Monday, September 1, 2014

Honoring Respected Sasquatch Researchers

I wanted to share with everyone some people I respect in the field of Sasquatch research and to explain how I choose the people I will associate with. Integrity in the field is a rare thing because so many enter it for the wrong reasons. The true "nerds" and "geeks" who enter it for the right reasons are in search of knowledge and understanding, have compassion and willingness to share. Here are some of the ones I most respect - 

MK Davis
There are, as I often say, a handful of people in the field I truly hold up into a place of high respect. I tend to not focus as much on what people say or promise, but what they actually do. Researchers' actions speak volumes, from their associations to their motivations, the way they treat others in the field of study and their logic. MK Davis has poured over more film and photographs than any human should ever have to parcel through, on his own time, working to stabilize and give us the best images of any evidence in the field. With these clearer images, we can make our own decisions on the worthiness of the evidence. As the person who originally dealt with the Patterson-Gimlin film and stabilized it, he has gone on to do amazing things in lots of other fields of stabilization and photography, from stabilizing the Kennedy assassination films to astrophotography. He also spends a great deal of the time in the field, learning more about everything from ancient cultures to cryptids, geology to archaeology. Anyone who has viewed his videos on YouTube knows that he's got a gosh-darned pleasant speaking voice, an eye for details, and is just a regular nice guy. Many have tried to spread rumors about people in the field of research and MK has been the target of some because he simply will not engage in angry back and forths. Pay special attention to those who spread the rumors and perpetuate them because THEY are the ones you need to take notice of. It says much about them being threatened by truth, by insight, and by someone who uses their talents and brains instead of big mouths, gangs and idiocy. I wish we had more highly intelligent and respectful people like MK in the field. This is someone who walks the talk.

Jaime Avalos
One of the few folks I can count on my fingers that I have a great respect for in the field of research. Jaime has a highly impressive background and knowledge from survival techniques to martial arts, to medicine. He runs Sierra Sasquatch research and has amazing videos for Sierra Sasquatch on YouTube, as well as a DVD on Amazon ("Sierra Sasquatch Tracking a Legend") that I happily added to my collection. Jaime is logical, practical and has techniques that no one in the field is utilizing. The massive size of the Sierras could be daunting, but he lives, breathes and eats this majestic region with some of the most innovative concepts I have ever seen. He's the type of background, brain and attitude we need much more of. 

The Garrett Family and Team

The Garretts and their co-researchers have an exceedingly vast knowledge of the woodlands, creeks, lakes, swamps, nature and survival. They come together as a team that is respectful, inquisitive, and unstoppable at field research. You might want to follow their Facebook Page Texas Unified Natural Research.  Be sure to check Bob Garrett's YouTube Channel where you will find some things you never expected to find happening in East Texas. Their approach to research is passionate and energetic. I do wish we had more researchers in the field with their vast knowledge and cohesive directive to work together and contribute to knowledge and understanding of the natural world around us.

Freddie Kanney
It isn't easy to get my attention in the field of research because I do not attend conferences, forums, or other popular local chat hangouts. Instead, I seek out people who are doing things in the field. I let their work and their actions speak for them instead of listening to chatter online. I came across Freddie Kanney, a BF researcher for decades in my own home state of Virginia.  I was utterly floored by his commonsense knowledge of the woods and its nuances, his dedication to going out daily and repeatedly for years and years on end. I suggest you follow his videos on YouTube because he is teaching viewers his knowledge. It is the most practical education possible. I wish we had more people who know the woodlands, live and breathe it every day and night, out there in the study of these elusive people.

