Weirdest Things To Fall From the Sky

I remember in high school when SkyLab was falling in 1979. Everyone was talking about it, wearing t-shirts about it, and even anxious about where it would land. It began a curious interest in what else has rained from the sky that was bizarre or extremely rare, other than the usual meteorite. Let's take a look -

In 2016 in Vietnam, three metal balls fell from the sky and left them scratching their heads. They found them to not be explosive and weighing about 80 pounds each. Eventually, they chalked it up as "space debris." 

From time to time, fish are reported to fall from the sky and even frogs. These are chalked up to waterspouts over water that pick up the fish and deposit them as winds die down. LINK

A man believed to be a stowaway on a plane fell from the undercarriage and landed in the UK as the plane was preparing to land at Heathrow. Given the lack of oxygen and cold temperatures, they believed he died before he ever fell from the undercarriage. LINK

From time to time, ice blocks fall from planes and crash through homes. Such was the case in the UK. LINK

LINK: (Listverse - a great source!)  In 1997 a Japanese fishing trawler was rescued by a Russian patrol boat in the Sea of Japan. When the castaways were asked how their boat came to be in distress they replied “a cow fell from the sky and sank us”.

Well of course not believing their story the fishermen were immediately arrested and went to jail. Two weeks later however, an embarrassed member of the Russian air force informed Japanese authorities that one of its crew members had indeed stolen a cow for its beef and took it aboard his flight. Cows being cows however, don’t like enclosed spaces and definitely don’t like flying so in order to save the aircraft and themselves the airmen threw the poor cow out of the plane at 30,000 feet just as it was flying over the Sea of Japan.

It's that time of the year to think about hail. But how big can hail get?

The largest hailstone in terms of diameter and weight ever recorded in the United States fell on July 23, 2010 inVivian, South Dakota; it measured 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter and 18.62 inches (47.3 cm) in circumference, weighing in at 1.93 pounds (0.88 kg). LINK

On a lighter note "Man Who Fell From a Hole in the Sky" petroglyph in British Columbia - LINK 

Thankfully, it has not yet rained cats and dogs.