Saturday, December 21, 2013

Review: The Sasquatch People By Kewaunee Lapseritis, M.S.

"The Sasquatch People and Their Interdimensional Connection" By Kewaunee Lapseritis, M.S.

I was curious about this book because I learned of the book “The Psychic Sasquatch” by Kewaunee and I was interested in getting it but apparently old copies of it are rather pricy. So, I figured what he wanted to continue in the discussion of Bigfootery in this book.

This is not a book for everyone, but everyone should give it an open-minded look-see. I was resistant because, even though I believe Bigfoot to have shown a very spiritual and extremely patient bend with us hairless ones, I am not of the subscribing audience of spiritualists who believe Bigfoot to be a guru like the Dahli Lama.

That being said, this book may not say what you want to hear, but it will say what you need to hear.

If you want to get into the psychic/interdimensional Sasquatch theories, this book is an excellent jumping point. I know for a fact that at least one of the medicine woman encounters he speaks of is the real deal and very insightful.

Are Sasquatch a native people of curious origins? Do they have contact with UFOs and vortexes? Can they psychically mind meld with you? What is their message to mankind? How long do they live? What types of Sasquatch are there?

Whether you agree with Kewaunee’s observations or not, this book offers his answers, as reportedly passed to him through the Sasquatch to share with mankind. Can we continue to co-exist and, if so, what do we need to change?

I suggest this book to anyone who wants to explore the mind of a Sasquatch and their connection to us and the earth and for those who are curious about the unusual phenomena reported with Sasquatch. You might feel you fell further down the rabbit hole, but I assure you that you will leave the end of this book feeling a kinship and a relationship with Sasquatch you never expected, as if finding an old biological brother you didn’t know was given away at birth.

Because of many good references in the book, it is keeping a permanent spot on my Sasquatch shelf.

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