JC Johnson
JC runs Crypto4Corners team and is pretty much a national treasure in the field of Native legends, cryptids, and creatures of the Southwest. His YouTube channel is admittedly one of my favorites. JC is a guy in the field. He meets the people who have the encounters, he helps them, he studies the land, he talks to the Native People who have great insights, and he keeps it all within the context of dealing with things he can grasp, not ethereal or ephemeral will o'the wisps in the unknown, but things he could wrestle to the ground. He has a great deal of outdoorsman experience and a very open-minded attitude. And, gosh darn, he's amazing storyteller with exceptional experience. I'd say I wish there were more JCs in the field, but it's so much more exciting when there's one romantic figure with a lifetime of experience hiking off into the sunset in search of the next amazing find. 

Karl Sup
This researcher has amazing field technique for tracking and finding every clue that we might have overlooked. He is meticulous, highly intelligent, and has contributed several posts and some working theories on this blog. His attitude toward the subject and contributions have been great, including audio expertise that has helped discern details from evidence. He is always open to discussion and research, sharing of information and trekking long hours in the field. It's that kind of dedication that is greatly appreciated.  Eye theory. Sasquatch locomotion. Witness reports.

Dorraine Fisher
Dorraine is a person I greatly admire in the field, as an author, researcher, and a human being. She has commonsense, intelligence, healthy skepticism, as you may have noticed in her articles on the excellent CryptoCrew Site. She is also a talented authoress and seriously talented photographer. She respects nature and other human beings, is a humble researcher and a fiercely intelligent mind in the field.  I would love to see more calm and logical folks like Dorraine in the field! 

I would love to mention other people in the field whose contributions I admire - 
Sybilla Irwin (artist/researcher) Her witness sketches are truly riveting and her ongoing field research is admirable and tireless. 
David Claerr (artist/researcher) David is not just an artist, but also a serious researcher who studies many facets of Sasquatch, as well as keeping an interest in lots of ancient finds, natural science, and other avenues of understanding of America's history and content.
David Houston (researcher) This Texas researcher has a great no-nonsense, naturalistic view of Sasquatch and their environment. He is someone whose opinion, I highly value, and who possesses a level head.

(I got this Patty necklace in Jason's Etsy Shop) 

Jason Shanaman (artist) Jason does some of the most amazing art of Sasquatch and his love for and understanding for all wildlife is apparent in the soul connection that shows in his renderings.

TheCryptoCrew (online publication) I really like this site. They have some amazingly relevant and sometimes even unsettling and thought-provoking postings handled with logic and curiosity, wonder and enthusiasm. 
Bigfoot Encounters (site of the archivist and researcher, the late Bobbie Short, an amazing source of quality information)
The Urban Sasquatch Researcher.  Though I have not given his name, this researcher is at the top of my list of most respected, enthusiastic and meticulous documenters I know. 
The researchers from the original "tire experiment site. This group of hard-working researchers set the ground running with ahead of their time interactions. They have my highest respect and the landowners, as well, for creating a safe place for human-Sasquatch interactions to take place in what I like to think of as Ground Zero of ongoing interactions.

(art by Thomas Finley)

Thomas Finley
Thomas is an unbelievably talented artist who has done cryptid art of all kinds for many purposes from collectible art to book covers, T-shirt designs to postcards. He carries a delightfully colorful and positive view of the unexplained universe that has been a wonderful way to get people interested in the unknown and to see it in the view of wonder and awe. I wish we had more who inspired mystery and adventure like Thomas. I consider him a goodwill ambassador for cryptids.

- Who to admire and who not to admire - 

My advice to anyone who wants to know who to listen to in the field of Sasquatch Research, please take note of people. If they complain that everyone is out to get them or they attack others and gossip, spread vicious talk, or attack others, step away. 

If they are part of a posse that surrounds a celeb, they will do anything to stay in the "popular circle" and will intimidate, bash, and do vicious things against anyone that celeb thinks could bring them down or make them uncomfortable.  

And, just because someone has a publication or is on TV documentaries and shows, has published books on the subject, does not make them the be-all-end-all of authority on the subject. Really evaluate how they approach the subject and whether they spend their time on a convention circuit or actually studying in the field. Just use some of your own personal integrity as a yard stick. 

