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Kolchak Cold Cases: The Case of the Lake That Kills Men

*Another installment of an unexplained para case presented in Kolchak-esque style. Links to the true case are below. *

(Intro to "Kolchak: The Night Stalker")

The quiet and beautiful Lake Ronkonkoma in Long Island, New York has long been sought out as a summer getaway from the heat and the city. The lovely lake was formed in a bowl of melting glaciers from 10,000 years ago. It offers beauty and retreat for many. 

Families rush to the sandy shores and children excitedly sprint to the water with their blow-up rafts and inner tubes. But all this pleasure comes with a dark cost, the lake has a reputation: It takes one swimmer each year. From the years of 1877 to 1977, 147 people drowned, reportedly all male.

The curse of the lake began long ago with an Indian Princess who fell in love with a white settler named Hugh Birdsall, who claimed a homestead near the lake. Her father forbade his daughter from marrying the man. Although she respected her father's wishes, the princess could not stop her heart from melting at the sight of her one and true love.

The couple repeatedly sent each other love messages. The princess would paddle halfway out on the lake and push a message toward his shore. 

After seven years of this lovesick connection, the princess lost her mind. She sent her lover one last note of farewell and the note and her boat washed up on his shore. She had killed herself on the lake. 

It would have been a romantic case of unrequited love in a natural setting, but the lake took on a reputation over hundreds of years involving the spirit of the angry princess.

The legend also says that over the past 200 years, one man has died on the lake each year. 

August 2014, at 3 p.m. *John Doe went kayaking on the lake. It was a lovely day and no reason to think he wouldn't reach the shore and load up and go home like any other day trek. He paddled along happily, thrilled to get a day off and some time with the breeze as his only company.

Or was it his only company?

Some time later, John's boat showed up, but not him. His body was later recovered, another male victim of the lake. 

The lake has been taking male drowning victims at a rate some have placed at one body a year. It also has murky waters that make it impossible to find the submerged and can disorient those who fall in. Could this be the perfect cover for a vengeful princess who never got her one true love? Are the men pulled down into the recesses of the murk and the muck of the "bottomless" lake to her netherworld lair? It gives the mind chills to think it. 

What Jaws did for ocean swimming, this spirit's reputation has done for lake swimming. 

The lake has a reputation in history for many supposed motivations for murder. At various times, it has been referred to as the cursed lake, the lake of healing, the lake of the spirit gods and by some skeptics, an unusually randomly unlucky lake. 

The story takes yet another turn that elicits goosebumps upon the listener. The lake once had a waterway that led to the sea and it is said pirates utilized it, came into the lake and sunk their treasures and killed their enemies, depositing their bodies in the murky depths. In fact, there was a rumor that a skeleton in chains was found on the shore. 

We may never have an answer to this mystery, but we can be sure that the latest victim is not going to be the last victim....

More info:
The history of the lake 
Book:  The Curse of Lake Ronkonkoma 
Full history with interesting details

Maiden in the Lake

A legend tells the story of
A pretty Indian maid
Who loved a handsome pale-faced lad
But marriage was forbade.
Her father chose another mate
A fine strong Indian brave.
The Indian girl could not comply
And so her life she gave.
Ronkonkoma Ronkonkoma
The lake of sparkling water.
Ronkonkoma Ronkonkoma
Where rests the Indian daughter.
In summertime the Indian girl
Would call out from the lake
To lure below pale-faced lad
She vowed that she would take.
And so the legend ends of Indian
Maid with lonely wail
Who lingers in the murky depths
But calls in no avail.
Ronkonkoma Ronkonkoma
The lake of sparkling water.
Ronkonkoma Ronkonkoma
Where rests the Indian daughter.

Author: Lois J. Watt

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kolchak Cold Cases: The Case of the Pagan Meat Offerings

*An installment of an unexplained para case presented in Kolchak-esque style (fictionalized for delight). Links to the originating case are below. *

(intro to "Kolchak: The Night Stalker")

It was a quiet shimmering twilight in the lush green landscape of the charming community of Gastonia, North Carolina. 

Citizens were heading into their homes to the smells of supper cooking. And, on their owners' heels, family dogs begged for treats. All was right with the world in this lovely berg. 

That is, until the darkness began to creep in and, on the tails of it, a shadowy figure.

On this particular dusk, the idyllic tableau was about to be sidetracked by a most gruesome curiosity.

