and how can we make them happen more often? Longer? With predictability? 

And, in a sense, would this be the next form of time travel?

This is just another mind fuck sniper attack on your vision of the world. I hope that I've left y'all wondering properly and considering that natural science accounts for all things paranormal.


  1. Loved this post. I'm totally on board the train of thought you're riding in this. I suggest that perhaps by rethinking the widely accepted "ghosts eat emf" notion we may actually find that the proper frequency actually shakes the veil, so to speak.

  2. Mission accomplished, girl :) Great post!