Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sasquatch: The Unacknowledged Tribe


Today's Mind Fuck Tuesday is my ongoing thought process with regards to how Bigfoot got to be the hidden tribe they are today.

It is not only time for us to move our thinking process from Great American Ape (and those who perpetuated such terminology out of ignorance), but to move on. When Sasquatch was first reported in America publicly, the only frame of reference people had was, "it's covered in hair and walks upright, has to be ape." We had nothing to compare it with. So far as we knew, humans did not come in both tall and hairy shapes (though pitutitary gland tumors cause gigantism and the proper gene creates hypertrichosis in humans).

I am proposing that the government has known about Sasquatch officially since as early as the 1700s, but surely in the 1800s. In fact, I believe that the evidence of Sasquatch ancestors can be found in the Adena, ancient burial mounds and mummies in caves in the west and are often referred to as "ancient giants."

Occam's razor - the simplest explanation is the better.

There were giants here in regions from Ohio Valley to the South (where Lenape tribe reportedly drove them down the Misssissipi thousands of years ago) and in the west where a huge population of giants have been found in Nevada and California. These are all the main territories of today's Sasquatch, or as I may come to refer to them, "the unacknowledged tribe."

None of this is a coincidence.

The ancient giants lived along lakes and waterways as evidenced by their burial grounds, evidence of their civilizations, and enormous effort to collect and even bury their own with shells, sometimes ones traded as far away as the Gulf Coast to the Midwest. Today's Sasquatch make such places their home bases.

The puzzling question is: If Sasquatch are indeed the descendents of the ancient giants, why are they living such a remote life?

The answer may be that our government has been hiding the traces of Sasquatch's ancestors and Sasquatch's existence even today in a tacit agreement of remaining an "unacknowledged tribe." In fact, the efforts to hide the evidence of the ancient giants is perhaps the smoking gun that gives away the entire duplicitous pact.

But you may ask, "hey, isn't it the Smithsonian covering up the ancient giants? How would the government be involved in the institution's motives?"

The government set up a Department of Ethnology in 1879 to study ancient natives in our country and that bureau was under the auspices of the Smithsonian. This was led by John Wesley Powell from 1879 to 1902. Now, we have a connection, and an easy method to hide away for "research" all the finds that showed evidence of these ancient tall people and their descendents still living nomadically in our wilds. Powell basically made policies that if something was novel and did not fit the indian culture as they knew it, it was to be disregarded as irrelevant.

John Wesley Powell likely covered up giants because directives came from the government when they assimilated Natives that they also made a tacit agreement with (or without) the Sasquatch to not assimilate or acknowledge them or reveal the proof of their ancestors. They have been in constant understanding to remain hidden - there was no way to assimilate these people into our society, especially back then. There was no place in our explanation of man to accommodate such powerful giants and no way citizens coming off of battles with the Native people were ready to take on another race of Natives who were so very imposing and defied what they knew of God's creations or evolution.

President Cleveland in 1887 developed the General Allotment Act (Dawes Act) that allotted lands to native people and their families, and Indian Nations were formed with the help of Senator Henry Dawes of Massachusetts (its biggest proponent).  This would have been the time period when plans to "not acknowlege" the Sasquatch would have been well in place. In fact, it was perhaps the hopes of those creating these "Reservations" to make enough land for all Natives to exist and allow the Native Indians to deal with the others, Native giants.

In fact, it would be my assumption that either the Native American Nations and the US Government willingly set this up to provide refuge for the Tall Tribe or the US Government set up Reservations in hopes of having lands where Tall Ones would migrate to and be with the Native People they were used to dealing with and away from the crazy Europeans who were eating up resources like hungry locusts.

Perhaps the true way to view the Sasquatch is as the "Unacknowledged Tribe."

I hope y'all enjoyed this Mind Fuck hypothesis for today. Let it sink in and see if perhaps it doesn't ring true.

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