Monday, July 23, 2018

Weirdest Creepiest Places to Visit

"The Thing" roadside attraction in Dragoon, Arizona

Summer comes and you want to enjoy a getaway. Beaches and mountain cabin vacations aside, consider incorporating a few unusual destinations into the road trip and you might just impress your family and give yourself the most crazy memories ever!

There are two great sources to find the oddest and creepiest places in your destination location - Atlas Obscura and Weird US.

Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura has the nicest feature on their website. You can fill in the "find" and the "near" blanks. So, you can type in something like find "ghost town" and near "Arizona" and gives you a list of great finds! 

Weird US

If you don't own the Weird US book, you need to own it. It should be a basic in your library, as well as the individual ones written for the states so you can learn all about your state's oddities for daytime road trips or weekend getaways.

Their website allows you to look for either unusual things by category or by state. These guys seriously covered every urban legend, weird place, scary history, and mystery, cryptid, ghost... you name it! 

The Weird US authors, Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman, have done the most amazing job gathering stories, interviewing folks, going to locations, and sharing some of the most freaky stuff out there from abandoned sites and urban legends to ancient mysteries and notorious people to ghosts and oddities. 

Before Julie and I went on our trip to Virginia, I got the Weird Virginia book and found legends that even this born-and-raised-in-Virginia girl never heard about. Since we were heading down to the southern part of the Chesapeake, we found legends to chase all along the way, cemeteries to photograph and even sat vigil looking for some pirate ghosts. 

You can plan an entire trip based on these sites, books and videos for haunted places to stay, sites to photograph, weird things to experience from gravity hills to spook lights. 

I hope these places inspire your summer plans!  

Atlas Obscura website
Atlas Obscura YouTube channel
Weird US website
Weird US YouTube channel

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