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Witness: Tall White Aliens Base in Pennsylvania?

I was contacted by someone who has been living rather "underground" from public radar with concerns of government tracking. He has revealed a very interesting story. I find this interesting for two reasons - I recently learned of Iran supposedly having a tall white aliens underground base and Weird USA book covered a legend in this area of albino people hiding out. When there's smoke, well, sometimes there's a heat source.

Here is what this man, I will call "Will Robinson" as he wishes to remain anonymous.

"Haycock Mountain in Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania was a Tall White (aliens) base.  We, however, called them "Big Eyes."  And, I was inside their base. Although it is now abandoned (sometime in the 1970s), I will describe my experiences.

A priest we knew, had his cabin on this mountain. My friend and I camped in his summer camp. He tasked us with finding the entrances, which we located. This task is what led the Tall Whites to abandoned the mountain base.

The priest was part of a group know as "The Organization." They were our handlers.  As children, we were able to approach these beings without suffering any harm from their telepathic field.  Most adults would go mad if they got too close.

I was friends with them, as was my lifelong best friend. There were other bases in Pennsylvania and Canada where we went to. The Organization was attempting to evict them.

Blue Mountain in Pennsylvania was peppered with underground tunnels. My friend and I went in through an access door in the Lehigh Tunnel on the Northeast extension of the turnpike and came out 110 miles later at Blue Montain Tunnel.  When we entered the access door (which had been left unlocked for us), we found two overalls waiting for us, which we donned.

There was all sorts of construction going on inside. When we exited through an air duct, we went down to the turnpike and were driven back to camp by a state trooper who knew the priest.

The Organization was run by the Catholic Church and they had members everywhere. We interfaced with various intelligence agencies worldwide. They had no problem sending us to places anywhere in the world. We went to every continent. We were on aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. We flew in all sorts of planes too.

I was trained to pilot saucers by telepathic connection. I also used to see Big Eyes on my own time, as well, but by the age of 14, I was warned to not have any more "unauthorized contact."

Even though this man's story is very incredible, also bear in mind that albinos had been reported in legend in that area and the Catholic Church has accepted life on other planets.

Intriguing, eh?

Aliens: Valiant Thor

Valiant Thor over the decades has become a conspiracy theorist's delight and often referred to by skeptics as an urban legend.

The story of Valiant Thor begins in 1957. He was an exceedingly handsome man who visited the Eisenhower administration. He seemed quite normal, except he was said to have no fingerprints and be able to walk through walls.

It was said that he was a Venusian and he had landed his ship near Lake Mead in in the Las Vegas area. The ship was referred to as the "Victory One." Valiant claimed he was the leader of all Venusians who were on earth and he spoke in a dialect unlike none known on Earth.

He reported that his race of people lived within Venus, not on the surface, that they were very attractive, intelligent, less violent than man, and he said they were sent here to protect man from himself, including nuclear devastation.

According to Thor, he did not meet the president, but his Secretary of State, Dulles. A man named Frank Stranges came forward, saying he had met with Thor and his brother and his brother could walk through walls. He said that he often traveled with them and others through space. Now, the story got more than just Stranges, but "strange."

Of course, proving Valiant existed is impossible, but the concept is an intriguing one simply because it involves aliens among us and that is always a bit of a chilling concept.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

An Alien Shooting In the Woods

This is an account given to me by a man from Indiana who went into the woods 10 years to go coon hunting at night with his buddies and something very unexpected changed their lives forever.

The dogs ran ahead of the 4 men into the woods, bounding excitedly for the hunt. They began barking as they disappeared into the inky forest and then, they just went quiet.

All at once, the dogs came bounding back out of the woods at full speed, whining and ran past the men to the truck and jumped into their boxes. They continued to whine and scream as if terrified.

The hunters looked at each other in puzzlement and moved forward to see what was causing the reaction. They moved about 100 yards deeper into the icy November woods when they came to a stunned halt.

One of the men shouted, "What the fuck?"

Their miner style head lamps lit up a humanoid standing perhaps 30 feet away. It stood about 4 feet tall, thin, big almond-shaped eyes and bare flesh was pink in color, perhaps reacting to the icy snow covered ground of an Indiana fall night. It stood there, staring back.

The first thought of the witness hunter was that it was a dummy someone had left out there, but then it blinked and stepped back.

Each man was terrified, believing it to be trying to send them words in their heads. The witness got the distinct feeling it was more scared of them than they were of it.  He set his gun on the ground to show he was no threat as he curiously came forward. It cocked its head to the right and left like a dog does when you talk to it. He raised his hands in the air and spoke to it like a child. As he gently spoke to it, it made what the witness believed to be an almost purring sound.  He took it to be a sound of warning not to come closer, so he stopped as it backed away.

One of the men in a panic, lifted his gun and shot. The witness heard a high-pitched, ear-piercing scream like he'd never heard before. Then, the being took off running through the woods into an open field.

The men gave it chase. By the time they covered perhaps 30 feet, it was at least 150 feet away and running through a field where it seemed to disappear into thin air. The witness reported what he thought in his mind was a puff of smoke as if it had exploded or something.

"I've never seen anything living more that fast. It looked like a cartoon character, just almost a blur going across the field. I myself have never been back to that section of the woods, day or night." The witnessed declared.

(**incidentally, this area has often reported low flying lights by residents**)

The men found no blood at the site where the hysterical man shot at it.

The men called the police to report what happened. They were pretty much laughed at and told to go home and sober up, though not a single man had been drinking - they carried a strict rule about hunting sober.

The witness reported that as a paranormal investigator, trucker, and nighttime fisherman, he'd seen a lot of odd things, but his curiosity won out in this situation and the closer he got to it, the more calm he felt. This is a great example of a true investigator at work. He took those steps towards the being, realizing its size, sensing its fear, and his advantage over it, to the point of setting down his gun, speaking softly and putting his hands in the air. This is a fine example for all of us the two different outcomes of such an encounter given the frightened man who just shot first and the witness who showed a true and curious heart.


Are We Of Alien Origins?

What if all the forms of reported aliens are actually the pro-creators of worlds? Each world in this universe, seeded with parts of DNA from each species, left to evolve and in that process of evolution and civilization or self-destruction, a new component to the universe is complete?