Watch what these people do - who do they hang with? What are they trying to peddle? What actions do they take that help or hurt the field? 

My greatest single advice is to take note of those who tear down others - that is a HUGE RED FLAG that they will not only tear you down, but they are threatened by the very one they are bashing. 

If a person is tearing apart another researcher, they are not in the field for knowledge but ego!  

This is not summer camp, you don't have to pick a team and be loyal to the end. This is research and sharing knowledge and experience, wisdom and insight. It is not about banning people from conventions because a celeb doesn't want them there or snubbing and trying to ruin the reputation of good people. If someone is bashing another researcher, it is time to put the spotlight on them and their little worth and small minds that they cannot focus on their work, but must attack other's work. 

Let's all work to make the field of research about true study and understanding, not egos and personalities!

I personally have no issues being independent and if I work in a group, if I have issues with someone in the group, I will either ask them to stop it, step aside, or I will step aside. I do not need to be associated with anyone, I choose to, and I choose to because of their actions, not their public words. 

You will notice some "big" names not mentioned in this posting and there is a reason. If I found something worthy of my level of concern for the subject, I would mention them. Enough said.  

Many of the people I mentioned above are not heard of widely and there is a reason. They are in the field for the right reasons, doing the right things, and not pimping it. They are truly experts in their own arenas and doing the work without fanfare or adoration, posses and hangers on. 

I might have omitted some people because they do not wish their name publicized and it is not always easy to decide which ones should be showcased. There are many good people in the field whose work I do not know, yet, so this list is not the be-all/end-all of my listing of those I admire in the field. 

In other words, they are true to their desire to learn, apply knowledge and wisdom, share findings, and open discussions.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Patterson-Gimlin Full-Length Film: Priceless

Lots of people don't believe this is authentic, but thanks to the work of astrophotograper and film/video expert, MK Davis, the first to stabilize the actual film and elucidate great details with amazing clarity, it's hard to refute the reality of this film, the proportions and details.

What is questionable is what happened to the beginning of the reel of film and the ending. On an interview for Monsterquest, Bob Gimlin said that Roger Patterson ran out of film while filming Patty. That's all well and good, but Patterson didn't start filming her at the end of a roll. What was at the beginning? And, why don't we see the actual film roll end? Why cut it neatly at the beginning at the bolting of the horse when surely the camera was on before it bolted? Every frame of Patty that was captured was a precious moment in time, including before and after she was on film. 

This is part of what has made the legitimacy of the film questionable all these decades. When people put reported Bigfoot video up on YouTube and it is edited to just the moment they saw it to the moment it disappeared, we are left with a greater question -- what was edited out? 

If the film is authentic, then the entire full length should have been given to the public to see that they had not edited out many "takes" of the same scene, or comings and goings of an actor in a costume. 

Whoever might possess this full-length film is sitting on the one piece of evidence that could either add legitimacy to the event, shed light on how it all went down, or expose a hoax. 

But wouldn't the public be angry at someone who withheld the film all these years?  

Let's consider a similar situation - a person who comes forward decades after a UFO incident and reports that they worked for the government and were not supposed to talk about it. They say they felt threatened or their families were threatened. We don't get angry at them, we are relieved that someone was brave enough to come forward finally. And, consequently, the government can hardly go after them or their families now that they are in the public arena. 

The truth will come out by one of the people or their heirs and that will leave a deceased person not able to defend his reasoning. It will also leave us to continue to battle over the legitimacy of the film.

I cannot imagine how priceless this film is in its entirety - the whole roll without splicing. How much would you pay to own a copy of a certified and verified DVD made from the unedited and unspliced film from that fateful journey into the Northern California woods in 1967?

Yup. That's one priceless DVD!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

How To Make a Haunted Mirror

(Eleanor, Edward and Emily)

I wanted to create a mirror that had an image that looked ghostly looking back, but honestly every adult image I found was rather boring, even old Victorian Era pictures, so I came across a photo of three Victorian kids that unsettled me.  That made me think about the black-eyed children phenomena, and I realized - wow, this would really unsettle! 