*Jane Doe glanced out her window while peeling some carrots. Her hands stilled as she made out a dark figure emerging from the woods outside her apartment complex. It was not uncommon for teens to use it as a shortcut to the local strip mall. 

After a moment of watching it, a pale arm extended from the dark-hooded cape and a hand dropped something on the ground. 

Jane frowned and stepped back from the window into the shadows as the shapeless figure pivoted and reentered the forest.

Wiping her hands off, Jane rushed to the doorway and went out back, crossing the neatly mowed apartment complex grass to study the object on the ground. She was prepared to angrily pick up a piece of litter carelessly discarded, but her eyes focused in on something slimy, red, raw and lumpy. 

Jane covered her mouth and stepped back from the chunk of raw meat. Her eyes scanned the lush summer thicket but nothing stirred. 

Even the birds were silent.

She rushed back to the safety of her home and locked the door. 

Not sure who to talk to, Jane gave the apartment complex manager a call. Within minutes, he was out there in the grass in the growing darkness, stabbing at the meat with a stick. 

After a few questions in Jane's doorway, she watched the manager turn and study the black forest and shake his head, telling her it was just some person discarding unwanted food for the critters. 

As he walked away to the dumpster to discard of the meat, Jane cast one more glance back at the darkness and locked her door and turned on the patio light.

Every year, hundreds of citizens catch glimpses of murky figures emerging from the forests. Sometimes, they are explained as hunters, bears, and even, upon occasion, the reputed Bigfoot. Never before had someone complained about a druid leaving a hunk of raw meat on someone's lawn.

The 13th largest city in North Carolina with 71,000 residents, Gastonia was in for a summer of fear and apprehension under the unclear motives of the meat-depositing cloaked figure. 

Authorities were not quick to buy into the bizarre story and questioned its authenticity. 

The citizens, however, knew better.

Soon, people began to report oddities that they had witnessed in past weeks, hoping that when added to the whole, it might shed light on this freakish behavior.

Adding to the reports, a large pile of meat was found near the apartment complex a few weeks earlier, deposited in a bag on the grounds. The finder of this "gift" searched the area, found no one to claim it and deposited it into the trash dumpster on that hot summer day. He didn't report the find because he assumed it was someone's butcher shop purchase that fell out of a bag on the way home.

Following Jane Doe's find, the public conjecture was wild, everything from someone with a mental illness trying to feed wild cats to a vegan activist making people nervous to have bait for predatory animals near their children. The idea of a pagan making an offering to some unknown gods had crossed the minds of many, given that the cloaked figure did look rather druid-like and was seen to gesture with his or her arms upward and downward. 

It wasn't until meat was left at a children's playground that the community began to take the oddity more seriously. Then, another citizen of a town some distance away mentioned seeing a similar cloaked figure following the same M.O. Pretty soon, local papers were carrying the news and the internet picked up the story as one of the odd pieces of interest. 

There are an unlimited amount of possible explanations for the behaviors in this pleasant community in North Carolina. The most horrifying of them includes some sort of planned sacrifice or luring of wildlife to the sites of children and family. 

It was a wet and muggy summer for this Carolina area, but it was made even more so by the mystery meat offerings by the unknown cloaked figure. 

Nothing has been resolved for concerned citizens. The community is still asking: What was the intention of the silent figure and, more importantly, were the offerings over?

This Kolchak-like dramatization was based on this true story - HERE

The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Building Trust

July 28, 2015
Visit #18

Conditions: Temp. 91, hot, a little rain and sprinkles, rain clouds.

I came over to the area after work in the late afternoon during the week. I couldn't wait until Sunday to see if the food had already been taken and what other changes had taken place. I just had to visit today. 

I came from home and brought my bike. I did a circuit on the trail and visited the site. I just observed and took photos of the site, but made no changes. Next Sunday will be the time to do changes. 

I took 19 photos with this visit. Here they are with the explanations:

#1. Food bucket #1 still has the big rock in it with some food items. The galvanized 6' nail hanging on the cord has been pushed to the rear of the bucket. 

#2. and 3. Food wrappers in the vicinity of bucket tree #1.

#4. thru #8. Food wrappers below bucket #2 among the group of tires by the balls corral and in the corral and among nearby limbs.

#9. Fruit food items still in the rear of bucket #2. The large rock is still in place in the bucket opening.

