Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ancient Giant's Shoulder Bone!

These bones found in a cave in a remote Northwestern US area were interesting finds. The long bone was neatly broken open, no gnaw marsk, the marrow scooped out with a stick or a bone shard with scoop marks remaining. 

The round bone, however, is most interesting as it is fossilized, making it over 10,000 years old. It appears to be a humeral head of the shoulder/upper arm bone. It also shows evidence of bone spurs, as if this person lived a hard life with lots of lifting, pushing, hard work.

The thing that's so odd about it, however, is that the average man's humeral head is 1.9 inches. This one measures 3 inches. An exceptionally large man! 

That would make this man approximately 7 feet 6 inches tall when taking into consider the average man's humeral head and the average man's height. 

Holding a fossilized bone has been a new experience as a psychometrist. I could hold a bone and get a fair deal of memories and impressions, but with this being fossilized it is more like reading stone. Stone doesn't carry memories so much as energy. The energy from this is very powerful, like the energy of a leader or a highly independent and successful being. It is strangely positive and highly intelligent. I did not expect that sort of energy, but holding this actually makes me feel enlightened.

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