Riveting Sasquatch Witness Report

Sasquatch Sighting (Daytime) #6 
Mogollon Rim, Arizona
2014-05-07 3:30pm 

Karl Sup

Some days things don't work out as you expected, but timing sometimes is everything. I had planned to squeeze in a daytrip to my favorite research area on the Mogollon Rim then head to Flagstaff to help pack up my daughter's dorm room. After several delays in departure, I almost abandoned hope of making it into the woods. The roads in this area are closed off to vehicles during the winter. They had just opened the roads 10 days earlier. There have been multiple sightings in this remote area, including two of my own (#1 and #2), and countless experiences. With limited time available, I decided to hike into the portion of the canyon where I had my daytime sighting back in 2010 right after the roads had opened. Driving into this area, I could only see one other set of tire tracks on the road that appeared to be a week old, probably from forest personnel checking on road conditions. 

I decided to park in an area not frequented by people and locate a game trail to take me into the canyon. There are plentiful elk and deer throughout this area. Some of these game trails are quite steep, but I was fortunate to find one that was accommodating even though it went through some dense vegetation. I entered the canyon from the east. The temperature was 42 with the wind blowing at a constant 20mph from west to east. At the time, I even thought that this would be ideal for keeping my scent out of the canyon. The last portion of the trail traversed a thick screen of vegetation before it entered the meadow on the floor of the canyon. 

I surveyed the meadow to my left, but movement to my right drew my attention. Approximately 120 feet away at the base of canyon across the meadow was a Sasquatch, crouched down near the base of a fallen tree. He looked up at me from what he was doing at the same time my head finished rotating in its direction. Instantly in one fluid motion, he turned his head to his right, shoulders rotated and he sprang into a ¾ standing position with the first step (right foot) up the hillside within the same motion that displayed shocking speed. In two steps he was out of view behind vegetation (see arrow). The entire time of viewing was approximately 2 seconds. He continued his path up the side of the canyon, crashing through the thick vegetation. As the first crash occurred, a second individual (unseen) took off uphill to the ridge on my left with similar crashing of vegetation. I can only liken these sounds to someone rolling a car from the top of the hill, except the sound was traveling up. 

The quick glimpse of the head showed sparse to no hair on the face, compared to the rest of the body. The hair was not matted and flowed as he ran. The hair coloration was a brownish-orange hue (see reference photo above for color). The two steps taken were smooth and in a straight line, massive shoulders turned into the direction of travel. 

Being alone, I decided to allow them some time to acclimate to me being in the area. I hiked a half mile down the canyon to an area where, in 2010, prints of a Sasquatch infant were found in the mud at the bottom of a creek bed. Timing for this Arizona environment was imperative then, as it was now, to observe the banks of mud due to snowmelt runoff. I do not own these 7” long baby print casts, as ownership remains with two members of the Arizona BFRO (pictures below). 

I hiked down into the creek bed and began a scanning the mud banks for prints or partial prints. There were numerous elk, deer, coyote and a few bear prints that were noted. One older 13x4” print did stand out though. The ball of the foot had compressed (formerly) muddy soil but the toes still rode on top of the harder packed soil. I estimate that this print was 10-14 days old due to grass rebound and slight erosion from a storm that passed through this area about a week prior. 

Toe impressions were one inch wide. The toes extended upward and wrapped over the top surface. Upon returning to the location of the sighting I began investigation. This is a photograph taken from my viewpoint of the sighting. The Sasquatch was near the tree base, squatting and intent with an activity on the ground in front of him. The line represents his path of regress, and the taller circle represents the mass, at an estimated ¾ bent hunch/run position. That was the position of the first step taken, and the second step was six feet away at the edge of the vegetation.

Based on the estimated bend to the subject’s body and the estimated height based on surrounding landmarks, the subject was approximately 8’ tall. Below is the base of the tree fall where he was crouched. You can see impressions of the 16x5” prints that are 22” apart (circled). 

Here is a view from the Sasquatch’s perspective of where I was standing when I stepped out. The other (assumed) Sasquatch was across the meadow to the right in the photo below. 

I am not certain what the attraction at this tree fall location was. There were several fern sprouts breaking through the forest litter in that location. Other trees in the area were noted with odd disruption at or around the base. 

Here is the path of regress. 

(above- first step)

(above - second step)

Impression of the first step (above) second step (above). There was a deer skull in the meadow. In previous investigations to this area, numerous deer and elk bones were found snapped in half in ‘feast’ piles in multiple locations. Photo on the right is a view from the game trail I entered the canyon on, looking down toward the meadow. On the road out of the forest, there were numerous elk to be seen. Finally, I made it to Flagstaff just before sunset but not before driving through a rare May snow! 

I would call this two hours well spent in the woods!

**Note: Karl will be writing up more encounters on Ghost Hunting Theories in his research experience and sharing knowledge he has accrued in his private research of the Sasquatch People.**

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  1. Carl - Did you realize there was another juvenile in your photo? I posted your photo with the little guy circled in red on the Mogollon Monster, Arizona page on Facebook. I really couldn't figure out any other way to share the find with you.

    1. Thanks Ruth. I am going to let Karl know that you have it up there. It is much appreciated. He is busy doing a study of another area with activity here in AZ and hopes to publish soon on the blog about it.


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