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URBEX: Abandoned Home

My Daily Health Tea Recipe!

I make this every day. I love teas and I will be sharing more recipes for healthy curative teas you can make at home and also about the health properties of teas and coffees in your daily life. This one, I make at precisely 2:00 every afternoon. It perks me up and makes me feel ready for the last hours of work. It's very nurturing and super super tasty.

Ginger: Ginger tablets are the best cure for seasickness, even better than dramamine which can knock you out. It's also great for nausea any time or stomach upset. It is used for menstrual cramps and arthritis and muscle pains because it has a strong anti-inflammatory benefit. It has a hot bite to it, but when you chew and eat it, it really makes you feel invigorated and amazing! If you don't like the raw ginger in your tea, use candied ginger (found on the Asian aisle in a little box). It is coated in sugar and very eatable and sweets the tea naturally.

I could write a song about its fantastic properties but my singing voice sucks! Blueberries are top of the chart for antioxidants. Why do we need these antioxidants? In simple terms, we have unstable cells in our body that can lead to heart disease and cancer and these occur because of oxidization and antioxidants help stabilize this situation. Blueberries are also high in fiber, vitamin C and manganese which is good for helping to convert that food you eat into energy that you burn.

Cinnamon: This has anti-clotting capabilities which is good news for those who worry about heart attacks and strokes. It also lessons inflammation in the body like muscle aches, arthritis and such. It has antimicrobial properties and helps to stop the growth of bacteria. The most exciting new finding for this fantastic spice is that is helps to regular blood sugar. Basically, it helps slow down the amount of time food is in the stomach so you don't get a huge jump in your blood sugar.

The ginger has anti-inflammatory properties which helps your body's immune system and your aches and pains. The blueberries have healthy antioxidants to counter all the harmful things our bodies take in. The cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugar so you don't ride that crazy blood sugar rollercoaster that makes you hungry all the time. Enjoy!

Let's see how I make this healthy powerhouse tea every day (and remember, you can always use frozen blueberries and candied ginger for convenience and also so you're able to do it when blueberries aren't in season)

Fact or Faked Intervention

I think it's very appropriate that Syfy has this motto - "Imagine greater"

Tonight is the season finale--a bar poltergeist and a cave witch.

What's necessary to survive a show that lost its potential? Adjust.

Remember the first season of "Ghost Adventures" when everyone was laughing at what a douche Zak was and what numbnuts his sidekicks were? That they knew nothing about ghost hunting or even seemed to care about it other than to just party down in some old buildings and yell at the walls? Then, they caught on that they were a joke and so they played it up by amping up the drama and being "in" on the joke?

Well, it looks like FoF has had some growing pains. They can't seem to hire the right cast or use the right format and the show is adolescent, Scooby Doo'ish and generally ridiculous. Syfy has nowhere to go with it, but try to sell the "personalities" on the show since, when grouped together, they barely form one personality.

If they really wanted to make it Scooby Doo, then please just go Scooby Doo, hire some more pretty young lightweights and be totally giddy and naive. Don't try to straddle the line and make it seem like this is intelligent viewing and this is a real team. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if they had let Ben just run the ship, he might have sailed it in the right direction, but at this point I don't know what they can do to save it.

Video clips like these below only annoy me more because they're trying to make them likable and I'd rather see them be more legitimate, perhaps get a few more "mature" and "intelligent" team members and take themselves seriously and not test ridiculously stupid concepts. If they wanted to be playful, they really should have found a couple of comedian types or even a Josh Gates knock-off, but honestly the less this cast talks, the better.

I've honestly reached the point of no return with the show. I can't watch it anymore. I know, I know, I've been in love with this concept and have the highest respect for Ben. I don't know how many times I can see them chase a UFO film around trying to rent helicopters and balloons shaped like UFOs and how many times I can see them doing a ghost hunt in a location just to do a ghost hunt when they knew the video was totally bogus that they went to debunk. I find myself yelling at the screen and that's not a good sign.

