Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bigfoot: Hybrids?

I run around with red hair, likely from around a 4% Neanderthal DNA content that Europeans carry. 

But, what if I ran into someone one day with 40% Neanderthal or 60% Neanderthal? I would be very shocked how different we are! They might seem not Homo sapiens, even if they had 40% of that DNA. We are all hybrids, but pooled together into modern day Homo sapiens, but that does not mean the content is pure; it is a content that is a hybrid, sort of like the mixing pot of America.

The same goes for aborigines/Polynesians with a tiny percentage of Denisovans' DNA. If they ran into a 40% or 60% Denisovan DNA person, they would want to run! That is how much, over time, our ancestors' DNA is worked out of our appearance, though we may remain with a similar skull shape in some aspects, like the aboriginal head shape and Denisovans.

For the most part, we see our fellow humans and milked down hybrids. But what about a more recent hybrid that carries a greater percentage of both parents' DNA? Oh my!

Suppose you had Denisovans (for example) mating through the South Pacific and into the Americas where they were approached by the people who are the ancestors of America's Native People when they arrived here? What if they had only been hybridizing and working out Denisovans traits for the time period man has been here in America? Not much time for a few tens of thousands of years to work out those traits, especially if they are today mating between themselves and keeping that percentage of Denisovan reinforced, let's say. Of course, you can insert any other "ancient" form of man. We are finding "robust" and "archaic" skulls in America. See my slope-headed post

It is amazing to think how we would feel if we ran into a troglodyte today or even a person who was a hybrid of a troglodyte and Homo sapiens fairly recently.

Welcome to the possible world that Bigfoot inhabits - a glimpse into man's past when he mated with Neanderthal and Denisovans and perhaps other forms of man to create what we today call Homo sapiens.

Bosnian Pyramids Amaze Experts!

Bosnia has a rich history made even more so by the pyramids, especially the Pyramid of the Sun and its mysteries. Carbon dating places these around 24,800 years (plus or minus 200 years). Amazingly, it was 2005 when these pyramids were discovered. I guess locals considered them hills. 

Some of the biggest interest in the pyramids involves archaeoacoustics - the study of acoustic dynamics of archaeological sites. In the case of the Bosnian pyramids, this is a significant study of mind-blowing ramifications.

The Pyramid of the Sun is one third taller than Egypt's Great Pyramid. This one is built with five thick layers of concrete and sandstone slabs one meter thick per layer. The concrete appeared to be made from post glacial sediment and heated to 500 degrees. In fact, it is five times stronger than concrete made today!

It is amazing enough that these ancients build these massive pyramids, but they also used ceramics, concrete, artificial stones, labyrinthine tunnels and, well, a sort of living heart to the Pyramid of the Sun. 

Source:  About 160 meters inside the Underground Labyrinth ‘Ravne,’ in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, lies an 800kg heavy ceramic block named Megalith K-2. Megalith K-2 was found 4 years ago and has since been one of the main tourist attractions in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Although there have been several megalit blocks found in the underground tunnels in Visoko, Megalith K-2 has been the largest one found by a long shot.

Samples of Megalith K-2 were sent to the Institute for Atomic Physics - Rudjer Boskovic in Zagreb; the results demonstrated that the Megalit K-2 is a large ceramic block. The conclusion to draw from these findings is that the 8 ton ceramic block is not natural, but man made. This makes the Megalith K-2 the largest known ceramic sculpture in the world.

The surface of Megalith K-2 is a relief which resembles a valley with two intersecting rivers and hills.

Measurements show that 22 meters under the exact location where Megalith K-2 is found, there is a junction of two water flows.

It appears that this large ceramic block was opened and closed at some point in time.

Measurements taken show that an object made out of silicon has been detected on the inside. It has not yet been decided if the scientists will attempt to open the ceramic block and take a closer look.

Scientific measurements show that Megalith K-2 releases an electromagnetic energy field with the frequency of 28 kHz and an ultrasound in the range of 28-33 kHz.

People studying bio-energy and other alternative sciences are reporting restorative waves emanating from the Megalith K-2 which are beneficial to the human body. When in close proximity to the megalith, it is reported that one feels a calming sensation, warmth and pulsation.

(have a look - below - amazing - piezo electricity and very thoughtful design)

Slobodan Mizrak, a physicist from Zagreb, Croatia, recently visited Visoko for the fifth time. During his stay, he recorded electromagnetic phenomena on the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Several TV cameras followed Mizrak while he conducted his research.

