The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Sticks and Buckets

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.


Journal Volume #3
Field Visit #27
Sunday July 24, 2016

I arrived at the park around 2:28 PM. The temperature was 98, very hot and humid. There was blue sky with a lot of high clouds. They looked like they could form into rain clouds later in the afternoon. I had my bike with me and used it to ride to site 1B. I left my car at 2:40 PM and arrived at 1B entry at 2:47 PM. I proceeded to the pipes.

It had been 5 weeks since my last visit. It would be interesting to see what had taken place. My observations with photos are noted.

#1. thru #3. At pipe #2, the green tennis ball was off the sticks and now inside the lower pipe nearby ????? Maybe the wind blew it off the formation into the pipe.

After noting this, I did my routine entry 3 knocks, whistles, calling out my name and blowing on my flute.

#4. thru #6. Possible ground sticks glyph on the east side of pipe #2.?????

#7. and #8. I adjusted the rocks, sticks, balls, blue plastic cover, water meter cover for a new set-up.

#9. I moved the ground sticks onto the top of one of the close by pipes.

#10. and #11. I found one of the large marbles that was partially buried near pipe #1. ???? I took the marble plus small sticks and rock and did a tiny set-up on top of pipe #1.

#12. thru #14. I went on over to the deeper set-ups area. On the small path/trail, the sticks at the rocks ground marker have been moved around. The rocks are at the same spot just the sticks have been moved.????

#15. and #16. I took more sticks and made a new set-up at the same spot.

#17. thru #21. I had moved the balls bucket that had been torn off the ball buckets tree to under the food bucket. The balls were in that bucket. It was found overturned, etc. under the food bucket on the ground with the balls scattered.????? Also the food items were removed from the food bucket with wrappers scattered. The large rock which had been left on the food in the bucket was still in the empty bucket.?????

#22. and #23. Two of the balls at the garbage can set-ups have been moved.????

#24. and #25. Two of the painted sticks from on top of the garbage can set-ups were both on the ground.?????

#26. and #27. I did a new grouping of items in the garbage can set-ups.

#28. I moved the white balls bucket with balls, etc. to this set-up.

#29. I moved the red rock back to this set-up also.

#30. thru #32. I used white spray paint for designs on the garbage can and buckets.

#33. I added 3 paint cans and bear doll to tire opening.

#34. and #35. Wider photos of the tire with cans plus other tires, etc. in the trees from different directions.

#36. I painted green stripes etc. on the yellow tire.

#37.thru #39. I moved the 2 painted balls from near the food bucket to the trees with tires etc.

#40. I painted with blue wavy line on the hanging sheet.

#41. This was the second time that the red spray paint can was found on the ground under the map case were I kept all the cans. ????

#42. This hanging drawings sheet has red paint on the corner. Actually, this spot of paint was noticed 5 weeks earlier during my previous visit. I had put it back into the map case then and now found on the ground again.

#43. A closer photo of the red paint can.

#44. I put the red paint can back into the hanging map case.

#45. Current food items for the food bucket.

#46. thru #49. Different views of the food bucket. I put all the food items in the bucket and put the large blue rock back on top of the items. Also seen is the white paint design sprayed onto the bucket on the front and 2 sides.

#50. More blue painted sticks added to the set-up.

#51. A red decoration I had found on the ground near the balls buckets tree.?????

#52. thru #55. A possible ground glyph, I overlooked earlier on the small path/trail.?????

#56. and #57. At the pipes before leaving, I did this small set-up using a water meter cover I painted green, sticks, and balls. I put this on one of the far side pipes to the south.

This concludes field report #27 for Sunday July 24, 2016.

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