Saturday, January 25, 2014

Monsters: The Dover Demon

Each day this week, I will be presenting a cryptid monster you might not have heard of during this "What the Freak Is It?" week on Ghost Hunting Theories. At the end of my presentation on the information regarding the creature, I will give you a flash horror short story based on the beast.

The Dover Demon is a good old American monster that might be lesser known. Beginning in 1977, it was sighted in the area of Dover, Massachusetts.  It was only sighted by a few over a few-days period. One might say this makes a good case for another dimensional being crossing over for a brief little jaunt in our world.

A teen saw it while driving down the road at night, moving along a wall. He drew up a sketch of it for his father. Then, soon after, another teen saw it hugging a tree. Yet, another teen saw it in the car's headlights at night.

It was described as being about 4 feet tall with two legs, hairless body but rough-textured skin, long spindly peach-colored limbs, and a large head like watermelon with glowing orange eyes. (sounds like Pumpkinhead)

There were no more reports or explanations for what was seen, but some believe it was an alien.

The Dover Demon's Visit
It crept along the darkened roadway shyly. Vehicles had passed by, scaring it into the bushes. The noise, the strange smells, the damp round and chill night air were all most foreign to him.
Once, he saw a four-legged hair creature trot down the woodland path and bark at the blackened sky. The demon looked up at the sky. His vision was clear at night. Everything was awash in a glorious yellow tone that made it it possible to see everything coming for miles. His visual acuity in such a dense woodland was almost painful. There were too many varying heights, shapes, and textures in this world and much too much light at night.
A vehicle came up on him when he was deep in his thoughts of other worlds, much simpler worlds, much better smelling worlds with prettier sounds and darker nights. The bright lights shined on his thick skin and he turned away, scampering towards the wall to shimmy up before anyone caught sight of him.
The last thing he needed was to be feared by some human and killed or, even worse, captured and kept in this realm.
Only a few more cycles of night and he would be free from this awful world and mark this off of his bucket lists of must see universes!

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