What if each alien culture is a hybrid itself, and unites with other aliens to use DNA from each as the raw material for our world (a kind Adam and Eve without mating)?

Many ancient alien advocates point to the advancement in man's brain and technology along the way being a jump that defied evolution. Scientists counter that with the point that man suddenly got more protein in his diet, but then that certainly didn't make lions particularly more cognizant and intelligent with their high-protein diets. It could be conceived that what we consider evolution was simply "revisions" and that "revisions are still happening" (alien interventions/abductions). In fact, given plants and animals as sources of food, it might be that it was yet another test of our will as a people to consider ourselves beside the animals or above them in a food chain.

What if the randomness of our own trek here on earth, given their DNA, this planet and its resources, we have proved yet another unique concept to a universe made up of so many unique and random crap shoots that more and more knowledge is gained about the process of conditions, DNA manipulation, atmosphere, resources, and the individual souls and the universe becomes more varied, more knowledgeable and more humbled by its own infinite possibilities?

Some day, in fact, might we be seeding another world ourselves perhaps millions of years from now?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Alien Encounters


First, I must put a disclaimer - I have never ever believed in aliens or UFOs being from other planets. I've never been particularly interested in the concepts and, other than old 50s black and white corny scifi movies, have not been distracted by the genre or concepts. Even as a paranormal investigator, I've not taken any real focus of attention to alien/UFO subjects even though I have seen UFOs that were unexplainable, I still believed they were of this world.

But, then, one day about 1992, I decided I needed to get hypnosis to help me get over an addiction to chocolate (actually in the future I would divorce my husband and lose all cravings for chocolate completely - a symptom of withholding anger). I found a hypnotherapist who would do several sessions to get me through it and perhaps the origins of the dependency on chocolate.

I underwent a hypnosis session and it was quite amazing. I could hear the phone ring, but my mind didn't think "who is going to answer that?" It was just a sound and meant nothing to me. If she didn't ask a question, I said nothing. When I came out of it, she said "how long were you under?" I said "15 minutes?" She showed me the clock. Two hours had passed.

She decided in one session to take me back in time to childhood. She took me back to a small child, perhaps 5 or 6. I was in the bedroom and I looked around, seeing details I had completely forgotten, like the blanket, the canopy on the bed, the place where I left my shoes in the corner, the throw rug, and more. I could feel it and even smell it. The therapist told me to look around and just take it in. In my perspective, I was lying on my bed and I turned my head to the left to see a grey alien about six or eight feet away.

He was flanked on both sides by tall slender pale beings. I did not look up to see their faces because my eyes were on the grey and I was mesmerized. He wore a jewel or stone of some kind on his forehead between his eyes and my immediate thought was "he's a king!"

Nothing was said between us, but I know what he was conveying to me. It wasn't in words. It was simply knowledge. The message was basically this:

I have given you things that make you different than others. You will have many trials ahead of you in your life. Eventually, you will use your skills in your mission. You will not see me again (followed by an almost faintly wistful feeling of pride from him which I got the sense was a rare emotion).

It's hard to explain this part. While he was there, I was also aware he was outside of my window in a space not on this plane. I have always been spatially gifted and store knowledge outside my body (more on that later). I wasn't sure if this was the case with him or he was literally traveling from the room to the outside as the thought transference ended. I felt a strange bond with him, as if he was father-like and understood me like no one else ever would. I was sad he was leaving. I was very worried about these trials. I thought it meant I'd be in trouble all my life.

When the therapist took me out of the hyponosis, I had not described any of this to her because she had not asked me to tell her what I saw. In hypnotic state, responses are very literal. I couldn't do something if she didn't offer it.

I left the session puzzled. I did not believe in aliens. They did not exist. Therefore, hyponosis was not a legitimate means to recall things or make new behaviors. A totally bogus business, nothing more than a dream/fantasy state!

I never went back.

But, something about it hung over me. What was conveyed made sense. I had some very odd abilities (or as I thought of them, disabilities) and I did have a life that was wrought with trials since early childhood.

Over a decade later, in 2003, having put it all aside, I was compelled to begin paranormal investigating to get answers to the oddities I had experienced all my life. This was initiated by prophetic dreams in my adulthood that came to be true within 48 hours in amazing detail. I did not know how to deal with these dreams and I had not used my other psychic skills since I was an adolescent when I wanted to fit in and especially when I started dating my husband, I put them underground in deep freeze for decades. There was much I was avoiding and I needed to now examine, as I couldn't escape the very real fact I had some highly unusual skills that were hard to keep down.

In 2008, I started this blog and even then was afraid to reveal my true self, calling myself "Autumnforest." I was in the death throes of my marriage and gathering my bravery to leave inch by slow inch. The more I used my skills in my blog and investigations, the more I was sure I couldn't stay in the marriage.  But, letting the real me out, threatened the relationship even more. I had suppressed my abilities and my interests since I was 16 to make him happy and be what he wanted - a woman with no mystery, no oddities or imperfections, and certainly no para-experiences.

Once I went through the divorce in 2010, things began to really happen for me. What I once thought were "flaws" that made me different in a bad way were strengths. Here are some of them:

High IQ. The school called mom in when I took the test. I thought I was in trouble. Mom hid the score from me. She was unsure what to do. They wanted to customize schooling for me. I later paid my brother to show me the paper and when I read the score and found out I was in genius level, suddenly things made sense - like why I could get As on tests with zero studying and barely any attention paid during lessons and never reading the books. I didn't understand why I could do many things at one time and do them well and others struggled to focus on one sentence. I was bored, restless, daydreaming. A typical gifted child. I took the test again in my 40s and got the same score, confirming what I already suspected.

Facial amnesia.  I cannot conjure a single face in my mind, not even my own or my son's or anyone's. I simply am blank. I spent a lifetime not looking at faces because it wouldn't matter if I looked, I wouldn't remember them. I focus on one tiny aspect of a person to identify them. If I run into someone where I don't expect them, I have no clue who they are. If I expect to meet them, I look for the tall bald man who wears faded jeans and uses his hands when he talks and those kinds of cues. Even in my dreams, I have never once looked at a face - I simply instinctively know who it is.