Mr. Mizdrak has detected and measured an electromagnetic beam which goes through the tip of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. He discovered that the beam has the radius of 4.5 meters and a frequency of 28 kHz at intervals of 4.2 Khz.

While the radiation measured outside of the 4.5 meter radius is minimal, radiation measured inside of the beam on the top of the pyramid is 1.9V. When measurements are taken 3 meters above the top of the pyramid, the intensity increases to 3.9 V. The measured beam is continuous and increases in strength as it moves up and away from the top of the pyramid.

It is speculated that this is some type of non-hertzian phenomena which contradicts with today’s known physical laws.

It was a great ordeal to get experts to agree that these were pyramids and not just hills with interesting rocks. That hurdle jumped, there are those who debate some of the purposeful energy producing and sonic-producing acoustics. This will be an ongoing controversy, but it always is when we talk about out-of-place/out-of-time finds. I find this to be another example of why scientists must remain humble. We don't have absolutes. 

If we put boundaries on what was possible in the past, we might as well do it for our future....

Monday, November 23, 2015

Seven Things You Probably Never Did in a Cemetery

We think of graveyards as a place to put our loved ones to rest, to attend funerals, and to visit and lay flowers on anniversaries, but there are some things you might not have done in a cemetery. You might want to give these a try! 

Grave Rubbings 

Always be respectful of the age and the individual's headstone. This needs to be done cleanly and cautiously. Lightweight paper, masking tape, black crayon, a cardboard wrapping paper tube to roll up and store the work, a lightweight dustpan brush to clean the surface. Cover the entire front with paper and wrap it around and tape it. Use the flattest surface of the crayon to make light even strokes. Step back and see if you need to go over any variations in the tone of it so it's even. Clean up everything you used and never leave litter behind. Roll it up and put it in the cardboard tube.

(me as an historical ghost tour guide)

Cemetery Tours

A lot of historic cemeteries offer tours. Why would you do this? Because they do a wonderful job. Many of them wear period costumes, take you around to the famous or infamous graves and learn a lot about the town.


Some states' cemetery associations list the cemeteries they need inventoried, but you can also check places like this one online. You can go to a cemetery that hasn't been accounted for, take photos, write down the grave information and submit it. It's a wonderful way to help out.

Ghost Hunt

Most cemeteries don't allow you to stay after dark, but there are those rural ones that are without posting and open access. These can be a good place to give yourself an experience with ghost hunting. Go before dark, get to know the place and take photos of it beforehand because later if you find something on a picture, you might want to compare it and see how it looked in daytime. I've often found colored signs and flowers and vases that with the flash at nighttime looked like something magical. If it's a quiet location, try EVP. Sit down at a grave. I suggest you go to a newly visited one, they generally have more activity. Do not be surprised if you run into shadow people. These are actually very often seen in cemeteries, small human-shaped opaque black figures darting around.


It sounds odd, but my friends and I sometimes do picnics in cemeteries. It's a peaceful place to lay out a blanket, have a lunch in peace and quiet and contemplate things. Plus, for the spiritual types, this can be a communion of sorts, allowing a very pleasant activity to be shared.

(January 2010 - Julie and I meet at Pioneer Cemetery to clean-up the place and have a ghost hunt and picnic! - three of these listed!)


Bring a large trash bag and a handful of flowers. Leave flowers on the graves of those long-forgotten and no longer visited because they are so long gone. Say their name out lout. Now, go around and set vases upright, pick up trash, and leave the place knowing that you attended to those who were unable to do so for themselves.


Yes, you can take dowsing rods and use them to dowse graves. Divining/dowsing rods can be utilized over a grave. 

To make: Take metal wire hangers and straighten them out or you can get a 20" very heavy gauge wire. Mark it 5" in and bend it at a right angle (a vice works nice for this or countertop edge). Make two of these and you now have dowsing rods.

How to use: Hold rods lightly in hands, elbows at your waist, arms bent at 90 degree angle so forearms are parallel with ground. Do not place your thumbs over the bend in the handle. Do not grip too tightly.

Finding the dead: Walk over the grave. The rods should cross. They should uncross when walking off the gravesite.

Determining age: Standing at head of the grave, take a step towards the feet end. Count your steps. If the rods cross after 1 step, it as a baby, 3-4 steps a child, 5 steps an adolescent, 6 or more steps, an adult.

