Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Z World Detroit

I love brilliant ideas and I love to see people campaigning to make a dream come true. The dream in this case is an abandoned Detroit neighborhood turned into a zombie-themed park!

Do you want to look for a refuge within a building from the zombies shambling around outside? Abandoned factories, stores, homes, and empty lots--all become the playing field for dealing with hordes of zombies.

You and your teammates are weaponless since your ammo has run out. You must rely on your skills and teamwork to avoid the zombies, to design makeshift fortifications, find food and water and withstand the final assault. Can you find a suitable base? Who can you trust? Can a teammate be talked into being a diversion for the greater good? Do you hunker down or make a run for it?

Z World Detroit wants to make it happen. Check it out and volunteer some dollars to get this launched. We just can't have enough of revitalizing neighborhoods with new life, or, um, ah...undeath.

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