Spaital giftedness and spatial synesthesia. This is a hard one to explain, but I store information outside my body in a grid of sorts, different heights, quadrants, distances from me, especially time like days of the week and months of the year. I do not see calendars in my mind. Monday is jslightly left of my left eye, about 6 feet off the ground and about 6 feet away from my body.

Psychic skills.  Since I was a child digging up relics at our estate, I've been able to read objects by touching them (psychometry) and later found other skills like out of body travels, remote viewing, and prophetic dreams that come true.

*psychic testing online above*

In working the blog and writing and coming up with hypotheses in the field of paranormal study, these unusual skills were being utilized all the time. Still, I did not believe in aliens, only that they were fantasies.

That is, until 2012.

I was chugging along as a now single person, publishing books on paranormal and horror, running my blog, working a full-time miserable job that I hated, and exhausting myself with a desire to make up for lost time (the marriage did not allow for paranormal exploration), also trying to get caught up on the paranormal realm and studying Bigfoot. I had gone onto some Bigfoot sites regularly and my intelligent and sharp banter with the idiot trolls in Bigfoot sites got the attention of some people - one person who would become very prominent in my life.

I went to bed one night and awakened, wide awake for no reason. I pulled the blanket back, sat up and swung my legs around to go to the bathroom, but in front of me was a grey alien. I knew he wasn't alone. I looked at the corner of the bed at the foot of the bed and there was another. There was another at the foot of the bed and one more on the other side of my bed. They were encircling it. The immediate collective basic thought from them was like, "Oh shit! She wasn't supposed to see us!" Of course, there were no words in my head, just a knowledge that they were not expecting me to awaken.

I saw an orange-red light and turned. The one at the foot of the bed was awash in this light that seemed as if it came from above him in a cone shape and then got very bright and blocked him out and he disappeared. The one next to me became awash in the same orange-red cone-shaped light and disappeared. The one at the corner foot of the bed too. Then, I glanced at the one on the other side of the bed and he turned away as if he thought I wouldn't see him while he awaited the light. I was thinking in my head something to the effect of, "dude I can totally see you." I reached out, hoping to touch the skin on his arm and he became awash in the orange-red light and disappeared.

I was on all four on the bed and the room smelled of ozone, then temperature dropped drastically and  very quickly it heated up very warm and then leveled off. I got up, inspecting the carpet and the room, peering out between the blinds to the still night and the apartment complex lanterns were glowing as usual. It was still and quiet.

When they had been in the room, the collective message they embedded me with was:

You have progressed, you are using your abilities, and you are ready for your mission.

The next day, out of the blue, I got an email from a man who wanted to talk about Bigfoot with me. He called me a while later. After that several-hour long call, I realized my mission might have just arrived.

He had read my writings online and appreciated my sass, my mind, my bravery to stand up to the morons in the field, and my attitude about protection and respect for our co-inhabitants, the Tall Ones. He wanted me to join a group of thoughtful researchers who quietly and behind the scenes worked to develop understanding, communication, and protections.

As it turned out, he became my dearest friend and the mentor I had not had since my father was alive (he died when I was 16). We discussed Bigfoot and life and its lessons.

I had quietly dared the aliens to give me a means to get out of my miserable career and be free to research and go out in the field and contribute more to this mission. Ironically, when I had voiced that opinion, my mentor started asking if I'd ever thought of stock trading. I had only 2 years experience at paying bills and balancing checkbooks. I was never a numbers person. He reminded me of my IQ and I decided it was time to test it. He started teaching me stock trading and I took off with it for the next year and a half. I was utilizing all my unusual skills in this venture and it was proving to be the ideal use of my abilities.

I continued on in the field of research in all things paranormal and gathering a greater understanding of many aspects of the world we have been oblivious to the signficance of. At times, it felt like I was unfolding spiritually as well as mentally. I wanted to quit my job in the late fall of 2013, but felt insecure about it. I had never been without work and paying my own benefits and such, it sounded very daunting. I daily went back and forth, feeling sure, then insecure. I was vacillating and my body was deteriorating from the desk job with horrid sciatica that made me no longer able to feel my feet and in great pain.

Then, a couple months ago, out of the blue, another visit. This time - the grey from my childhood the one with the decorative stone on his forehead.

I woke up in my bed. Wide awake as if I had been summoned. I was staring at the ceiling, but I saw something out of the corner of my eye beside me that should not be there. I started to turn my head, but was told basically "do not look." I obeyed. I studied the ceiling. I knew it was him, the grey from my childhood, the one I thought of as a second father. His message was basically this:

You will find the schism between the worlds. You will open and close the door at will in front of witnesses.

From the corner of my eye, a flash of orange red light, ozone, cold, and heat. Then, quiet and normal all over again within seconds.

I got up, got a drink of water, looked outside, came back, lied down, realized it was all over and my mind raced with knowledge. I had no idea where it came from, but I was being "downloaded" a vision of the world and this is the best I can describe it:

It began with the formation of this world in a physical form, the interaction of ethereal types from other parallel worlds who came and went freely. Man was formed and lived here, interacting with these spiritual-like beings readily. Thus fantastic spirituality and religious concepts were born in man based on factual understanding of the universes. But, over time and formation of the final man, the worlds were closed off to allow this physical world to develop and evolve. Man was also left with the pineal gland in the brain to allow for cycles that created sleep and dream state where he would rememer his origins in worlds with no physical form. There were fissures that remained between our world and theirs, allowing beings from the other realms to come and go from time to time, working to not interrupt the growth of the man here on this thing we call Earth., yet giving us glimpses to try and shake our collective amnesia and test our openness to knowledge of other realms. Periodically, aliens, monsters, and spirit forms come and go and we glimpse them, but they return to their realms. It has come to a time where they try to give us more encounters to gauge man's reaction to such concepts and if we are ready to accept the reopening of the fissures and interacting with other realms or if we are too primitive and caught up in the physical form, forgetting the ethereal, as thus far the only time we truly escape it is in death when we realize our true origins and join the universal collective again. If we do not accept concepts like Bigfoot and aliens and spirits well, then the fissures will be closed and such interactions will never occur again. And, man's soul will be trapped here, as well.

As exceptional as all of this vision of the world was in the middle of the night after another alien visitation, I lied back on the pillow and fell asleep. Before sunrise, I had a dream. My cell phone made a texting sound. I looked at the screen in my dream and in the bottom corner of the screen in large white letters it spelled out "OPEN DOOR" in all capital letters.

