Sunday, February 14, 2016

1980s Actors Who Died Young

The 80s were a fantastic era for movies and TV and many of us think back on it fondly as a time of great economic and creative growth. The youth, many referred to as the Brat Pack, were part of the elite celebs of the time, but sadly there was also a curse on those who came into age in the 80s - early deaths by tragic means.

Let's look at some of the loses - 

Heather O’Rourke (“Poltergeist”) died at 12 of bowel obstruction

Dominique Dunne (“Poltergeist”) died at 22 of stabbing death by ex-boyfriend

River Phoenix (“Stand by Me”) died at 23 of drug overdose

Jonathan Brandis (“Stand by Me”) died at 27 of suicide by hanging

Gary Coleman (“Diff’rent Strokes”) died at 42 of a brain hemorrhage

Dana Plato (“Diff’rent Strokes”) died at 35 of suicide by drugs

Corey Haim (“The Lost Boys”) died at 38 of pneumonia

Dana Hill (“European Vacation) died at 32 of complications of diabetes 

Rebecca Schaeffer (“My Sister Sam”) died at 21, shot by stalker

Paul Walker ("Monster in the Closet") died at 40 of a  car accident. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Killing Grounds: How Bigfoot Hunts!

My Grandmother Marta Eng-Thorvaldsen from Swedish Lapland was born in the 1800s. Her family herded reindeer.  They used a practice called kulning.

This (video above) is a sound I have heard about, but my father lacked a name for it when he told of grandmother's life in the arctic. 

I want to thank one of my favorite researchers, Fred Kanney, for drawing my attention to this calling technique's name. 

I will apply this to Bigfoot and say that ancient (archaic) man knew how to draw the herd to him rather than risk the chase in which he was likely too slow to win or too vulnerable. Bigfoot, instead of tromping his 8-foot body around the woods, could find a safe hunting ground and call the deer to wild boars to him.

We do that still today - 

I have already found a correlation with Bigfoot leaving trash from rest stops cans and parks cans dumped into piles in the woods to draw the kill to them rather than risk rushing around with heavy footfalls and possibly be seen. See the Urban Sasquatch Series (right hand side of the blog list of popular posts). This researcher has found great evidence of these trash piles which create a site for wild boars and the like to root around.

My guess is that the female Bigfoot are the callers, as they were in Sweden, and the men likely do the ambush. We might want to listen to some of Bigfoot's screams on recordings again and think of them in a new light.

Now to find their hunting grounds in the woods - ideal locations to corner, trap, and not be detected....
This is my conjecture, but I am going to pursue this path.

Believe: Growing Your Own Food

Today's Believe installment is about growing your own food. It's the first step to independence, time with nature, exercise, healthy mind and body therapy, nutrients, and peace.

My garden is on a patio and it is awesome! I grow from October to May here in the desert climate. I use raised growing containers and pots. 

What do I grow? Tomatoes, aloe, beets, Daikon radishes, white turnips, broccoli, two kinds of carrots, celery, peas, two kinds of kale, three kinds of lettuces, tons of herbs. 

The greens from the beets, carrots, and turnips can all be eaten too - and I put them in salads, sometimes in juices. 

Growing celery is easy. Buy an entire bunch of ORGANIC celery. Cut the stalks off, but leave the bottom stump. Put that stump in a bowl of warm water in a window for about week until little greens start sprouting up in the center. Now, plant that stump into some soil up the edges of the cut areas so only the new greens stick out of the ground. Voila!

I use only organic soil, fertilizer, heirloom organic seeds. The fact is, this food is fresh and it tastes like how it is supposed to taste!  You know how at the store, the produce looks good, but has no taste, well eating "live" food is a truly amazing experience and the heirloom varieties have the genuine tastes. Try red carrots, black tomatoes, mixed color beets, and explore all these fun flavors! The more color - the more nutrients.

When it's really hot outside here in the desert, I simply grow in pots on a table in front of the window. I keep my herbs going so I can enjoy them in the summertime when I make things like this - 

Caribbean Salsa (great on tacos, blackened ahi tuna or chicken, or on salads).

There are some very creative ideas for making raised gardens that are easy to work with and to keep weeds out of  -

I hope this has inspired you to think about the earth, the sun, photosynthesis, nutrients, and the pleasure of growing. It is therapeutic, meditative, and gives you time to be thankful for the miracle of growing your own food from seed.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Criminals Blaming Actions on Ghosts!

An Asheville mother took a hatched to her two children and killed them, then turned it on herself. She survived the self-attack and was hospitalized. Her mental condition had her blaming a ghost for the deed.

This is actually not that uncommon. Ghosts and possession have been blame for many murders including killing one's children during exorcisms and killing others, believing they are the devil.

