Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tips For Video Investigations of Bigfoot

1:18 point of video 
(bottom center right of tree)

Fred Kanney video 
(at 1:17 - 1:18 he steps out from behind tree)

(thank you, James Carroll for spotting this movement)

Here's what happens. They are in the woods. They are watching. They stand very still to become one with the trees. They are good at this. So good that we literally do not see them as we look around.

But, as we turn and pan the camera away to film the woods around us, we allow them time to get the hell outta Dodge. They watch us turn away with the camera and know we and the camera are focused on another part of the woods. 

The videographer had just filmed where they are, but now that he/she turns away with camera, the Bigfoot bolts. 

Here's the concept, as you pan the camera around and turn in a slow circle, keep camera turned back, but hold it up as if you are pointing it where you are looking, even though you are filming behind you.

Option two is to hold the camera by the top with the strap over your hand as you do when filming, but drop your arm down to your side, camera facing backwards, upside down. Just casually walking around with it in you hand, filming behind you. 

Try to avoid filming the ground. What we find on video happens after you leave the site because almost always you will not see them while you are there, but when reviewing video after, you will see something out of place, or something move. 

Be sure to pan the area slowly a few times because if you pick up a shape, it's good to see if it's gone the next sweep through.

If you do find something on video, go back later to that spot and film again to show if it was or was not a tree stump or other. You want your evidence to be reputable and this is a fine way to show your integrity and desire to get to the bottom of what you filmed.

These are just some tips, but thinking outside the box is helpful when investigating. We often get caught up in filming in the woods and hopefully catching something but the majority of the time, we caught something without knowing it. Up your chances by confusing those who can outsmart us. 
Yes, accept it, they do outsmart us.

The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Making Signs?

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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July 12, 2015
Visit #14

Conditions: 95, hot, humid, possible afternoon rain clouds building up.

3:32 p.m. I arrived at the parking lot. I began the walk to the bridge trail at 3:42 p.m. and arrived at 3:55 p.m. I ended staying just over an hour on this visit.

The grass was high on on both sides of the ditch. It will probably be mowed soon. The water in the ditch was low. We were now in very hot conditions daily with no rain. Sometimes with the clouds building up in the late afternoons, it looks like rain could come but then it doesn't. The last 2 weeks have been like it had been since before the rains started late last fall. My hard now needs watering daily.

On the way, I stopped at the fire pit and got another rock. There are 3 rocks still left at the fire pit. They will all be moved to site 1B in 3 more visits. I walked on to the main creek and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. I then entered my opening to site 1B. I'm always anticipating something having taken place.

Here's the new items seen this visit:

Food wrappers were on the ground around bucket tree #1. The larger peanuts bag was missing when I noticed it behind the vertical, leaning yellow tire. In order to get the opened bag into the spot it was located, the tire had to be moved and used bag placed behind it.

At food bucket tree #2, wrappers on the ground around the tree. The blue tire had been moved away from the tree and the yellow handled hammer which was in the bucket was now on the ground.

On the ground, limbs arrow direction pointer had one of the rear limbs slightly moved. Also the 3rd rock from the arrow point had been moved out of the line.

Near bucket tree #1, there were 2 small limbs laid out as a possible small pointer. One limb was approx. 2", the other 1-1/2". I didn't know what to make of this one. When you line up with it, it is towards the corral of balls with the 3 tires.

Nothing else seemed to have changed. 

I did go over to site 1A. I took photos of what looked like a heavy use, hog rooting/wallow spot. Also, I found at the base of the old food bucket tree #1, the lid of the peanut butter jar I opened a few visits back. The jar was not in the vicinity. Also some white potatoes left at the base were gone also. They had been at the base of the tree since last fall and nothing had taken them till now. I found 3 more balls at the site and brought them over to the corral. I took photos first then placed them in the corral.

Other things I did this trip:

I put both tires at the bucket trees back vertically and put the hammer up behind the blue tire.
Added a rock next to the moved rock in the arrow pointer formation.

I restocked the food buckets.

I changed the rear of the arrow pointer, moving the limbs to a cross look.

I added 2 sweet treats to the bottom of the 2 rocks and quarter stack on the green Frisbee attached to bucket tree #2.

I put out another pile of deer corn in the same spot,
stood up 2 long limbs as 'door' or 'gate' formation. This is at the long limb with wrapped cord and hanging glass chime bottles.

33 photos follow with explanation:

#1. thru #5:  At food bucket tree #1. Wrappers are on the ground. The open bag of unshelled peanuts is behind the vertical, leaning yellow tire.

#6.  Third rock from the point of arrow and water container has been moved.

#7. One of the rear limbs has been slightly moved.

#8. thru #11. At food bucket tree #2, wrappers of the ground around the tree. The blue tire has been moved and the yellow handle hammer has been removed from the food bucket onto the ground.

#12. Food items for restocking the food buckets. Unshelled peanuts, sweet treats, fruit.

#13. Blurry but bucket #1 restocked.

#14. thru #16. Possible tiny arrow pointer 2 limbs, 2" and 1-1/2". Pointing to the corral of balls.???

#17. Added a rock beside the moved rock in ground formation.

#18. At the rear of the arrow pointer, I made it into a cross look instead of arrow.

#19. Blur. Not sure what happened on this one??

#20. I stood the blue tire vertically again and put the hammer in a vertical position at the rear of the tire. this is under food bucket #2.

#21. Food bucket #2 restocked.

#22. Two sweet treats under the 2 rocks and quarter stack.

#23. and #24. Some kind of track marks??? Near bucket tree #1.

# 25. and #26. Two long limbs added vertically to long limb with wrapped cord and hanging glass chime bottles. This to make a 'door' or 'gate' formation.

#27. Another pile of deer corn put out at previous spot.

#28. thru #31. Site 1A, hog rooting and wallow spots. Also trash areas.

#32. Peanut butter jar lid. Full jar taken recently.

#33. Three balls recovered form site 1A.

Sometimes, it's puzzling, the back and forth. I want something more definitive. I hadn't realized it when I was doing this, but something definitive was just around the corner.... 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Michael's Store Halloween 2015

Michael's store is now bringing out its Halloween and I am VERY pleased this year. VERY. They did a great Poe-esque/Gothic/classy/traditional feeling Halloween theme. It's just gorgeous and I wanted everything. They also included some nice unfinished works you can paint yourself and decorate. I found one haunted house lantern that I want desperately!


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