My eyes flew open. I sat up. What a night!

Since that time, things have moved at an accelerated pace, information being dropped in front of me that does not seem coincidental, but purposeful, meeting people who provide other parts of the puzzle, and all the time wondering about how to open and close this door between the worlds for people to see the other side. It seems like such a huge request of anyone, much less overtaxed and overworked me. I tried not to sweat it. After all, if it was that important, wouldn't they have given me instructions? And, almost immediately, I quit my job and took the big plunge. I realized that if I was given these skills and don't use them to my advantage, I was not truly living, only existing. They seemed to have opened paths to make it possible for me to take my "mission" further.

A few nights ago, I had a dream in which I was in a room. I had no body, did not need to breathe, was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It was dark and strange. I was able to feel the texture with my mind and see light with sound. It was synesthetic and wild. I called out "hello?" and my voice echoed and I realized I was in a lock, like the locks of a canal that help a ship to rise and lower to get through to the other body of water. This was a lock between worlds. It wasn't just a door to the other side. It was spatial chambers that allow you to get used to each phase of the transition from losing your body and physical needs to shedding your 5 senses and 3-dimensional mindset. I was in the middle lock, close to the end, but I was afraid. I woke myself up to get out of it.

Is this what the doorways between the world are like? I honestly believe it is. Something like the near-death experience to prepare you, to shed the body and the mortal plane for something ethereal and omnipotent.

Ultimately, the responsibility lays on my shoulders to prove that these encounters were real. I was ready to throw it all out because little gray men from other planets is ridiculous, right? So, why am I taking it more seriously now? Because things are coming together as they said and I am being given so many obviously blatant signals, that I either have to believe I'm part of some great Matrix that is forcing me to play out a plot or I am truly being given crumbs and a path. Since I am curious by nature, I will continue to follow these crumbs, fearlessly and unrelentingly.

After all, you don't give someone gifts and expect them not to use them -

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tonight on Paranormal Geeks Radio: Jorianne the Coffee Psychic!

Jorianne the Coffee Psychic is going to be on Paranormal Geeks Radio tonight! 9 pm EST/8 pm Central/7 pm Mountain/6 pm Pacific.

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Were Giants "The Originators"?

(About the supposed Grand Canyon cave mummy/artifacts find in the early 1900s)
"(D)iscoveries which almost conclusively prove that the race which inhabited this mysterious cavern, hewn in solid rock by human hands, was of oriental origin, possibly from Egypt, tracing back to Ramses. If their theories are borne out by the translation of the tablets engraved with hieroglyphics, the mystery of the prehistoric peoples of North America, their ancient arts, who they were and whence they came, will be solved. Egypt and the Nile, and Arizona and the Colorado will be linked by a historical chain running back to ages which staggers the wildest fancy of the fictionist."

Ancient giants were said to be buried with shells, sometimes in the Midwest of America, with shells from the Gulf of Mexico. The communities were built along major waterways that allowed trade. The ones found on Catalina Island in California were said to be blond and of Northern European origins. The ones in Nevada were said to be builders of tule boats like those found in Peru at Lake Titicaca. These were world travelers long before we thought there were world travelers. Some might say, almost Atlantean in their knowledge.

There are findings of giants all over the world. Stories are reported of them being seafaring, and with signs of culture popping up around the world at a critically peak time of giants (around 11,000 years ago to 5000 years ago), along with monolithic stone structures and pyramids showing up in the Middle East, China and Central America, is quite telling.

Added to that, are the repeated messages in Native stories that their ancestors arrived in America to find this tall culture with technology that was far ahead of the times, points to the common factor in ancient similiarities - language, culture, metal work, spirituality, building - all happening simultaneously around the globe by a smart, strong, tall and ambitious culture that traveled - the giants.

When finds have been made of ancient giants, repeatedly people report hieroglyphs and symbols that point to the East. The question becomes, was this the work of the giants that influenced the East and later the Aztecs and Incans, Aborigines and other indigenous people? Were they the basis of all that we use today from alphabet to architecture, working with metal and even fishing and agriculture?

Cultures that are more ancient would show the influence from the Ancient Giants, so Egyptian and Chinese art and spirituality, hieroglyphs and symbols would be more influenced by these "Originals," (as I might refer to them). Reportedly, on Catalina Island, the giants performed sacrifices. Other cultures have done the same practice. They had stone monoliths like Stonehenge. Native Americans even report their ancestors being forced to be slaves for the giants and this would have given them face to face influence with the symbols and methods that the giants used so that after the supposed "driving out of the giants," they would be taking on the methods they learned from the Originators.

Now, when we reexamine the types of "Egyptian" and "Oriental" influences that discoverers of the Death Valley Giants and Grand Canyon Giants reported, the only reference they had were the antiquities of those Eastern regions, but in truth those "antiquities" were almost surely not the true antiquities, but what was learned by man thousands of years ago from - (you got it) "The Originators."

I highly suggest the book "The Ancient  Giants That Ruled America" by Richard Dewhurst for a full accounting of almost all reported giants in America (that have been uncovered and reported). 

Hope this has kept your brain cells active on a Tuesday "day of the drones" part of the week.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hollywood Portrayal of Aliens Corrupts Our Minds

What Hollywood did to witches in the 1970s and demons and possession in the early 2000s, it is doing with the image of alien interactions. Other than ET and Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind, can you think of many "friendly" alien encounter movies?

When people encounter something novel, they must sift in micro-seconds through their vault of experiences and information about a subject. Guess what sifts through your mind when you run into a creepy building with a bad history of murder and mayhem and you feel a chill or you hear a sound? In those micro-seconds you sift through your collective knowledge of this novel encounter - you are relying on the memory base you have and that might be movies like "The Exorcist" or "The Exorcism of Emily Rose." It will definitely have an adrenalin response followed by an action, such as hysteria or running.

As a psychic, I know that we are only as good a psychic reader as we are an interpreter and you can't interpret accurately if you don't have a vast knowledge to pull from. If your only encounter with Jewish people was seeing someone wear a Yamaka, then Jewish customs and terms are going to mean nothing if they float through your mind. Such is the case with alien encounters. We are only as good at handling these encounters as our base of knowledge on the subject.

