Monday, July 23, 2018

Don Monroe Case Files: Bigfoot Footprint Cast

Don Monroe is in the process of letting me archive many significant items he has accrued over the decades of his research around the world. Today, let's have a look at a foot cast taken in the swampy area of Texas. Don Monroe and Don Sherman saw the fellow from 40 feet away the evening before. 

My foot is 9 inches long. This is 16.

Given its size and using my foot to height ratio formula based on Neanderthal who had similar body proportions of arm/leg/body ratio, I put this guy at about 8'6" tall.

My heel is 3" across.

The widest part of my foot is 4"

Here is a humbling perspective. 

A few vertical whorls of dermal ridges were found along the outside edge of the foot and this aligns with Sasquatch pattern -

The angle of the toes reminds me of Neanderthal. Of course, any feral person not wearing shoes will have a more played foot.

**I will be meeting up with Don tomorrow at my book signing and hope to be able to examine a LOT more casts. There will be regular postings of these here on Ghost Hunting Theories as we unravel the secrets of the feral hominid world**

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