#10. thru #14. The mini-Baby Ruth wrappers and unopened bars and the Cherry fried pie empty box are on the ground near the green Frisbee tree. Some of the Baby Ruth bars have been taken but some have not and are still on the ground unopened.

#15. and 16. The 2 rocks and quarter, I have left as a gift still remains on the Frisbee. A close-up of the photo #16 will show the quarter under the larger rock at the right corner.

#17. This photo shows more food wrappers below bucket #2 in the immediate vicinity.

#18. The deer corn has been taken from its spot.

#19. My storage backpack still in the concrete pipe and not messed with this time.

I'm really amazed with the back ad forth going on and don't know what to expect next. Again, every visit is with anticipation. 

To me, these are 'Forest People' not animals. I try to mentally project my coming and expectations with each visit to them/he/she. I want to set up some active cameras to see what/who apart from them could be doing the interaction and taking food etc., if that's the case. 

I do agonize to not destroy the trust that has built up since January 2014. In one sense, I do the cameras for all who has been reading the journal to take care of your doubts and concerns that I'm not genuine in my seeking the truth in this field. From the beginning, I have made it known that I'm not concerned about proving to others the scientific existence of these 'Forest People'. There are many other researchers who are doing this and that's great but that's not me. If you have been able to learn how to experience or attempt to practice interacting with these 'Forest People' thru this journal then the purpose has been accomplished.

This completes the Field report for visit # 18 Tuesday July 28, 2015. Report e-mailed on August 11, 2015 10:07 p.m.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Kolchak Cold Cases Week: First week of September on Ghosts Hunting Theories

From the style of our favorite 1970s para-reporter, the first week of September is going to be chock full of Kolchak-like cases of the unexplained, in a Halloween-creepy mood and flavor. Some might be video, some might be written, some might be both, but each day will bring some new suspenseful unsolved case in the para-realm.... 

Tomorrow will be an installment of The Urban Sasquatch journal and then the first Kolchak Cold Case....

Unexplained Creatures Found!

Looks creepy, eh? This one was explained. It was found to be a newborn baboon, killed by a bite through the skull which is not unusual in that group of animals to have infanticide.

The African troll (above) video made its way around the internet. According to the hunters' story, they shot one and chased it into a lair where there were more they had to do battle with. 

This creature (above) was found in Russia on the beach. It has skin with hair or fur. It was not an alligator, fish or crocodile. It was taken away by Russian special services. What it was? Still not reported.

This critter (above) was found in San Antonio, called a chupacabra, one of the odd hairless, hopping, bizarre looking dog-like creatures being discovered fairly often in the south.

In 1954 in England a "monster" was found that came to be called the Canvey Island Monster. "The 1953 specimen was described as being 76cm (2.4ft) long with thick reddish brown skin, bulging eyes and gills. It was also described as having hind legs with five-toed horseshoe-shaped feet with concave arches – which appeared to be suited for bipedal locomotion – but no forelimbs. Its remains were cremated after a cursory inspection by zoologists who said that it posed no danger to the public. The 1954 specimen was described as being similar to the first but much larger, being 120cm (3.9 ft) long and weighing approximately 11.3kg (25lb). It was sufficiently fresh for its eyes, nostrils and teeth to be studied though no official explanation was given at the time as to what it was or what happened to the carcass."

In 2008, something washed ashore in near Montauk, NY that came to be known as the "Montauk Monster."  Many believed it was the result of animal experiments on Plum Island nearby where the government did animal testing. Ultimately, a naturalist pointed out that it very much did appear to be a raccoon without  its fur and decomposing.

The Brooklyn Bridge Monster of 2012 (above) was thought to be related to the Montauk Monster.  It washed up under the Brooklyn Bridge. This one was explained by one "expert" as a dog that washed ashore, its hair having slipped of its body and being bloated. Doesn't explain the claw or beak.

What I don't understand is why no one ever picks up these things and take them to a vet or someone?

This 30-foot creature washed up on the shores in New Zealand (above). This was thought to probably be an Orca whale.

The Panama Monster is an interesting story. In 2009, the creature was found by some teenage boys near a cave where they felt threatened and hit it with sticks and stones and killed it. Some saw the photo and called it a hairless sloth. Supposedly, a sample from it showed that it was a brown-haired sloth.

Interestingly, most all these "monsters" washed ashore. What the water does to fur and skin, bloating the body, decaying away jaws and such, leaves something that barely resembles the original form. Still, within all these pictures above; I have to wonder which one might truly be unexplainable?


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