Reports of abductions and testing, horror and terror abound in the accounts of alien interactions, but as a paranormal investigator who offers reframing techniques, one has to ask - if they could truly hurt us, really wanted something from us, wouldn't they simply take us without regard to not interrupting our neighbors or families, placing us back where we belong, and leaving us to continue our lives?  Do our own researchers performing animal testing do this for the creatures they research?

We make a lot of assumptions that aliens would take over our world if we let them in or they would mean us harm, steal our resources, consider us ants on an ant hill, but in the reportedly millions of years they have visited our planet, they might very well be the reason we are here and able to be self sufficient and be such an interdependent planet with such viable intelligent beings upon it. In fact, we might very well be the proud children of these races who watch our progress, monitor our level of enlightment and tweak our gene pool when necessary.

I have a post going up on Wednesday in which I explain my encounters with aliens throughout my lifetime and it might give you a new concept of these "experiments" and that my encounters I have never once even had a twinge of fear; they have been positive ones.  But, perhaps, I am among the more enlightened and this is because I have known the intent of their business here and many others don't understand their part in this intricate and ancient interaction.

I hope that you start questioning how you receive information from Hollywood, even from reality shows. It is to their advantage to make things forbidden, scary, and even completely and totally ruin concepts, like making one believe witches summon the devil when their very spiritual practice has no devil concept, or that possessions happen and provide extraordinary examples of suprahuman outcomes.

If we have to sift through our vaults of information on subjects in nanoseconds, let's begin by being open-minded. There is no threat until there is an action and even that action is not a threat if we observe it. If you give a child a vaccination, they scream, but that was an intervention for their benefit.

In other words lets try to put this in perspective. We are still here. We are not being invaded. We are not being controlled, and we are not just disappearing right and left permanently. Given that context, let's reframe the alien experience to something more curious and less threatening.

Stop. Observe. Communicate.

Types Of Aliens

Aliens aren't always reported as the grey, large-eyed, small-bodied beings as the one in the photo above. A wide variety of them have been reported by a wide swath of witnesses. I will discuss some of the more popularly described ones:


Diminutive, gray-skinned, huge black eyes, tiny delicate bodies, enormous heads... these are the classic ones most often portrayed in movies and TV and stories told by supposed abductees.  The majority of those who encounter aliens, report the greys and not always positive encounters, often times involving abduction and medical testing. For some, like myself, it has been a positive experience. More on that on a post on Wednesday.

Reported with typical Aryan traits, they have blond hair, blue eyes, strong and robust, webbed toes, and 24 teeth supposedly. These are described as kind of like "star child" earth-loving, eco-weenie, peaceful sort of beings.  A popularly held belief is that during Eisenhower's time in office, the Nordics arrived in a meeting in California with the president hoping to make a connection, but was rejected. Then, later, he met in New Mexico with the greys and made a deal with them instead - a deal they regretted later.


These humanoids are described as tall and scaly. Often, they are reported in caves or around caves.  Encounters with reptilians have not always been positive and sometimes downright threatening, but they appear to want to remain very hidden and have also been associated with the ability to walk in and out of walls in a kind of parallel world membrane. Reptoids are often part of legends of cave dwelling and underground tunnels in the Ozarks and California.

Hairy Dwarfs

Reported to have hairy bodies, small, almost alien grey shaped, but sometimes wearing a strange helmet on their head. These have so far been reported in Latin America.

Small green humanoids

These unusual beings are reportedly exceptionally small, like under one foot tall. Their bodies appear to be diminutive versions of a human, but their heads are unusually large and oddly shaped.

Aquatics (Sirians)

The Sirians were said to be the first to visit our planet in ancient times, 4 to 5 billion years ago (how this is confirmed given there is no written language from back them of eye witnesses, I'm not sure). Reportedly, they along with other aliens, DNA manipulated our life on this planet.

Tall Whites

Described as exceedingly tall, about 8 feet, with pale chalky skin and wrap around blue eyes. I saw two of these as a child (more on that on Wednesday). They are said to have translucent platinum hair. Iran believes there is a base of them under their land -


These beings are described as blue and said to have landed in Florida in the 1950s, trying to convince our government not to work with the greys to no avail.  They have wrap-around eyes and are sensitive to light. It is said they are friends with the Nordics. From Exopaedia: "They claim to be descendants of Noah who traveled to the Western Hemisphere a few centuries after the deluge and discovered ancient antediluvian cavern systems and technologies which had been abandoned in the subterranean recesses. They have been encountered mostly in deep cavern-systems beneath the general region of the Ozarks-Arkansas and surrounding regions (Evadamic)." Other sources tell of encounters with this same race in the Southern States of the USA."  As ludicrous as this sounds, much of the concept of underground caverns and alien civilizations really do ring true for most researchers who are finding more and more correlations, especially in the Missouri/Arkansas/Ozark area. 
For more info on the variety of aliens, I suggest Alien Anthropology site.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

What Are Aliens?

Aliens. We think we know what they are, little grey men, sometimes described as lizard people, and yet other times Nordics. But, do we really know WHAT they are?

Here's just some possible explanations -

Collective hysteria/imaginings
If you ask the government, they'd likely tell you that as a society we have become believers in aliens because of Hollywood and hysteria, there are plenty of concepts that support this hypothesis. The majority of encounters with aliens happen in bed - a time when sleep paralysis, shifting dream states, and even vivid dreaming because of geomagnetic storms could be at play. It's been easy to blame this on imaginings, but those who have experienced encounters will tell you just how real they are.

Visitors from another planet
48% of Americans believe aliens come from other planets. It is interesting to note the similarities in experiences and descriptions of the aliens and that some people don't recall it until under hypnosis (as in my case).  There is definitely enough witness content to support the concept that aliens exist, but are they from other planets? Well, many would not claim them from our own planet, so the likely other concept is - true alien to our world. The 1950s scifi movies certainly had a field day with such concepts of little green men and long-distance travels, but more practical citizens see this option as preoposterous, given the amount of light years to travel while science-minded folks point to concepts like wormholes. Another popular concept is USOs, or unidentified submerged objects, pointing to the conclusion that these aliens stay on the bottom of the ocean and fly out to do their deeds and go back. Until it is time for them to leave our planet, they have a base of operations that is safely hidden.

