Bigfoot Diaries: Our Spirituality

Others in my clan might anger at the concept of me explaining us to you hairless beings that call yourselves "humans," but I feel compelled to remind you that my kind are anything but dumb animals. In fact, you might be surprised to know we are very much alike in lots of ways. One of them is spirituality.

What? You're surprised?

Your kind found spirituality in the toughest of times living in caves and fighting for meals that could outrun you and scrounging for natural growing foods that came and went seasonally. You died of disease, infection, childbirth, and other premature demises. The very elements of rain and snow, wind and sun were either vitally important or absolutely devastating. If you hadn't built up a spirituality to handle it and explain your circumstances, you would never have survived and adapted. As we have too.

Where do we go when we put our kind in the ground? How do we accept the elements, the earth, sky, sun, and other angry ones of our own kind wanting to fight for territory? We do have concepts that explain the story of our lives, where we came from, where we go when we die, and what our priorities are. It might vary from what you humans call your God and Heaven, but we do extend past this earthly plane and we will likely see you on the other side.  

Remember that.


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