Gender of the dead: Stand in the center of the grave, hold one rod over head. If it points to the head of the grave, it is a female. If it points to the feet of the deceased, it is a male.

The fun thing about dowsing practice is going to a cemetery with others and then doing this without a glance at the headstone. Don't see the age or sex of the occupant and let others watch you do it. It can have very interesting results, though I can't say why in the world it has such accuracy.

I hope this had you thinking of graveyards in a new way. They are gorgeous memorial parks, worthy of some of your best photographs, as well....

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Amityville Boy in the Photo?

From Wikipedia: On the night of March 6, 1976 the house was investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren, a husband and wife team self-described as demonologists, together with a crew from the television station Channel 5 New York and reporter Michael Linder of WNEW-FM. During the course of the investigation Gene Campbell took a series of infrared time-lapse photographs. One of the images allegedly showed a "demonic boy" with glowing eyes who was standing at the foot of a staircase.[23] The photograph did not emerge into the public domain until 1979, when George and Kathy Lutz and Rod Steiger appeared on The Merv Griffin Show to promote the release of the first film. 112 Ocean Avenue was also investigated by the parapsychologist Hans Holzer. The Warrens and Holzer have suggested that the house is occupied by malevolent spirits due to its history.

Later, a great deal of skepticism came forth about that supposed child picture considering that it looked like and wore the same shirt as one of the crew there with the Warrens.

Me in nightvision - can look quite ill defined and young

Whether Amityville is or isn't haunted, it would never be taken seriously after all the rampant fraud in relating the Amityville Horror story. There have been a great deal of residents in that home over the decades and it's been relatively quiet. 

If I were asked to make an observation about it, every fiber of my being believes that house is likely not haunted. In haunted homes, prolonged agony and suffering might have a way of imprinting a location, but in this case, those killed were killed instantly in their beds. If there is any mystery here, it is how none of them go up after the first shot to see what was up, but were all in their beds on various floors of the house. 

Lots of homes have mass killings and no hauntings. There are secrets behind why that is and I hope to expose them in a future book, "Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted."

For a fantastic article on this subject, go here.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ghostly Activity: Figuring It Out

Here's a list of things often associated with hauntings 

mists/odorless smoke
doors opening and closing
electrical turning on and off
faucets turning on and off
disembodied voices
oddities on photos
oddities on video
feeling something touching you
feeling of being watched
feeling as if you walked through spider webs
objects moving on their own
feeling of someone sitting on your bed 
feeling as if one was pushed
odd odors including cigars/flowers/pipe smoke
balls of light/orb seen by eyes
shadow shapes

These were only some of the features, there are an unlimited amount of sensory input that tells us "ghost!"

It gets more complicated as any of these explanations can be the answer - 

other dimensional beings
emotional/mental issues
faulty senses
broken appliances
poor electrical connections
sound coming through ducts
open cleaning products
spirits of the dead
High EMF levels
Geomagnetic storms
environmental - open windows/moaning pipes

What do we have to perceive ghostly activity? We have our senses. Sometimes, we only hear them, but does that mean it was only a sound or that our eyes could not perceive the content - out of our visual range??? Conversely, we may see one, but not perceive the sound associated with it. 

Our bodies have five fairly lame senses. We have the ability to perceive certain ranges, but others we cannot like infrasound or infrared. This might explain why some encounters are downright odd, including people seeing only part of an apparition or hearing only part of a sentence.

As we still have found no way to prove the existence of ghosts (in the concept we consider them - souls of the dead), it's impossible to prove if a place is haunted or not. We can certainly take every precaution to get rid of the explainable and get down to the unexplained and see what weight it carries. How much weight you put on personal experiences while investigating, psychic impressions or stories of those who witnessed it, is up to each investigator to determine. How much weight you put on EVPs that aren't Class A (language which listeners agree they hear the same words), is once again at your discretion.

To really understand a haunted place, going in for a few hours is not going to give an investigator a true insight. The people who live there are best to answer just how active it is and what they have experienced, but repeat investigations can provide amazing insights. I suggest more than two because either time could be a fluke - you want to find out what the trend is. As well, the place becomes familiar to where you have a better concept of what is around you, what is normal, what is not normal. 

Ghostly activity can sometimes be playful, other times startling, and yet other times very frightening. It is mostly in the interpretation. Whatever you think a ghost is capable of, that determines how scared you become. 

To most who live with them, ghosts are intermittent roommates who have their own focus, their own agenda, and only rarely notice or care you're there, just like how you feel toward them.


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