People from our planet's future
There is a good deal of conjecture that in the future, man will evolve into a different form because of less need for muscle - more reliance on machines, and larger brain to handle growing technology and its applications. When UFOs arrive, some of the population has come to accept this is extraordinary technology, but they are skeptical it came from light years away. The only possible explanation that, to many makes more sense, is that they are visitors from our future. In other words, we are their ancestors and they are our descendents.

Other dimensional/parallel world
Shadow people, aliens, cryptids are believed to be other dimensional or parallel world occupants who can cross back and forth between the worlds. Why are they able to do this? Well, let's look at it this way: We are a physical form that houses a soul. We can go into that spiritual world in prayer, astral projection, meditation and other means. We are still in our physical form, but we have entered another realm in our mind/soul. What if these beings are soul forms that can house a body? They must concentrate to produce a physical form as we focus on a mantra to enter the spirit realm. Indeed, the concept of something not of this world visiting us, seems much more feasible if you make them from the same space, just another dimension.

What are aliens? They are beings that are seen and experienced by many of our citizens who are forever changed by the experience. Whether these experiences are real or imagined is yet to be proven, but the results are very real, concern, fear, wonder, amazement and outright terror.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Monsters: The Dover Demon

Each day this week, I will be presenting a cryptid monster you might not have heard of during this "What the Freak Is It?" week on Ghost Hunting Theories. At the end of my presentation on the information regarding the creature, I will give you a flash horror short story based on the beast.

The Dover Demon is a good old American monster that might be lesser known. Beginning in 1977, it was sighted in the area of Dover, Massachusetts.  It was only sighted by a few over a few-days period. One might say this makes a good case for another dimensional being crossing over for a brief little jaunt in our world.

A teen saw it while driving down the road at night, moving along a wall. He drew up a sketch of it for his father. Then, soon after, another teen saw it hugging a tree. Yet, another teen saw it in the car's headlights at night.

It was described as being about 4 feet tall with two legs, hairless body but rough-textured skin, long spindly peach-colored limbs, and a large head like watermelon with glowing orange eyes. (sounds like Pumpkinhead)

There were no more reports or explanations for what was seen, but some believe it was an alien.

The Dover Demon's Visit
It crept along the darkened roadway shyly. Vehicles had passed by, scaring it into the bushes. The noise, the strange smells, the damp round and chill night air were all most foreign to him.
Once, he saw a four-legged hair creature trot down the woodland path and bark at the blackened sky. The demon looked up at the sky. His vision was clear at night. Everything was awash in a glorious yellow tone that made it it possible to see everything coming for miles. His visual acuity in such a dense woodland was almost painful. There were too many varying heights, shapes, and textures in this world and much too much light at night.
A vehicle came up on him when he was deep in his thoughts of other worlds, much simpler worlds, much better smelling worlds with prettier sounds and darker nights. The bright lights shined on his thick skin and he turned away, scampering towards the wall to shimmy up before anyone caught sight of him.
The last thing he needed was to be feared by some human and killed or, even worse, captured and kept in this realm.
Only a few more cycles of night and he would be free from this awful world and mark this off of his bucket lists of must see universes!

**For a collection of my short stories, check out "Don't Go There! A Flash Horror Anthology" where every story is timed so you know how long it'll take to read depending on your time constraints and the variety of many dozens of short stories cover the gamut of every horror subject possible with a special features section in the end that has short nonfiction stories of me being alone in places no one wants to be alone in. This is available in paperback on Amazon, Kindle and Nook (link above).**

Friday, January 24, 2014

Monsters: Kongamato

Each day this week, I will be presenting a cryptid monster you might not have heard of during this "What the Freak Is It?" week on Ghost Hunting Theories. At the end of my presentation on the information regarding the creature, I will give you a flash horror short story based on the beast.

The Kongamato is a pterosaur-like flying creature that is reported in Nambia and Congo regions of Africa.  Said to be along the rivers, it is reported by locals to attack small boats and those who disturb it. 

From Wikipedia "In 1956 an engineer, J.P.F. Brown, allegedly saw the creature at Fort Rosebery near Lake Bangweulu in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). It was about 6:00 p.m. when he saw two creatures flying slowly and silently directly overhead. He observed that they looked prehistoric. He estimated a wingspan of about 3 to 3 12 feet (0.91 to 1.1 meters) and a beak-to-tail length of about 4 12 feet (1.4 meters). It reportedly had a long thin tail, and a narrow head which he likened to an elongated snout of a dog.

The following year, at a hospital at Fort Rosebery, a patient came in with a severe wound in his chest, claiming that a large bird-like creature had attacked him in the Bangweulu swamps. When asked to draw the creature, he allegedly drew a creature resembling a pterosaur. This drawing does not appear to have survived to the present."

Wrath of the Kongamato
The explorers forged forward down the waterway with the two oarsmen guiding them through the silty pools of warm water. The oppressive heat had wrung them dry and they feared drinking the water, but soon they would have to relent.
One of the men stopped rowing and looked up at the sky, blotting out the sun with his hand. A huge dark shadow moved over them and the explorers looked up, wondering if a plane was overhead.
The two guides began to scream and duck down, holding the oars over their heads. The explorers looked around them, judging the distance to the shores, the threat of crocodiles and decided to stay. The men who were standing tossed out their oars, dove down into the water and splashed their way to shore, leaving the two confused men with a boat they couldn't guide and water that was rapidly splashing with crocodiles attracted by the splashing.
The beast overhead glided on its wings, back and forth, a thin tail dragging across the blue sky. It tilted its strange dog-like head to peer down and then swooped.
All at once, the men jumped overboard, scrambling to paddle to shore when the giant angry bird caught the seat within the boat on its nose-like beak and tossed it to shore without missing a flap of its wings as it climbed skyward again with a squawk.
The explorers pulled themselves up onto the muddy banks. The prehistoric bird was forgotten as the men concentrated on the other threatening relics from the stone age - the crocodiles surrounding them.

**For a collection of my short stories, check out "Don't Go There! A Flash Horror Anthology" where every story is timed so you know how long it'll take to read depending on your time constraints and the variety of many dozens of short stories cover the gamut of every horror subject possible with a special features section in the end that has short nonfiction stories of me being alone in places no one wants to be alone in. This is available in paperback on Amazon, Kindle and Nook (link above).**

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Zombie Housewives of the 1980s - Coming Summer 2014!


