Friday, September 22, 2017

How To Make a Homunculus: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Creatures

Those of us who thoroughly enjoyed the cult-favorite made-for-tv horror movie from 1973, "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark," recall the creatures. Those tiny little nighttime beings horrified many a youth back in the day. But, they were actually based on a concept of a small being created by alchemy called, "homunculi." (singular "homunculus")

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Psychic Reads: My Source

As a psychic myself, people often ask me, do you ever utilize a psychic's input? Well, I will tell you because I'm so subjective to myself, I don't trust any psychic input I get in relation to my own situation because there is a conflicting environment - my own self concepts, wishes and desires, fears and apprehension that make it impossible to give it merit. So, who have I found that could actually read me, a person with a fair amount of obstacles? 

Adult Halloween: Taking Back the Season

Are you getting in the Halloween mood? While the youth of today experience a less tactile Halloween than middle agers did, we are left wondering "how do I get the spirit back?" Well, it's time to claim Halloween and my book "Adult Halloween: Taking Back the Season!" shows you how!

Vintage Halloween Masks: How To Make the Look

Let's face it, mass-made Halloween masks don't really do it for most of us. We see vintage pictures of old handmade masks and cringe. They are nondescript and vague, emotionless, like demon-possessed bits of folk art. So, how do we get that look without paying for an actual vintage mask? 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Slab City: Town With No Laws

An abandoned base in the California desert became an off-grid, lawless, and interesting squatting site. It sits 156 miles northeast of San Diego. Some of the residents come like snowbirds for the gentle winters, coming in campers. Others stay all year. Solar panels and generators abound.

How To Get Into the Halloween Mood

If you love Halloween, then the Halloween bug starts to bite you around August when items go up in the stores and the heat has you wanting autumn to come NOW! Here's some ways to start getting your Halloween mood activated to a higher level as October approaches - 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"The Fog" Classic Horror

John Carpenter's 1980 movie, "The Fog," has become a classic to most horror lovers. The reason is pretty straightforward, you take something from nature and make it sentient and it is terrifying. We are helpless enough in fog, but then add vengeful ghosts and we are in terror.

Disturbing Photographs

Photographs are a split second in time but their effects can be lasting. Such is the case with photographs of the bizarre Victorian Era and most unusual circumstances and people....

Monday, September 18, 2017

Halloween Horror Cakes

For talented bakers and artists, the challenge of a horror cake at Halloween time is perhaps the greatest delight. And many have created amazingly tasty works of art -

How To Make Fog

Whether you are determined to make fog for a small party or set up a huge Halloween haunt in your yard, you will want to master fog making. This post is going to help make it easier, whether you use dry ice, make your own machine, or purchase one.


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