I put it in photoshop and did a crackled aging effect and then took and did a stamp of the dark area on the boy's bow and stamped their eyes out.

I bought a large glass framed ugly picture at a secondhand store. It was like 25 dollars and 30 inches by 40. I removed the ugly picture. 

I printed out the kids on regular printer paper in black and white and cut out their outlines. Taking Mod Podge glue (or you can do Elmers and water combined for decoupage mix), I glued the kiddies to the bottom of the mirror, face against the glass. I wanted to hang the mirror at a height that made them appear as if they were peering into a window at about their height. After gluing them down with the mod podge, I let them dry. 

Once the kiddies were dry, I took a wrung out wet dish towel and dabbed the edges of their photos to make them moist, but not soaking wet. I began to use my finger to roll away layers of the paper, leaving the bottom layer of paper against the glass. Now, they were "sheer" around the edges. I had to redo one of the kids when I accidentally wet her too much and her eye came off. Instead, I just concentrated on making sheer the hair and outline and leaving the face mostly intact so I wouldn't ruin it. You can play with this and see how well you can remove layers of paper without going to the glass. Let them dry. 

For this large project, I used 3 cans of the looking glass spray. I laid the glass down on a drop cloth with their faces facing the ground and on the back side of the glass, I sprayed back and forth, but wanted it to look aged, so sometimes I sprayed some water on the glass and then the paint and other times, concentrated more paint in some areas, less in others. The effect was a very aged looking mirror. I let them dry well.

I painted the frame with black paint, then let dry. I painted with crackle medium, and then let dry. I then painted it ivory and let it crackle naturally.

Time to put the glass back into the frame and hang it up!

Below are my 3 videos showing the phases of making the haunted black-eyed children mirror - 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Most Amazing Cave Photographs Ever!

Caves aren't just dark holes in the ground, they are wonderlands showing a raw geology, caverns, voids, ice, stalagmites, waterfalls, amazing creatures and more. What bits of sunlight enter them, create a view to a pure clean slice of heaven!

What's lurking inside? Let's take a look - 

What does your imagination insert? 

What kinds of movies might inspire the dark side of caves?

Vlog Friday: Dreams

The stages of sleep make for some of the most eventful times of our entire day. I don't care how busy you are awake, when you're asleep, you're putting in double time. 

The phase of first phase of sleep (alpha state) occurs as you are drifting off and when you first wake up are a lot like the feelings of hypnosis, body is afloat, mind is not engaged on analytical thinking, you simply exist. This is a key time for slipping in and out of the body in out of body experiences/astral projection and also visitation from the dead. If awakened in this phase, you may feel like you didn't sleep and your body might also jerk as if you are falling. This lasts perhaps 5-10 minutes.

The second phase of sleep, your muscles contract and relax repeatedly throughout, the heart rate slows, the temperature drops. The body at this point is preparing for deeper sleep, going into almost a hibernation physiology.

The third and fourth stages take you into the deeper realms. Three is deep, but fourth is intensely deep. The brain waves slow and if people are awakened at this time, they will be hard to arouse. We go in and out of REM (rapid eye movement/dream state) for short periods. This occurs about every 90 minutes. During the deepest stages, the body repairs and your immune system strengthens. As we age, we get less of this restorative sleep. 

Thankfully, our bodies go into a paralysis during the deeper stages and so when we do have dream state, we don't act on them, though sometimes these functions are disrupted and hence there is talking and walking, even eating in one's sleep.

If someone tells you they had a weird night's sleep, well, that's more the norm than we realize. Unusual sleep events do happen because of the delicate balance between the sleep phases, environmental interruptions, chemical influences from medications, and exhaustion. 

