Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mind Fuck Tuesday: The Soul As A Magnetic Recording Device For the Universal Collective?

Religion and philosophy have delved into the soul, its origins, its bearing on a person's character, and its worth, but the question that begs asking is, if we have a soul and it needs a living body to house it, and escapes upon the death of that life form, what is its purpose being here on this earthly plane?

Here's how it might work: A soul enters the earthly plane upon birth. It is utterly neutral in a baby. But, as we have experiences, gain knowledge, make decisions, establish morals and beliefs, make mistakes and have conquests, we fill the soul with content and character; emotional and spiritual archives from the energy generated by all these actions. That energy is passed on when we leave our physical form at death. This substance-filled energy is the soul. 

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)

Intriguingly, the pineal gland in the human brain has a bit of magnetite in it. This allows us a certain degree of internal compass and it also makes is so that when geomagnetic storms occur, we have vivid dreams. 

Was this put there for a special purpose? Was it placed there to give a magnetic record of the content of the person's emotional embodiment and their journey's spiritual content? 

I wonder about this because we find geology in haunted locations is important and geomagnetic anomalies critical to holding an event or a haunting in a location. It might be the combination of earth and human that come together in a way that makes us interdependent on one another to seal these events as recorded in the land and the soul.

What if a person has an ability to create an electromagnetic burst/impulse in their body when they feel strong emotions and this is recorded in the environment with the right amount of magnetic impulse and it also links that event and emotion from the recording they produce in their own pineal gland?  What if when we meditate, pray or have loving connections with others, we create even more moments that tap the "spiritual center" of us and record these moments of connection to the universe as a whole? The recorded information is held in the living brain and upon death, that soul content (recording) is released to the universe. 

This would be somewhat like radio waves flying through our atmosphere carrying content

Might this also be how psychics are able to gather information - from that "third eye" - by utilizing this magnetized recording from soul to soul?  Could it be what near-death experiencers report as "a replay of my entire life all at once and all my decisions and ramifications"?

We call the pineal gland the third eye, the seat of psychic skills, and it controls our onset of sleep from light sensitivity interpreted by the eye and that prompts melatonin production and sleepiness when it gets dark. 

More about the pineal gland (below)

In recent decades, the ferrous mineral known as magnetite has been identified in most body tissues and particularly in the pineal gland. The magnetite acts as a transducer which links ambient electromagnetic activity to cellular function and is probably how birds and animals circumnavigate the globe so efficiently.

Both electromagnetic (EM) and natural geomagnetic radiation of varying strengths and types have been shown to influence melatonin production to the same degree as exposure to light. With the production of melatonin peaking in both June and November when the geomagnetic field is at its lowest. Sunspots, solar winds, celestial cycles and even supernovae have all been linked to fluctuations in melatonin synthesis.  

The pineal gland can also be stimulated directly using magnetism and changes in geomagnetic and other radiation to the temporal lobe of the brain are known to produce changes in subjective experiences. Our dream states and sleep patterns are also thought to be associated with changes in background geomagnetic radiation.

It is speculated that since the pineal gland is affected by ambient electromagnetic fields, then any neonatal exposure could alter development later in life. This has led to concerns about the long-term effects of exposure of new born babies to the bright lights and electromagnetic fields in intensive care units and neonatal nurseries.

In a study into the incidence of epilepsy, the ONLY significant factor that correlated with the development of epilepsy in young adults was the level of geomagnetic activity for two days after birth, and geomagnetic variables have also been considered to be a trigger for birth. There is also a significant correlation between the level of geomagnetism at or about the time of birth of male children.

Whilst the outer planets exert little gravitational effect, other planets may influence the solar wind and the electromagnetic fields of the sun and earth – collectively termed the magnetosphere – through resonance. This is what occurs with the powerful effect of the moon upon the tides.

What is the soul? I would say that it simply is that part of the individual human experience that transcends the individual human form upon death to voyage to a different realm and for a greater purpose in a collective. 

What is the purpose of the soul? If God wanted to create a universe and create the individuals within, wouldn't He want to learn about these individuals and their experience in His universe? What better way than to give these mortal bodies a recording device within, the proper chemistry and electrical impulses, and place within it to record all these responses to the living process in order to keep a part that is there long after the shelf life of the human? In other words, like a DVD copy of a movie that was beloved. If a 2-dimensional photo represents 3-dimensional you, then one is a superficial representation, the other is the true content it represents. Our bodies only superficially contain the true substance it represents; the soul.

Or, are our souls like little nanobots sent forth to have a human experience in a 3-dimensional form that has mortality of the flesh on a planet we call Earth in order to gather information and experiences and bring those into the universal collective upon passing? Sort of like a scientist using many thousands of computers to help compute statistics, each one giving part of the puzzle to the collective knowledge.

I figure that, since it's the end of a year and the beginning of a new one, like the rebirth of the soul into the collective plane, we should prepare to open our minds and surrender our understanding of the complexities of the human soul to a real big fat mind fuck theory.

**Have a safe, responsible, and totally enjoyable New Year's this evening. No returning to The Collective early, please.**


  1. I like your ideas Sharon and we could debate this no doubt endlessly. I am not going to go down that road, rather I will respect your views and ideas and the time that you have taken to analyse this fragment of human spiritualism.
    Have a great new year. PS. you are developing well, both as a Blogger and a person since I first came across you..John

    1. Thank you, John. I am more willing to share my musings now and over time and experience, I develop more and more concepts based on research and the way my brain works - oddly :-)