Saturday, July 28, 2018

Blog Entry Saturday: The Meaning of Summer

We are well and truly deep into summertime now. As adults, we daydream more, gaze out the window, wish we were at the noisy swimming pool in the community center or digging our toes in some sand with a cold beer in our fist, but here we are at another work day. Let's find the meaning of summer by going back in time - 

Summer well and truly began when school officials counted down the days with almost as much glee as the students.

The clock on the classroom wall skipped a hand back as the minute to change. Then, in the time it took to hold a breath, jumped forward. 

What was summer to us? 

Time away from duties
Sleeping in
Being outside
Going on trips
Hanging with friends

How can we recapture that today?

Time Away From Duties

The only way to truly be away from duties is on your own down time from work, but even then the world is so highly communicative now that you can't really go missing from chores and chatting.

Out of pocket 

Spend a day off never logging onto the computer, leaving the cell phone behind. Leave the premises if you can and not be found. Simply be. And do. Breathe. Walk. See things. Be in the moment. But whatever you do, DO NOT USE THE CELL PHONE.

Sleeping In

Summer sleep is tougher because it's the hot season. The human body has to go down a degree to get into sleep stasis. So, be sure your room is cool, very very dark, and run a noisy big fan between you and the doorway or window so you don't hear the commotion of people coming and going at home or outdoors. If you need to, wear a sleeping eye mask. 

Being Outside

Sadly, as an adult going outside can me catching up on chores like mowing the lawn, sweeping the pool, or cooking on the barbecue. But that's not the kind of outside we got as kids!

As kids we rode our bikes around the neighborhood, but as an adult consider taking a mountain bike out into the countryside and truly be outdoors moving your body and contemplating the big world. Go to a stream, put your feet in. How about a fishing pole and a nice crisp lake?

Going on Trips

We don't always get a lot of vacation time or maybe we save it for holidays, but summer begs to get away. Rent a convertible or jeep for a new change of attitude and make a weekend trek to the mountains or beach. Even a short getaway makes everything else seem to fall into place. The days leading up to it are like counting the clock for summer vacation from school.

Hanging With Friends 

As kids, we hung out with our buddies under a streetlight or on a swing in the park, just contemplating our big dreams for when we became grownups or, as was my case, hoping to run across a boy I had a crush on.

Just a quiet evening with cold beers on a front porch is a spontaneous and easygoing summer activity that we enjoyed as kids, only now with adult conversation. Slow down time a bit, brew some sun tea, invite a friend over, and mull over your plans for the present and future, reminisce about the past, and be sure to dream out loud.

Other Ways To Bring Summer On As An Adult

Boys of summer - go to a baseball game.
Chase the ice cream truck
Eat popsicles, blow bubbles, run through the sprinklers, swing on a swing, splash in a puddle
Watch a summer storm
Make S'mores and have a bonfire
Catch a lightning bug
Get an ice cream cone at the local parlor
Watch a scary movie inside a blanket fort
Light some sparklers
Make some Kool-Aid
Make a meal of a watermelon
Stop at a country produce stand and get fresh veggies and fruits
Grill a hot dog
Lie on a blanket and stargaze

Here's some of my summers of past to present - 

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