Thursday, December 13, 2018

My Books

I'm going to share the collection of books I've written. I have other books that are more in the self-help category on Amazon Kindle, but here are my books that are both paperback and ebooks. You can find them at online stores including Amazon. My Facebook writer's page can be found HERE.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Don Monroe Case Files: Numerous Handprint Casts

I have been honored to go through an enormous amount of handprint casts that Don Monroe has lifted from various cave locations around the Northwest. 

He has been tracking what seem to be "feral people" in caves that are remote. Over time, he sees patterns, some hands being rather unusual and others looking quite human. 

There is no way to prove who made these prints, but studying them has given me some insights. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

URBEX: Abandoned Golf Course

This abandoned golf course in the center of an area of Phoenix referred to as Ahwatukee, has been sitting here a few years. There has been much debate over its future, but for now it has a very post-apocalyptic feel. 

Finland: Winter Wonderland Getaways

Santa's Village in Finland is one of many magical getaways in the icy magical North. Imagine saunas, sleigh rides, fine food, and a charming cozy cottage to enjoy the snowy scenery and northern lights? LINK TO SANTA'S VILLAGE

And this is just one northern possibility. Let's look at some more - 

Monday, December 10, 2018

Creepy Santa Pics

Creepy Santa photos happen. Kids are scared, Santa is strangely off in appearance, and all forms of calamity occur when a child is placed upon his lap. Lets look at some of the creepy and hilarious ones - 

Santas Around the World

The name, the face and the legends are slightly different, but Santa is universally the symbol of goodness.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Christmas in the Desert!

That's not snow, it's seed pods, but wow, we know how to put on the colors in the Southwest. First week of December is our full colors for autumn and it's just in time for Christmas feel. Enjoy these videos and pics I took of a wonderful hike at Riparian Water Preserve in Gilbert, Arizona.

Antarctica's Para Mysteries

Antarctica is one of the most remote and inhospitable locations on Earth. Not many have been there relative to the world population and very few stay year-round, only die-hard researchers. Yet, this land of ice and penguins was not always covered in a sheet of extremely thick ice. At one time, the continent was part of the larger land mass that was on Earth that broke apart and drifted tens of millions of years ago. So, what kind of magic might be held within the ice? 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Blog Entry Saturday: Making Fudge

It's that time of year when I remember my most beloved Christmas treat - fudge! I make some great cookies but the fudges are sentimentally my favorite. Here's just some of what I like to make - 

Friday, December 7, 2018

Snow Extremes: Cannibalism

Humans have an amazing desire to stay alive. We overcome living in the most extreme conditions. No more extreme condition is worse than being stranded in the snow. Here are a few cases from the past that make us wonder what we would do in such a situation....

Thursday, December 6, 2018

VLOG: Bigfoot Foot Size in Relation to Height

I am beginning to vlog again and want to add a lot more content video-wise to make it a fast and easy way to share info, share investigations, and get conversations going about the paranormal. In this vlog, I discuss utilizing Bigfoot's foot size to extrapolate their height.

Funny Christmas Memes

Enjoy this collection of hilarious Christmas memes - 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Cloven Footprints!

"Devil's Footprints"

"It appears on Thursday night last, there was a very heavy snowfall in the neighbourhood of Exeter and the South of Devon. On the following morning the inhabitants of the above towns were surprised at discovering the footmarks of some strange and mysterious animal endowed with the power of ubiquity, as the footprints were to be seen in all kinds of unaccountable places – on the tops of houses and narrow walls, in gardens and court-yards, enclosed by high walls and pailings, as well in open fields." (from newspaper clipping)

Gifts For Your Winter Outdoor Enthusiast

No matter what age or gender, there are fantastic gifts to be given to those who brave the outdoors in winter to romp, play, and compete. Let's look at gift ideas for these awesome people - 


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