Don Monroe Case Files: Cast of Handprint From "Spirit" Cave

Researcher Don Monroe shared with me an interesting handprint cast. It was from the cave where very odd things have happened (LINK). 
The cave has been known for comings and goings of bones and ancient ice and apparitions. The print was a shock as the cave is remote with no signs of anyone coming and going.

As you can see, the proportions of the finger lengths is a bit odd with the pinkie finger being exceptionally short. 

Expect me to be sharing a LOT more hand and foot casts Don has accumulated over the years.


I thought I'd begin to bring some stories of Don to life to help everyone to understand what sort of a researcher and man would devote perhaps six decades of his life chasing answers.

Soul Eyes.

Don is not only an expert tracker with extraordinary skills, but also reads animal behavior so keenly that it can be unsettling.

I have been told I have soul eyes, or eyes that can read people and that can make some folks unsettled, and others drawn to me as they can see read the empathy and understanding, acceptance unconditionally.

But, meeting researcher Don Monroe was a real exciting moment for me because I had seen him before in Tom Biscardi's "Bigfoot Lives" documentary years ago and thought, "I need to meet this person." His eyes had me. They seemed familiar, as if I had always known him and also so very keen that he would not miss a bit of my content if he were to gaze into my eyes. 

I rarely run into soul eyes. I wanted soul eyes to read me, to now what it's like to be on the receiving end of that cursory but keen evaluation of content.

When we met in person recently, we stared each other down and I realized that I felt such trust with him that I knew I was accepted, just the way I am and for the value within my soul. He is a very astute judge of character and he showed me utter trust, a rare thing for a guarded man. 

So, now I think I better understand how others feel when I make eye contact. 

A psychic who is comfortable with the skills realizes one thing from reading others - there is no right or wrong to be. There is just being, no value judgment necessary. 

Namaste means "the spirit in me recognizes the spirit in you."

So, perhaps now I will call them "Namaste" eyes.