Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Don Monroe Case Files: The Roper

Don was preparing for a trek out in the wilds when something odd happened to this researcher - 

He left a bunch of 12-foot rope out on his vehicle to take with him on his trek. He lives in a very rugged and lonely place in the Northwestern US. 

When he came out in the morning, he found the ropes neatly tied up - 

This was very similar knotting he found in horse mane braids in over 20 years of studying them.

The story gets even weirder. Don goes out on his trek and comes back home and he keeps hearing something on the roof for a few nights.

He climbs the 16-foot ladder to the roof and finds the 8-foot ladder that goes to the very top is lying down. He picks it up, and climbs up.

In the crawlspace, he finds a flashlight with new batteries and it's covered in lots of dirt.

Someone/something has been staying up there. The same one who tied the ropes?

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