Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Helltown Ohio: Scariest Abandoned Town

A perfectly once-pleasant town called Boston, Ohio had no idea what its future held. Today, the abandoned area is referred to as "Helltown" and with good reason!

This Summit County town was founded in the early 1800s. It was doing just fine until politics literally swept the town away.

In 1974, under the presidency of Gerald Ford, eminent domain was proclaimed and the properties bought up by the government. The plan was to protect and preserve the size of national parks and woodlands.

Angry residents had no choice. Some scrawled angry messages on their houses before they were boarded up and they were forced to leave.


A generation goes by without anyone knowing the history of the town or understanding how it closed. Soon, urban legends abound about this forgotten place in the woods. Those who hike in and experience things, bring back tales including ghosts, satanists, and toxic spills and mutant creatures.

Pretty much, if anyone happens through the area of anyone is sighted going in and out, more stories unfold. 


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  1. Definitely didn't pronounce Cuyahoga correctly. It's Ky-uh-hog-uh

  2. The government will not tell you the truth about anything. Special if they did something or credited something there. They will try to hide all the information and Evidence of it. If the government in it there they will hide everything about it. None will know the truth. They will not let you know. I would love to see that place.i would love to know more about it.