We also tend to change up the themes on our dreams during the night, to where we left off anxiety and fear, steam and anger in the earlier dreams and work into problem solving in subsequent dreams until morning when we might start having pleasant, happy, hopeful and arousing dreams.

Sleep walking and talking.  When sleep paralysis phase is interrupted, the body can move, both mouth and legs. Some people get up and actually make food and eat while their mind is still in sleep state. There are some people whose transition from sleep states are more ineffective so that they are more prone to talking or walking in sleep. It has also been shown that certain drug effects can alter the sleep state, as in the case of people taking sleeping pills and even driving asleep. 

Out-of-body experiences.  
Out-of-body experiences are described as a sense of leaving your body (like in near-death experiences) and traveling and witnessing things in other locations. I have had these to such a degree that I communicated with someone in another country, in her apartment and then the next day asked her if she saw me there. I described the apartment, how they were speaking, what her fiance looked like who was standing behind her. She was shocked. She had seen me in her apartment and worried that I wouldn't understand her speaking slowly to speak English clearly. I had wondered in the encounter why she was speaking so oddly. We might possibly have OBEs in our sleep more than we know. I have gone places and learned things in my sleep that I couldn't have known, details about people's homes, what they wear to bed, what's on their walls, the books on their shelves.... The only warning I have is a super high vibration in my entire body so that it feels like every cell is fluttering like a million hummingbirds. This occurs upon leaving and reentering.

Encounters with aliens and the dead.
You are most likely to have an alien encounter or a visitation from the dead in the sleep state between stages. Some people report sleep paralysis with this and associate that with the aliens controlling their body, but sleep paralysis with waking encounters are common. I have had them where I open my eyes, see the room, but cannot move my body. That's a part of sleep staging. It's what you seeing during that time that is questionable. If you are still in a dream state, it can appear that you seeing things not there, like the hallucinations of dreams. It's a catch-22 when understanding these encounters. Were they genuine encounters done at this time because the mind is in a state to perceive and not a threat or are they result of dream state interfering on waking state? I can say that two of my encounters with greys in my room, I was moving around, in fact, the first time, I swung my legs over to go to the restroom when I saw one in front of me, I also crawled across the bed to try to touch on. I could have been asleep, but all sense were involved in this encounter including sense of smell and temperature, light and I was up and studying the window's view within seconds. 

Premonition dreams. 
I've had these for decades and they are unsettling. I did learn a commonality - it is a premonition dream if no one in the setting sees or hears me. I'm there as a kind of witness. I have gone down with many airplanes, been hijacked, survived earthquakes and tidal waves. I am not sure why these events can come through 24-48 hours beforehand, but they can and some of us have an uncanny ability to see a dream come true. If the pineal gland truly is the third eye and it is the regulator for our sleep and dream state, there might be a tie-in.

Sleep paralysis.
Paralysis is important in sleep to keep us from hurting ourselves, but sometimes it can be terrifying if you start becoming conscious during it. I've awakened during anesthesia a few times (redheaded complaint) and it is horrifying. In one case of sleep paralysis, I fell asleep on some cushions on the floor watching a movie. My eyes fluttered open and I saw the credits scrolling but I could not move my body. I felt strangely heavy and drugged. My mind felt foggy and weird and I interpreted this as the screen scrolling safe harbors to go to in my neighborhood during the ongoing nuclear attack. I wanted to read where to go, but my eyes weren't clear and I couldn't move and felt drunken. I thought perhaps the radiation had already affected me. It was horrifying. 

Night terrors.
This happens more often to children, but adults can get them too. It can happen when you are overly exhausted and go to bed or taking medications. A shift in the sleep and wake state makes you have a nightmare that you are able to scream, sit up, throw your arms about and fight off an imagined threat and can be very difficult to calm down. 

As you can see, with so many possibilities in the dream state, we seem to have lots of chances for things to go wrong, but also chances for interactions our brains can't perceive in our analytic awake state.


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