Julie and I just finished the photo shoot for the cover of the last in the 4-book Zombie Housewives Series - Zombie Housewives of the 1980s.  This will be released Summer 2014. Our characters are Madison (me) and Brandi (Julie) and the zombie scenario for this decade is outrageously 80s.

The others in this dark humor series are visually beautiful, colorful, graphic, hilarious, unsettling, and all available on Amazon in paperback full color, on Kindle and Nook!

Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse (1950s Cold War scenario with Liz and Stella, the drunken slutty divorcee and the perfect suburban housewife who find being zombies is no different than living in the suburbs)
Zombie Housewives of the 1960s (1960s hippie theme with invincible marijuana producing zombies with munches for flesh and blood, segregation, Vietnam War, and tons of other 1960s themes turned zombie with Blossom and Colleen)
Zombie Housewives of the 1970s (1970s 3-mile island scenario with women's working roles and zombies being the unusual trendseetters with characters Mary and Melissa)

Monsters: Dingonek

Each day this week, I will be presenting a cryptid monster you might not have heard of during this "What the Freak Is It?" week on Ghost Hunting Theories. At the end of my presentation on the information regarding the creature, I will give you a flash horror short story based on the beast.

This time, we go to Congo in Africa to learn about a cryptid called the Dingonek. This is reportedly a scaly, saber-toothed creature with tusks. It supposedly lives in the creeks and lakes of the area and was even reportedly portrayed on a cave drawing.

From Wikipedia "The description by John Alfred Jordan, an explorer who said that he actually shot at this unidentified monster in the River Maggori in Kenya in 1907, claimed this scale-covered creature was as big as 18 feet long and had reptilian claws, a spotted back, long tail, and a big head out of which grew large, curved, walrus-like tusks. A shot with a .303 only served to anger it."

Dingonek Threat
The waters stirred with such soft and subtle pluck that the man eating his lunch on the shore gave it no notice. The birds in the trees screamed, the monkeys screeched, but still the man continued with his banana and the last crumbs of his meat pie.
Today, he had gathered more than enough fruits from the jungle and was ready to bring them back and sell them in the market place, but right now, he was feeling a bit lazy and drowsy as he laid back against the soft ground near the shore of the large pool in the creek.
A loud splashed warned him there might be more dangerous animals in the waters enjoying the beautiful day. The man sat up and squinted across the glinting pool at the sight of a head and neck rising from the water and heading to the other shore. The scales on its flesh reflected the blue sky and the man leaped to his feet all at once, remaining still and quiet, hoping it didn't notice him.
It lolled its head back and forth and turned in profile, looking upriver. Then, the man saw the long tusks pointing towards the water and realized this was no rhino. Whatever it was, it wasn't natural.
He creeped back on the pads of his feet towards the brush and eyed the nearby trees for one he might climb should it decide to cut through the small pond and head his way.
As he slipped between the first two bushes, the monster turned towards him, head up at the sky as a large vulture flew overhead. It opened its enormous mouth, sharp teeth glistening as it snapped the giant bird from the air and dove down into the depths of the once still pond again.

**For a collection of my short stories, check out "Don't Go There! A Flash Horror Anthology" where every story is timed so you know how long it'll take to read depending on your time constraints and the variety of many dozens of short stories cover the gamut of every horror subject possible with a special features section in the end that has short nonfiction stories of me being alone in places no one wants to be alone in. This is available in paperback on Amazon, Kindle and Nook (link above).**

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Monsters: Bunyip

Each day this week, I will be presenting a cryptid monster you might not have heard of during this "What the Freak Is It?" week on Ghost Hunting Theories. At the end of my presentation on the information regarding the creature, I will give you a flash horror short story based on the beast.

Aborigines have a legend of a monster called Bunyip ("water devil") that is said to hang around swamps, streams and low-lying wet areas.  Descriptions vary from a giant starfish shape to dog-faced, dark fur, horse-like tail, flippers, tusks, and duck bill. A truly mutant description. It was reported to kill aborigines and creatures along the watereways.

The origins of Bunyip are often believed to be a cultural "memory" of a now extinct marsupial and legends passed down through tribes.

Here is my fictionalized short based up on the legendary creature -

In the Murk

From the putrid waters of the seasonal creek, I emerged, head first, peeking out at the land, studying the scenery, looking for movement. My skills have evolved over time to note the tiniest movement of a mass among the swaying bushes and straggly trees.

Hunger roils in my belly and I am determined to have my meal, but I have a special affinity for certain food sources more than others and today I am feeling a desire for wallaby. I don't even let myself consider an Aborigine. They are so rarely found off guard in such muddy waters, but one can hope.

The Native People see me as a feared legend and few today believe me to be real. It is that very lack of belief that has allowed me to dine on Aborigine more regularly than in the past. They are a better source of nutrition because I consume their content, as well, taking on their knowledge and experience.

I am wiser now than just an ancient knowledge, I also know the thoughts and habits of all my prey. Including Man!

**For a collection of my short stories, check out "Don't Go There! A Flash Horror Anthology" where every story is timed so you know how long it'll take to read depending on your time constraints and the variety of many dozens of short stories cover the gamut of every horror subject possible with a special features section in the end that has short nonfiction stories of me being alone in places no one wants to be alone in. This is available in paperback on Amazon, Kindle and Nook (link above).**

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Tonight On Paranormal Geeks Radio


Tonight's guest on Paranoraml Geeks Radio is psychic medium Geraldine Palmer-Bouse. Join us at 9 pm EST/8 pm Central/7 pm Mountain/6 pm Pacific.

Sasquatch: The Unacknowledged Tribe


Today's Mind Fuck Tuesday is my ongoing thought process with regards to how Bigfoot got to be the hidden tribe they are today.

It is not only time for us to move our thinking process from Great American Ape (and those who perpetuated such terminology out of ignorance), but to move on. When Sasquatch was first reported in America publicly, the only frame of reference people had was, "it's covered in hair and walks upright, has to be ape." We had nothing to compare it with. So far as we knew, humans did not come in both tall and hairy shapes (though pitutitary gland tumors cause gigantism and the proper gene creates hypertrichosis in humans).

