Friday, October 28, 2016

In the Mood: Creepy Short Videos and Halloween Horror Shows

Horror shorts hit the spot - give you mood and story but in a short time so you can move on with your day or perhaps, like I enjoy doing, soak in a bunch in a row! And Halloween-themed TV shows are a blast. Some sitcoms did noteworthy ones. And, then, there are the vintage ones... ENJOY! 

First Attempt at Dirty Car Art

My first attempt at dirty car art - a little zombie scene. 

Traditional and Gothic Halloween

There are two Halloween styles that exude horror atmosphere without screaming it. Some folks might enjoy their zombies and severed bodies, but a bigger audience of people enjoy the traditional Halloween and autumn elements and the Gothic ones. Let's have a look at these styles - 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mom Saw Dead People and I Attract Dead People

Sorting through the family photos, one can sometimes uncover the family ghosts....

The Dark Side of Vintage Carnival Sideshows

Carnivals have weird music, bright lights, strange sounds, clowns, funhouses and sideshows. They are run by what we equate with traveling gypsies who have no connection to our community and who are often times antisocial folks who are seen as "freaks."


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