Scary Mannequins

Mannequins. They unsettle, startle, fascinate, and confuse people. They are everywhere and easy to ignore when one is focused single-mindedly on shopping, but every now and then, when we stop to notice their outfit and consider how it would look on us, our eyes travel up and we're staring at a soulless face gazing back at us with an amnesic stare.

Would you want to work in a mannequin factory? Could you stay a whole night alone in a room filled with mannequins? Would you like to own a few to feel less alone, like "Home Alone" or "The Lonely Guy"?

There's some great horror movies that utilized mannequins - smart moviemakers!

My personal favorite is "Tourist Trap."

(the entire movie can be found on YouTube)

Then, there's some of us freaks who, because they unsettle us, want to own mannequins. The movie "Lady Beware" (with a young Diane Lane) was my dream - well, not the stalker part, but the idea of having a warehouse apartment and being a window designer who also lives with mannequins. This made me want to have mannequins to decorate in fashions and have a nod to my past history of modeling and pageants and dreams of being a clothing designer and window dresser. Below is the entire movie - pretty good thriller set in Pittsburgh.

I've always wanted to take apart a mannequin, spray paint the parts white, then reattach the head to the wall, an arm to the wall, a hand to the wall, a leg to the wall, a thigh to the wall, and make it look as if a ghost is stepping out of the wall in mid step.

More movies with unsettling mannequins -

Dead Silence
The Fear

I'll be honest, baby dolls are freaky, clowns are just plain nasty, but mannequins have seriously sinister possibilities.

These movies I've listed here would make the best most unsettling horror movie collection. In fact, if you sat through a day of them, you may never be the same!

This male vampire mannequin above goes for 199.99.

Want to shop for mannequins? Here's a good site.