Saturday, July 14, 2018

Blog Entry Saturday: UFO Watching Tips

As I live in a state that has a LOT of UFO sightings and I myself have seen many unexplained flying objects in the sky, I thought I'd share some tips on doing a summertime UFO watch.

I like to think that watching the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" could get a group ready for the evening. I'd have a group viewing at suppertime.

There are areas that have a large amount of sightings, but it's often hard to tell if that's simply incidental in that there are more people to see the night skies. For location, I choose something way out of the city so there are no lights to alter the view of the sky. If you can, keep yourself away from airports, or at least be aware of their location in relation to your viewing site.

Put on some music. There are plenty of relaxing binaural beats sounds that can get your minds ready. Some believe you can call on UFOs by your mind set. I didn't believe that until an encounter had me absolutely certain that my wish for them to show made them show over and over again. It could have been timing, but there was a pull in my solar plexus that only happens with a psychic hit.

Set cameras on tripods. It's necessary to try to shoot as still as you can when the shutter is open for longer periods. We've all seen jumpy UFO video when someone hand-held the camera. Zooming in and trying to hold the camera on the object is a very unstable thing and it makes it quite hard to evaluate the path and movement of the object. 

If you can, have something nearby to use as a reference. Just plain open sky gives us no sense of size or movement, but a tree, a power pole, or other object helps give it some perspective.

It goes without saying, binoculars are your friend. Be sure everyone has some field glasses.

If you are video'ing it, leave it quiet for a few moment so we can realize there is no sound coming from the moving object. Then, if possible try and narrate the time and date, location, what you see, what happened before you clicked on the video, any changes in light color (they do not necessarily show up colored on video), and any other commentary you can. This is your witness document and you are an archivist.

Anything you find that you believe is truly unexplained and extraordinary, report it to MUFON, the organization that keeps the archived witness accounts for UFOs all over the world.

Remember, UFOs come in many shapes and sizes. I have seen the classic saucer, but also triangles, a cigar, and lots of red-orange balls of light that moved independently of a fixed craft.

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