Sunday, October 14, 2012

How To Make a Haunted Mirror

One 30 x 44 inch glass picture frame from Goodwill only 24.99
2 cans of looking glass spray paint by Krylon
1 container black acrylic paint
1 container crackle medium
1 container ivory paint
printer paper

Print life-sized photos of Victorian kids in black and white (eyes blacked out)
Cut them out, glue with mod podge glue them to glass.
Wet your fingers and rub some of the paper away from the ink along the edges to soften the "cut-out" effect.
Spray the back of the glass (back of the pictures too) with looking glass paint. Don't worry about making it too perfectly even because you can create an aged glass look out of imperfections.
Paint picture frame black. Let dry.
Paint with crackle medium. Let dry.
Top coat frame with ivory paint and it will crackle in minutes.
Put glass back into frame.


  1. Where did you find the pictures of the children?? I have been looking but can't find life size pics. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

    1. I had to size them in Photoshop to make them the right show but any photo program would allow you to make them perhaps 8 inches tall,6 inches wide or so. I did a google image search for "creepy Victorian children" I put the photo into Photoshop, stamped black over the eye area. The photo was already black and white and I used regular printer paper to print them out.

  2. hi! i like it a lot but i cant find the 2 cans of looking glass spray paint by Krylon . where i can get it????


  3. Cool, I have seen this where you spray the glass first, then use paint remover to rub off the area that will have the images pasted on... this way you get the edges of the image more like they are fading in, and you don't see the edge of the paper...