I am proposing that the government has known about Sasquatch officially since as early as the 1700s, but surely in the 1800s. In fact, I believe that the evidence of Sasquatch ancestors can be found in the Adena, ancient burial mounds and mummies in caves in the west and are often referred to as "ancient giants."

Occam's razor - the simplest explanation is the better.

There were giants here in regions from Ohio Valley to the South (where Lenape tribe reportedly drove them down the Misssissipi thousands of years ago) and in the west where a huge population of giants have been found in Nevada and California. These are all the main territories of today's Sasquatch, or as I may come to refer to them, "the unacknowledged tribe."

None of this is a coincidence.

The ancient giants lived along lakes and waterways as evidenced by their burial grounds, evidence of their civilizations, and enormous effort to collect and even bury their own with shells, sometimes ones traded as far away as the Gulf Coast to the Midwest. Today's Sasquatch make such places their home bases.

The puzzling question is: If Sasquatch are indeed the descendents of the ancient giants, why are they living such a remote life?

The answer may be that our government has been hiding the traces of Sasquatch's ancestors and Sasquatch's existence even today in a tacit agreement of remaining an "unacknowledged tribe." In fact, the efforts to hide the evidence of the ancient giants is perhaps the smoking gun that gives away the entire duplicitous pact.

But you may ask, "hey, isn't it the Smithsonian covering up the ancient giants? How would the government be involved in the institution's motives?"

The government set up a Department of Ethnology in 1879 to study ancient natives in our country and that bureau was under the auspices of the Smithsonian. This was led by John Wesley Powell from 1879 to 1902. Now, we have a connection, and an easy method to hide away for "research" all the finds that showed evidence of these ancient tall people and their descendents still living nomadically in our wilds. Powell basically made policies that if something was novel and did not fit the indian culture as they knew it, it was to be disregarded as irrelevant.

John Wesley Powell likely covered up giants because directives came from the government when they assimilated Natives that they also made a tacit agreement with (or without) the Sasquatch to not assimilate or acknowledge them or reveal the proof of their ancestors. They have been in constant understanding to remain hidden - there was no way to assimilate these people into our society, especially back then. There was no place in our explanation of man to accommodate such powerful giants and no way citizens coming off of battles with the Native people were ready to take on another race of Natives who were so very imposing and defied what they knew of God's creations or evolution.

President Cleveland in 1887 developed the General Allotment Act (Dawes Act) that allotted lands to native people and their families, and Indian Nations were formed with the help of Senator Henry Dawes of Massachusetts (its biggest proponent).  This would have been the time period when plans to "not acknowlege" the Sasquatch would have been well in place. In fact, it was perhaps the hopes of those creating these "Reservations" to make enough land for all Natives to exist and allow the Native Indians to deal with the others, Native giants.

In fact, it would be my assumption that either the Native American Nations and the US Government willingly set this up to provide refuge for the Tall Tribe or the US Government set up Reservations in hopes of having lands where Tall Ones would migrate to and be with the Native People they were used to dealing with and away from the crazy Europeans who were eating up resources like hungry locusts.

Perhaps the true way to view the Sasquatch is as the "Unacknowledged Tribe."

I hope y'all enjoyed this Mind Fuck hypothesis for today. Let it sink in and see if perhaps it doesn't ring true.

Monday, January 20, 2014

My Sasquatch Portrait

As you can see, the painting process is awkward. I have only done one portrait in my life and I have facial amnesia, so I cannot conjure up a single face, even my own or loved ones'.  This is, as best as I can describe it, a channeling process. I let my hand determine the features and it developed into someone extraordinary. I named him Adahy (Cherokee for Man of the Woods).


Now, I'm getting an understanding of the soul of this man.

It was critical for me to show his camouflage abilities.

I stopped at this point to let me have some time with the face. I hung him up in my bedroom beside a huge fern which seems to show, well, his ability to blend -


In the future, when I make adjustments in him and feel he's complete, I will share -

Monsters: Monkey Man Of Dehli

Each day this week, I will be presenting a cryptid monster you might not have heard of during this "What the Freak Is It?" week on Ghost Hunting Theories. At the end of my presentation on the information regarding the creature, I will give you a flash horror short story based on the beast.

The Monkey Man of Delhi reports were born in 2001 in Delhi, India. Descriptions varied wildly from a 4-foot tall being to an 8-foot tall one. It was said to be covered in dark hair and to leap from building to building. Some reported a helmet. Others reported red glowing eyes, metal claws, and 3 buttons on his chest.

Some citizens were supposedly accosted by this creature and scratches, and a few fell when they panicked and ran, falling off buildings or down stairs.

It was believed to have is origins in mass panic.

Terror On the Rooftop
The worker painted the tar along a seam where the rain leaked in. With coming monsoon season, his business was on the rise. Exhausted but pleased by productive day, he stood back up and rubbed his low back.
Amir squinted against the setting sun, able to view much of the crowded city as it blotted out the dying light like dark silhouettes of a marching army. He wiped the sweat from his brow, when he felt the tingling sensation of someone watching him. He spun around, his dark eyes scanning the roof top until he caught sight of something dark by the doorway.
When it moved towards him, Amir stepped back, his eyes focusing on the orange light of sunset awash on the dark hair covering the small being's body. Muscular and sure on its feet, it stepped towards him, not 20 feet away. Amir trembled and his mind locked up. What should he do? What was this thing? Was it a prank?
"Who are you?" His voice faltered as he realized halfway through saying it that this was not a person in a costume.
The creature's red eyes blinked and the light emanating from them was unreal, lighting a horrible ape-like face that appeared angry and determined as it walked even closer.
"Stay back!" He threw up his hands. "Stay back, I want nothing to do with you. Just let me leave."
The creature stopped as if considering his words and then leaped all at once with one giant sprint towards him, bringing with it a rush of animal stench and a snarl.
Amir turned and ran, his toe catching the edge of the building just as he somersalted head first to the street below.
**For a collection of my short stories, check out "Don't Go There! A Flash Horror Anthology" where every story is timed so you know how long it'll take to read depending on your time constraints and the variety of many dozens of short stories cover the gamut of every horror subject possible with a special features section in the end that has short nonfiction stories of me being alone in places no one wants to be alone in. This is available in paperback on Amazon, Kindle and Nook (link above).**


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