Looking Back at 2014 and Ahead to 2015!

Giants:  2014 had me chasing accounts of ancient giants around the globe. It had me rethinking some popular para-concepts like ancient aliens (which I always thought to be TOO exceptional an explanation). I truly believe at this point, we are talking about ancient terrestrials - earlier civilizations of the earth. I know it would be egocentric to assume we were the only intelligent form that walked the earth, we were just the last one to evolve and survive. We came to the game late, but we apparently had a better ability to survive, though we might have missed out on some of the early knowledge those who evolved and learned it benefited from. We kind of came along, saw their cool stuff and played with it, not really getting their knowledge and technologies that took hundreds of thousands of years to come to. Expect 2015 to be more of the giants. It has become a consuming thing because it is making it possible to explain how the Sasquatch exist and makes sense of strange knowledge from "ancient man" that Homo sapiens and Native People didn't seem to have.

Sasquatch:  I am exceedingly honored to work with researchers with great integrity, expertise and minds and this think tank makes it possible for us to give feedback on research and evidence. It also means that I have available much information evolving about the capabilities and knowledge of the Sasquatch. Expect in 2015 for me to have more guest researchers and ongoing series of studies going on. The more we share information, the more we understand an ancient people.

Ghosts:  I spent a great deal of 2014, focused on putting out my two books, "Growing Up With Ghosts" and "Vacationing With Ghosts" to give people an accurate accounting of what it is like to live among ghosts and consider it a blessing and an honor to have these encounters. 2015 will be about developing the Spirit Vessels concept - what makes certain places haunted - so that researchers can know better when and where to go to find encounters, as well as to understand why some places are more haunted than others. I will also share investigations throughout the year.

PSI:  A sort of doorway has opened for me in PSI skills and they have been developing at a rapid rate. With me no longer uncomfortable with my foreknowledge, I hope to share many reads as well as what I am learning about how the whole process works. 

Trips:  Oh yes, 2015 will be about trips to places I've not been before and lots of sharing live on the trips. If you are really into the treks, you might enjoy following me on Facebook where I share everything (link on the left side of the blog). I am hoping to organize a UFO watch in the desert, visit the Four Corners area and New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma to start. Then, well, the list is long! I am seeking places with a wide variety of unexplained. 

Personal:  I very much appreciate the support I've had about quitting my job last winter and being self employed in stock trading and oil investing. It was a HUGE jump for me and meant going against everything I was taught about secure jobs and playing it safe. It has been thrilling and horrifying at the same time, but always I owned the year. I was able to research to new depths, write and blog in ways I only dreamed of before. In 2015, expect to see me taking a focus on the physical realm - actively partaking of raw foods, organic growing, permaculture/sustainable gardening, and re-owning the jock I used to be. After years of focus on career, it's time for me to focus a bit on other passions that have to do with nature, outdoors, and growing things. I also hope to study more shamanic concepts, especially relating to my Scandinavian and Celtic background.

I want to thank everyone for being supportive, bringing me your para-experiences, sharing knowledge, offering to write posts, and always believing that I have no limits when I set my mind to a goal. I am very blessed to be in a tribe of para-geeks who totally get me! 

Happy 2015!

**Tomorrow begins Giants Month on GHT! Every single day more information, legends and archaeology relating to the ancient race I like to call The Originators. Tomorrow's edition is all about the Laplander's Giants**