Thursday, July 26, 2018

Haunted House: Dealing With a House's History

Houses are sometimes like people or pets, they seem to remember harms done to them. Instead of cowering and being timid; however, they tend to expel bad energy. Let's talk today about how to deal with a home's past negative history.

In Feng shui terms, there are two energies; the yang energy that flows outward versus the yin energy that flows inward.  

Upon occasion, when someone buys a house and remodels, they are often redirecting that energy. They may be causing the house to "feel" better by unblocking a trap for bad energy so it can move on. Even in houses not thought to be haunted, remodeling causes upset in the balance of energies creating "activity" when it was quiet before.

In a hallway, we often get reports of hauntings. Look at the doorways on both sides of the hall. If the doorways face each other, you are less likely to complain about hallway ghosts, but if they do not oppose each other but are staggered, you might hear more reports of ghostly figures and sounds. 

Houses carry memories in a way. Every action that happened somewhere is still there in that environment with no regard to time lines and the like. To erase areas of the home where no one wants to go, perhaps fights tend to occur in that spot, maybe you just don't feel comfortable there, or you keep seeing shadowy figures or hearing footfalls, you can help that place to make new memories layered over top.

I had a few spots in my house that had issue. I took my divining rods and found that they crossed over in these spots, as well. I took time out each day for a week and I brought my photo albums over to the spot, sat down, and flipped them open. I made sure there was sunlight coming in and I flipped through the pictures, recalling fun times, loved ones, the joy of childhood adventures, and closed it. For a time, I prayed silently for all the people I love, each individual, imagining them clearly and how I feel about them. Everything was love, positive, and happy. 

The next week, I went into the spot and played music and sang and danced. I wanted to bring an upbeat memory to the locations. 

By the next week, I found myself visiting the spots to be sure that they continued to feel comfortable. And then I brought out the divining rods and they never crossed their again.

If the location is one you can place an altar of religious symbols, Bible, flowers, plants, rocks, photos, whatever, do so. That positive energy center will negate the area quickly. If you can begin to use that spot as a gathering area or a reading chair location, do so. 

Eventually, as you live in a place, you reorient the memories of the building, but also as you move things around, you change the flow of the energies, both positive and negative.

In general, time in a place can wear things down. The reason some locations don't seem to get rid of their haunting features has a lot to do with cumulative neglect. If you run into an apparition or hear footsteps in a location, you tend to ignore it, avoid it, or rush through it to get past it. You don't generally think "I want to have a happy picnic in this spot where I saw a shadow figure last night." 

As well, some locations with a dark history create energy that makes people irritable and arguments ensue. If you have a spot in your home where you seem to have problems, accidents, arguments, and bad memories, work hard to change the emotional milieu and "memories" of that location. 

One of the spots the rods crossed over in my home was the spot my son had a seizure in when he had meningitis. I turned him on his side and moved the items away from him so he couldn't get hurt and made an urgent 911 call. The emotions and the trauma in that spot left a print. I did get rid of it by the techniques I mentioned. The rods never one time crossed over that area again.

Houses have memories, but those memories can be layered over and obliterated by positive ones. One of the reasons home might continue to have issues is that cumulatively all the occupants have avoided areas that make them feel weird. By ignoring the problem, it persisted.

I'd also suggest you read the book "Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost Buster" by Dr. Anna Maria Prezio

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