Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pareidolia: A New Look At Faces in Nature

As investigators, we are often handed photos of orbs with faces, or a forest with "faces" in it. Most researchers balk at these faces seen in nature, but it might be time (for several reasons) to look at it in a new light. 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Spring Fever: Beach-Themed Horrors

It's that magical time of the year where some sunshine and promising thaw are making folks go into full-blown spring fever. With spring fever comes the daydreams of beaches and relaxation. But, for those of us who love horror, we're wondering - what beach-themed horrors can I find? 

Review "The Dark Tapes" Horror Movie

I am always pleased as an author of horror, supporter of independent arts, and a writer for this blog, that I get to occasionally preview a show or a movie ahead of release date. I was very honored this time to review an film festival award-winning Scifi/Horror genre movie, "The Dark Tapes" directed by Michael McQuown. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Point Pleasant: More Than Just Mothman?

I trekked to Point Pleasant in 2013, fully expecting to be following the path of the legendary Mothman, but I ran into something I was not expecting....

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Hunt: Ghosts and The Hunt: Bigfoot

I am pleased to announce I have received a contract for my paranormal romance book, "The Hunt: Ghosts" and they liked it so much, they want me to sign a contract for the sequel book, "The Hunt: Bigfoot." (The names are subject to possible change)

Mystic Publishers, Inc. 

I have had a fantastic time writing about romance within the chilling context of researchers. I got to apply my knowledge and experience in the field of ghosts and Bigfoot and use it in a unique way to produce the most riveting application of both paranormal and romance in one work. 

When the book(s) are released, I will be sharing that on here, of course. And, I hope to be doing an in-person book signing next spring at the ParaSci Con in Phoenix.

Exhumed: Famous and Unsettling Exhumations

Upon occasion a body must be exhumed or done so by accident. Some exhumations can reveal unusual finds and many famous people who were exhumed are documented by curious witnesses. Let's have a look at some unusual exhumations.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Eastern European and Siberian Triangles: What Is Going On?

Hoia Baciu, Romania

Devil's Cemetery in Siberia (Tunguska) and the Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania have some very similar terrifying unexplained features that makes one wonder - what is going on in these two locations? 


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