Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Don Monroe Case Files: "Hands Foot" Cast

I was very pleased to see Don Monroe in person at the Payson Book Festival. He brought with him many casts for me to archive, measure, and examine details.

One of my research partners, Dennis Guern, was also present and will be helping to measure, extract details and more from about 18 or so casts. The information will be up on here and at the end of all of our studies and conclusions, we will be publishing in the results of just some of Don's extensive library of casts from decades of exhausting research.

This 16" print was taken from the waterside. And an individual climbed out of the water, using both hands to pull himself/herself up from the water, showing a very real possibility of swimming skills.

I have compared it with the "crooked white" cast from the same area and they appear to be two different individuals, although both possess 16" tracks.

Once Dennis and I have managed to photograph these and measure, as well as look for the finest details of creases and ridges, we will be making a full report. For now, feast your eyes on the prints of a feral people among us that some called "giants," "nephilim," "Bigfoot," or "Sasquatch." 

Don is such an interesting and unique Crocodile Dundee-Indiana Jones adventuring man that I figured the best way to introduce him is to share stories of his exploits and perhaps some video. He is very earnest in his desire that knowledge not be lost and to teach the next generation. 

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