Friday, December 20, 2013

Where Do Apparitions Go?

Did you ever wonder where that apparition hides when you’re not glimpsing it for all of the 4 seconds you saw it? What does it do with the other 23 hours, 59 minutes and 56 seconds of the day?

Here’s some options knocked around most commonly:

1. An apparition is a residual sighting of something that occurred in the past, not associated with a soul, but more like a video replaying under the right conditions (whatever they may be).
2. An apparition is a being in another dimension and under the proper conditions (whatever they may be) it is glimpsed. It might also be that it can glimpse us and wonder.
3. An apparition is a soul of a deceased person and this soul can come and go at will.
4. An apparition is always there, but only some people at the right times (whatever these may be) can glimpse it.
5. It takes an enormous amount of energy for an apparition to make itself visual on our plane and it will use any means to gather enough energy to show itself briefly.

Depending on what day it is, I’ll give you a different answer for what an apparition is and where it spends its time. I tended to think going into the field that they were a residual recording or visual memory in an environment. Eventually, I began to speculate that perhaps they were from another dimension or perhaps a dimension in which our time lines play out side by side and we see a bit of the past for a moment. Theories on fourth dimension call it 3 dimensions with the addition of time, so that all things; past, present and future are together.

My issues with the soul explanation had more to do with the concept of heaven in the traditional sense. It would seem ridiculous to have a resting place for eternity that allowed for souls to just wander the Earth. If that were so, why they hell weren’t they everywhere like zombies; trolling in the malls, wandering the family’s home and hanging out at their favorite hot dog stand?

Here’s another thing to consider: I do psychic readings. I touch objects, sometimes look at photos and I can tell amazingly detailed and strange things that I couldn't otherwise know. I don’t know how this works technically, but I can tell you that the mind contains whatever contents we believe are the soul. So, if the body dies and the soul exits, the soul is no longer of physical matter, just like my psychic knowledge is not of a physical content. You can’t see a thought. You can’t see a soul. Perhaps, under the right conditions, like when I touch an object, I see images in my head as if they are memories, you can also have the right conditions in which in your head you see these images, but they are not actually in the room.

That’s something to think about.

Now, I’d like to hear your take on this because my posts are nothing more than a way to get you talking and you are a highly intelligent crowd and your viewpoints matter greatly to me.


  1. Hey now. I found this article interesting. I do write fiction at times, but don’t be quick to write me off as someone who sees the Virgin Mary on her toast in the morning. I liked your 1-5 possibilities but I think they all apply under various circumstances. Perhaps trauma can jog open a door to part of the brain that is naturally open only to the gifted. I find myself leaving the door propped open as much as I can. I did discuss my experiences with a Hospice counselor. Her comment was, “You have no idea how damn lucky you are. Most people would give their eye teeth to see their loved ones again.”
    1) I believe I heard a story about how Roman soldiers could be seen by various numbers of people who toured ruins at a particular spot. It was like a clip of past history with them silently marching by. Perhaps that happens due to some electrical hot spot on the earth. Perhaps time is joined somehow? Past, present and future?
    2) An apparition is a being in another dimension. Could be so. During a stressful period in my life I woke up to see an angel standing by my bed. Wings? Yes, whole 9 yards and rather translucent. What remains unforgettable is the look on the angel’s face when it realized I saw it standing there. The look was: “Oh no. I think I screwed up somehow. She saw me.”
    3) The apparitions that I see over the past 12 years are departed family members. According to conversations I have had with them while dreaming, they can watch over loved ones and try to help. No electrical hot spots are involved here, just perhaps an electrical connection between dimensions. If you don’t take your eyes off of them, they roll away into thin air after a few seconds. Why pray to saints? Your parents are more likely to be more interested in your personal dilemmas.
    4) An apparition is always there. I think souls can be near but our cluttered minds usually shut off the door to inner sight into their dimension. There might be rules out there that they have to justify an appearance. Perhaps providing comfort to a living soul is endorsed. In my experience the generating of sounds and leaving signs for the living are more common expressions from the departed then a full appearance.
    5) I was told by a medium that it does take a lot of energy and practice for a spirit to appear as a 3 dimensional, full living color apparition. My most recent loss was my husband. I sought out a medium and asked about this, since when he appeared, his facial features looked exhausted and in deep concentration. Although I was fifteen feet from where he was, he did not acknowledge me. That puzzled me. I was told he was proving he still existed. He used to doubt me when I saw my parents. I do think souls feel the loss of their earthly connection and are most likely to appear to a loved one soon after death. But if they are remembered, and retain a strong connection, they remain close. I have been told, in my dreams, that there is a period when a soul examines its life and the effects actions had on others. It is a period of remorse and trying to do what they can in order to achieve a place closer to the “light on high”. Another words they can finally depart when they choose to do so.
    Just my thoughts on your interesting post.

  2. As an after thought to my prior post, I need some serious dream time to hook up with my Dad. He has departed the longest (12 years) and maybe he will share what goes on during this examination of one's life and the lessons one has learned. That would be a real adventure. I'm just glad not to see people I don't know. The house would be like a shopping mall.