Most Haunted Places in Utah

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Sandstone desert, rocky cliffs, snow-covered peaks, and football rivalry are some of the things that come to my mind when I think about Utah. I am sure most of you can conjure up images of nature's beautiful creations when thinking about the Salt Lake City. While Utah is admired for being nature's perfect playground, there's one more thing the city is notorious for — spooky sightings, errr ghosts! While most people will not remember Utah for its paranormal phenomena, if you are like me, you will probably want to dig deeper into the bone-chilling stories and maybe even look forward to visiting one of the most haunted sites in the city. For some inexplicable reason, the darker side of the world and spooky stories excite me and Utah has plenty of them. From Brigham Young Farmhouse and Ted Bundy's old residence to the haunted cemetery, there's so much to explore. If you are a thrill seeker, here are some of the most haunted places in Utah that you may consider visiting — if you dare!

Ben Lomond Hotel, Ogden, Utah

The Ben Lomond Hotel is one of the most haunted sites in Utah. It was once a popular haunt for prostitutes and corrupt people. The locals believe that there are two ghosts haunting the hotel. One spirit is that of a hotel employee who fell off the elevator and died unnaturally. People say his ghost still travels through the elevator which is seen moving up and down during odd hours with no one in it. Another popular story is that of a mother and son. When a bride died due to an unexplained reason in room no 1102, her son came to take her belongings and stayed in the next room. He committed suicide in room no 1103 as he was overwhelmed by grief. Guests have heard strange sounds coming from the room and even heard faucets turned on in the rooms. Would you dare visit the hotel and walk in the 11th-floor lobby at midnight?

Brigham Young Farmhouse, Utah

I personally find this story absolute spine-chilling. Imagine buying a house and being photographed with the owner, only to discover later that there's no one in the photo except you. The Utah house was built in 1863 and it was mainly used for throwing lavish parties. In 1950, it was bought by a young couple - Mrs. and Mr. Willcox who are known to experience eerie sensations throughout the house. At a dinner party, they once met a man dressed in 1880s clothing and they had an interesting conversation together. They were photographed but when the photos were developed, the couple was seen standing alone! How creepy is that? That's not all the house staff has also sighted numerous other ghosts on different occasions. The ballroom was a favorite playing area for kids and people have heard children laughter, piano sounds and music coming from the room.

Capitol Theatre, Utah

Who would imagine sighting a ghost in a theatre? Not me! Well, just be careful if you plan to take your data for a musical evening in the Capitol Theatre. While the theatre is famous for its opulence, architecture and historical significance, there's a spooky story associated with this place. When a fire broke out during a show in 1949, the basement of the theatre was destroyed and six hundred people were evacuated. A seventeen-year-old staff Richard Duffin was busy trying to put out the fire that raged for almost an hour. He couldn't make it out on time but he saved many lives. He's regarded as a martyr and night guards have on several occasions seen the spirit of Duffin around the place where he took his last breath. The light flickers without any reason and the elevator is often seen functioning without anybody inside.

Ted Bundy's House, Utah

I have probably repeated many times by now so you already know that I am a sucker for spooky stories. I have also extensively read on psychopathic murderers and Ted Bundy is one of the most unsolved mysteries in Utah's history. He has killed numerous women in the Salt Lake. Although he admitted only to 30 homicides, experts believe that his victims were in hundreds. Being a freaky fanatic, I visited the Ted Bundy's House in Emigration Canyon, which is reduced to a disturbing cellar. I was greeted by spine-tingling vibes with pentagram markings, evidence of satanic rituals, and traces of blood! Was that animal sacrifice or something else? No one knows! There are several spooky stories and eerie experiences associated with Ted Bundy's House in Utah. Go there at your own risk!

Armstrong Mansion, Utah

The mansion was built in the 1893 and is believed to be the first Salt Lake mansion belonging to the Armstrongs. They were affluent people who loved throwing lavish parties on their beautiful property. Today, the Mansion is open to guests who wish to enjoy a piece of history and feel the opulence enveloping the property. There's one more thing the mansion is famous for — mischievous ghosts! On many occasions, guests have reported that ghosts locked them inside rooms and played with the lights. The ghosts often show themselves in the mirror to say hi to the guests. Would you dare to greet back? Let me warn you that this is not for the faint hearts!

Mercur Cemetery, Tooele

Well, cemeteries are creepy and it's understandable why. However, when you have stories about paranormal activities in the area, it takes things to a different level altogether. This old cemetery is one of the most haunted places in Utah. There are spooky stories about sounds of horsemen galloping in the area at night. Visitors have also heard footsteps and seen eerie shadows. Interestingly, the cemetery is mostly haunted by children and it's unclear why.

Rio Grande Depot, Utah

Have you ever been cheated in love? Those who have experienced the pain will understand why 90 The Purple Lady' still haunts the Rio Grande Depot where her fiancé threw the engagement ring on the rail tracks after a fight. It is believed that the heartbroken woman still haunts ladies restrooms and other areas around the depot. Another ghost in Rio Grande Depot, Utah is that of a man who died during the construction of the depot's tunnel. His spirit seems to have been trapped under our feet.

Southern Utah University, Cedar City

This popular Utah university is known to be a hub of spooky stories and paranormal activities. One of the most popular tales is that of a ghostly pianist who can be often heard playing the Deep Purple' that she was supposed to perform in the junior prom, but she died just before the event. Another musical spirit is that of a woman known as Virginia and she can be often heard playing spine-chilling flute music. She is believed to have been murdered and thrown around a rock which was later used in the construction of the university building. Stories have it that she set the building on fire in 1948 on her 50th death anniversary. Would you dare wander alone in the Southern Utah University at night? So, there's my list of top 8 most haunted places in Utah. If you know some more, please share them in the comments below. Are you hungry for more haunted places? Check out this list of haunted prisons in Ohio.