Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Review "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" Season 5 Premiere

What I love about this series is all the armchair scientists it spawns. 

First off, Jim from Omnitech joined the team to set out instrumentation to track phenomena around the ranch. 

The team ran two helicopters up at various altitudes with Brock (pilot) carrying Travis. Travis sent out a signal at 1.6 HGz - the infamous frequency that seems to be created in the area from unknown source. In Cameron's helicopter, Erik rode, looking for the signal. Every time the helicopter was over the north side of the triangle, no signal was seen. 

When reviewing the GPS of the helicopter, gaps were shown that made no sense as if the helicopter disappeared at times in its course.

From the ground, Travis sent the signal up and no interruptions. Something was over the triangle area at all altitudes.

On reviewing data, Erik found a sky UAP, another cigar-shaped UAP near the ground, and another white opaque object traveling on the ground that looked like the orb that came out of the mesa.

REVIEW: I was pleased by the addition to the team and the experiments. I do hope that they look at the data again. The GPS of the helicopter was shown from a side view and black empty areas are seen. They appeared as if they were in a path that was like an array of lines aimed outward from a central point. I'd be curious to see either a negative imagery where the path is removed and the voids are highlighted, or to see this data on its end so we can look down it like staring up through a tornado. I'd want to see where those gaps occurred in relation to the ground and put out flats in the ground to show the void areas. Just to be sure, I'd want to know there is nothing disruptive in the geology like geomagnetic spikes.

I think, like most of us - I don't care what's happening in the air because it would appear the mesa is the heart of the beast. Instead of looking at the smoke coming from the dragon's nostrils, I want to look into the dragon. (Sorry "Dragon," no correlation intended).

Honestly, I would freaking TNT the side of the mesa, let the crumble rest and then have a shorter drill into the mesa. But, that's just me. 

Cannot wait for next week. I am so attuned to their findings. Go team! Go! 

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