Don Monroe Case Files: Bigfoot Braiding Obsession?

From the files of one of my favorite researchers, Don Monroe, another interesting find to discuss - Bigfoots' obsession with braiding.

For decades, Don Monroe has tracked and documented horse mane braiding on the full moon at ranches all over the west. It's an odd phenomenon that still perplexes, sometimes with items woven gently into the braids and elaborate folds. 

But, one thing perplexed him even more recently....

As Don prepared to go on a trek, he cut some 12' long ropes. He laid them side by side on his rig and went inside and went inside. Hours later, he came back out to find the ropes tied into elaborate firm knots, but ones he could unfurl fairly easily.

This left him perplexed as some of these sorts of knot combinations he had seen in horse mane braiding.

I have had other reports over the last decade or so of Bigfoot having a preoccupation with braiding. In fact, MK Davis, who did amazing work of detailing the Patterson film, pointed out Patty's braid.

Suggested test: Tie ropes of equal length side by side on a tree limb and see if they braid: It might be too tempting.