Schizophrenia and drugs can be blamed on some cases, as well as criminals hoping to get off and those who lack understanding of the natural world with superstitious tendencies. Let's look at some such cases - 

This Florida man killed his wife and 5 kids. He hoped that they would execute him expediently so he could be buried with his family. He said he would have killed himself, but he wouldn't go to heaven. 

His defense? Her mother had the devil in her and made him do it. 

A Wisconsin man beat up his wife and then told the police that a ghost did it. 

A college kid got into trouble for breaking into a museum and a church. He left behind a note stating, "Poltergeist everywhere... Need better security." 

In an unbelievably heinous crime, a couple killed their infant and said that all injuries were caused by a spirit haunting their home.

A former police officer blamed a ghost in the basement for a theft he committed. 

Apparently, the ghost is a burglar and he didn't know what he was hiding down there....

The stepdaughter of Morgan Freeman was stabbed by her boyfriend in a supposed attempt at exorcism. When police arrived, the man was still viciously attacking her dead body and screaming to let out the demons in the name of Christ.

I coined a term years ago called "scapeghosts." This is a situation in which a family focuses on a ghost as the reason for someone acting up, bad family dynamics, or in a dysfunctional desire to bring the family together. 

It is not uncommon for people to be having difficulties, runs of bad luck, and such and believe that ghosts are the ones instigating it, demons, spirit attachments, and recently dead relatives. 

I like to say it and it's true, if ghosts could mess with us and our world with any amount of ability and accuracy, we'd all be screwed. Every single deceased parent would lament their child's decisions, or every spawned lover would be on the attack. 

Luckily, most ghost excuse cases are innocent and even humorous but some, like these above, are chilling. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tesla's Enigmatic Energy

**Today's post is written by guest researcher/writer, Jared Scott.**

Although Nikola Tesla was never able to prove his direct contact with extraterrestrials, he succeeded in bringing us all a bit closer towards realizing the powers of energy. From x-ray technology to the Tesla coil to the radio - yes, the actual radio - Tesla’s genius enabled him to understand that everything in the universe is connected via forces unseen.

Tesla died broke and alone, reviled by so-called men of science like Thomas Edison, other inventors who actually have Tesla to thank for the success of many of their innovations.

Tesla the Sci-Fi Rebel

Tesla's rebellious perspective infused all aspects of his life. The way that he communicated his findings to others may have been overbearing, due to his abundance of passion on the subjects at hand, but this may just have been his frustration with the general public’s lack of imagination towards the sciences. If this is what he meant, he was right. People knew what radio waves were before Tesla. But they did not know how to harness the energy. Before Tesla, radio waves may as well have been extraterrestrial.

For instance, when Tesla first introduced the idea of the laser, he was publicly ridiculed as if he had tried to make sense of an alien sighting. When Tesla began to use the natural frequencies of the universe around us to send data to and from different places, he might as well have been talking about an invisible spaceship. What is the difference, truthfully? Although we do not think of these things as supernatural now, they were completely out of the question before Tesla began to utilize them in a different way from anyone else.

Tesla, Energy and the Universe

When we speak of how Tesla looked at energy, we are looking at a new way of viewing the universe. The invisible is a distribution network - everything that we need in order to communicate with whatever or whomever we want is right in front of us. It is also worthy to note that with Tesla's thinking, we can communicate with a much larger swath of the universe than we initially thought.

Tesla's new way of looking at the world is reminiscent of theories espoused by Voltaire, Twain and Mach. Mach is perhaps the most directly relevant of these three - his theories that atoms did not exist were actually a large part of Einstein’s relativity theory. Like Tesla, however, Mach did not receive a great deal of credit for his work in future endeavors dealing with physics. Those familiar with these areas of study understand how essential Mach was to the truth of finding new things about our universe. This is the same space Tesla occupies in his contributions to the world of energy.

How to Think of Tesla

It almost does not matter what Tesla received from his ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies) receiver that fateful day that he thought he was communicating with extraterrestrials. What matters is the new way that Tesla began to look at the world. If these new thoughts bring new technologies, then what does the rest matter? Our universe is full of things that may seem supernatural to us today, only to be fully comprehended by future generations.

Developing a better understanding of ‘energy’ could completely change our relationship with the hidden elements of the world and the universe. Take the contemporary Tesla company today as an example - Elon Musk’s work to develop a better energy storage system may one day allow energy providers to better harness the capabilities of solar and wind power, helping us decrease our reliance on fossil fuels. This would change everything for all Earth dwellers, changing the way that we use, pay for and purchase our electricity in today’s era of climate change.

Follow Tesla’s lead and do not close your mind to any thoughts or experiences that you may find yourself in contact with. There’s no telling what you may find.


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