Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Do You Dare? The Bridgewater Triangle

A lot of my paranormal studies end up crisscrossing each other. You think you are investigating a Bigfoot situation and find UFOs and strange lights in the woods or perhaps you go out in search of ghosts and find there are missing people and creepy cryptids being seen locally. 

Some investigators call them vortexes or portals - a potential area of intense energy that attracts or supports oddities or a place in which things from other realms launch into or out of our world.

A lot of these locations carry an array of issues: Interesting geology, Native American history (especially burial grounds or ancient mounds), missing people, strange creatures seen, Bigfoot, aliens, UFOs, ghosts, ghost lights, and strange killings.

The Bridgewater Triangle is believed to be one such place and, given it's odd happenings, it certainly has earned the moniker of a "vile vortex."

This area lies in Massachusetts, 30 miles south of Boston, a 200-square mile region with Taunton, smack dab in the middle.

There is reportedly a very ancient Native burial ground, a swamp. Interestingly, the Native people supposedly avoided the area, yet it was said their ancestors 8000 years ago were buried there. This is another region that is also right in the middle of ancient giants central, so likely a burial area of that race of people. It is considered the place where evil spirits dwell or devil's swamp

Dighton Rock is found on the Tauntaon River with an interesting script that is ancient. Once again, it would appear to be the work of the giant culture.

Anawan Rock is the site of a Native chief's surrender and said to be haunted by his angry spirit. This is associated with ghost lights in the woods.

As early as 1760, there was a report of an enormous bright light emanating from the area. Since that time, reports came from the area frequently of all sorts of oddities.

In the 1970s, there was a heightened bunch of reports of Bigfoot activity in the swamp area with dogs and police dispatched to see what had been killing local pigs and sheep.

The Taunton Hospital was said to be the site of some satan worshippers in the 1960s and 1970s and visitors report being messed with, hair pulled and being shoved.

Profile Rock has been an area associated with deaths. Murders and hidden bodies found there have put fearful talk of devil worshippers in the woods, although many say the forest simply is a good place to dispense of the dead. 

Assonet Ledge is said to have ghosts that leap from the ledge and disappear in mid air. There are many historic buildings said to be haunted in the region. Phantoms and hitchhiking ghosts are also widely reported.

Copicut Road has reports of a trucker following people closely, honking his horn and then just disappearing. 

UFO reports abound in the Bridgewater Triangle area. Interestingly, man of these are glowing balls of light, another phenomena associated with ghost lights or spooklights and often in "haunted" areas.

Bigfoot is not the only odd creature reported in the woods. Residents have also described something that looks like an enormous blackbird or "thunderbird."

People disappear in the swamp area regularly and children especially. It is a very inhospitable area. Some folks went missing, showed up again, but had vague amnesia of what happened. 

Interestingly, Vermont has a similar area called the "Bennington Triangle."  

Do such areas exist that are vortexes of strangeness? Oh yes, they do. And they are often tied to Native American legends, burial grounds, geology, waterways and hosting a several-century long report of people missing, strange creatures, weird lights, UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, and more. 

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