Thursday, January 30, 2014

An Alien Shooting In the Woods

This is an account given to me by a man from Indiana who went into the woods 10 years to go coon hunting at night with his buddies and something very unexpected changed their lives forever.

The dogs ran ahead of the 4 men into the woods, bounding excitedly for the hunt. They began barking as they disappeared into the inky forest and then, they just went quiet.

All at once, the dogs came bounding back out of the woods at full speed, whining and ran past the men to the truck and jumped into their boxes. They continued to whine and scream as if terrified.

The hunters looked at each other in puzzlement and moved forward to see what was causing the reaction. They moved about 100 yards deeper into the icy November woods when they came to a stunned halt.

One of the men shouted, "What the fuck?"

Their miner style head lamps lit up a humanoid standing perhaps 30 feet away. It stood about 4 feet tall, thin, big almond-shaped eyes and bare flesh was pink in color, perhaps reacting to the icy snow covered ground of an Indiana fall night. It stood there, staring back.

The first thought of the witness hunter was that it was a dummy someone had left out there, but then it blinked and stepped back.

Each man was terrified, believing it to be trying to send them words in their heads. The witness got the distinct feeling it was more scared of them than they were of it.  He set his gun on the ground to show he was no threat as he curiously came forward. It cocked its head to the right and left like a dog does when you talk to it. He raised his hands in the air and spoke to it like a child. As he gently spoke to it, it made what the witness believed to be an almost purring sound.  He took it to be a sound of warning not to come closer, so he stopped as it backed away.

One of the men in a panic, lifted his gun and shot. The witness heard a high-pitched, ear-piercing scream like he'd never heard before. Then, the being took off running through the woods into an open field.

The men gave it chase. By the time they covered perhaps 30 feet, it was at least 150 feet away and running through a field where it seemed to disappear into thin air. The witness reported what he thought in his mind was a puff of smoke as if it had exploded or something.

"I've never seen anything living more that fast. It looked like a cartoon character, just almost a blur going across the field. I myself have never been back to that section of the woods, day or night." The witnessed declared.

(**incidentally, this area has often reported low flying lights by residents**)

The men found no blood at the site where the hysterical man shot at it.

The men called the police to report what happened. They were pretty much laughed at and told to go home and sober up, though not a single man had been drinking - they carried a strict rule about hunting sober.

The witness reported that as a paranormal investigator, trucker, and nighttime fisherman, he'd seen a lot of odd things, but his curiosity won out in this situation and the closer he got to it, the more calm he felt. This is a great example of a true investigator at work. He took those steps towards the being, realizing its size, sensing its fear, and his advantage over it, to the point of setting down his gun, speaking softly and putting his hands in the air. This is a fine example for all of us the two different outcomes of such an encounter given the frightened man who just shot first and the witness who showed a true and curious heart.


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