Friday, January 31, 2014

Aliens: Valiant Thor

Valiant Thor over the decades has become a conspiracy theorist's delight and often referred to by skeptics as an urban legend.

The story of Valiant Thor begins in 1957. He was an exceedingly handsome man who visited the Eisenhower administration. He seemed quite normal, except he was said to have no fingerprints and be able to walk through walls.

It was said that he was a Venusian and he had landed his ship near Lake Mead in in the Las Vegas area. The ship was referred to as the "Victory One." Valiant claimed he was the leader of all Venusians who were on earth and he spoke in a dialect unlike none known on Earth.

He reported that his race of people lived within Venus, not on the surface, that they were very attractive, intelligent, less violent than man, and he said they were sent here to protect man from himself, including nuclear devastation.

According to Thor, he did not meet the president, but his Secretary of State, Dulles. A man named Frank Stranges came forward, saying he had met with Thor and his brother and his brother could walk through walls. He said that he often traveled with them and others through space. Now, the story got more than just Stranges, but "strange."

Of course, proving Valiant existed is impossible, but the concept is an intriguing one simply because it involves aliens among us and that is always a bit of a chilling concept.

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