They're not entertaining enough for the non-intellects and not smart enough for the intellects, so that leaves them in a weird territory where you can neither laugh at them and find them entertaining or take their opinions seriously.

Yule Gifts For Pagans

Pagans often celebrate Yule, the winter solstice which this year lands on December 22 this year.
3 Yule Cakes $19.95

Yule Log with Candles and Grate $24.67

Yule: A Celebration of Light and Warmth by Dorothy Morrison $10.17

Yule Incense and Oil Kit

Sterling Silver Pentacle Ring $39.99

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's the Crazy Redhead Up To Now???

I just got my Department of Zombie Defense tank top--wicked cool!

Well, Julie and I got an offer on our upcoming book "Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted" but the offer was an insult, so we turned it down. We are proceeding with finishing the writing of it and hoping to get a deal so we can pay for a trip to Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum which we hope to use as an example of all the elements necessary for a site to be haunted.

We just sent off our Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse book to a publisher. Fingers crossed.

I am working right now on "MetaNet," my sci-fi novel about a future where machines talk to the dead in a kind of Internet scenario and some dark and scary things that happen. I think it will be my favorite work. I am so loving this novel!

I'm focusing attention on leading a more active lifestyle. I'm already a vegetarian, though lately more like a vegan. I don't mind having meat, cheese, eggs, milk, but they are very rare. When I get to goal, I'd like to do something I used to do when I modeled--pose for a swimsuit shot, perhaps at an abandoned site or in the desert. Expect to see more tips and insight on the blog from time to time about weight loss, healthy lifestyle and sharing the process. It's that time of year that we're all thinking about starting new and doing the next year differently.

My friends and I are hoping to do some more road trips this winter. It's the only time to be out and about in the desert. You know that I'll share it all with you in photos and videos. Some of the places we plan to go to are like from another world and should give you thrills and chills. In fact, one of them I plan to film a kind of "Psycho" feeling film of it as I wander around the creepy historic site that is a hotel and restaurant and very back-roads Bates Motel feeling.

There's tons of other stuff going on too, but this is the main stuff you might want to know about and, no, still no boyfriend (but I do have a crush!)....

Made of Ice!

Ice Hotel built in Sweden with ice bar

Extreme Ice Sculptures

Vodka Luge

An Ice Ball

Harbin Ice Festival in NE China done every year

Okay, now that you're inspired--let me show you how to totally impress and take credit when you aren't really an artist--

Snowman Ice Sculpture Mold

Find more sculpture molds here and use them for the holidays and take total credit!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Belief: How It Affects Haunting Situations

"Totem" by Rush

I've got twelve disciples and a Buddha smile
Garden of Allah, Viking Valhalla
A miracle once in a while

I've got a pantheon of animals in a pagan soul
Vishnu and Gaia, Aztec and Maya
Dance around my totem pole
Totem pole...

I believe in what I see
I believe in what I hear
I believe that what I'm feeling
Changes how the world appears

Angels and demons dancing in my head
Lunatics and monsters underneath my bed
Media messiahs preying on my fears
Pop culture prophets playing in my ears

I've got celestial mechanics
To synchronize my stars
Seasonal migrations, daily variations
World of the unlikely and bizarre

I've got idols and icons, unspoken holy vows
Thoughts to keep well-hidden
Sacred and forbidden
Free to browse among the holy cows

That's why I believe

Angels and demons inside of me
Saviors and Satans all around me

Sweet chariot, swing low, coming for me

In my book "Was That a Ghost?" I discussed a system for dealing with potential paranormal experiences called the "Trinity of Relevance." In that trinity (context, belief systems and self-explanatory style), belief holds a very special position in how a person handles a paranormal experience.

The key to remember here is that belief does not determine if it actually WAS a paranormal experience, but belief greatly influences the reactions and actions of those who encounter it.

When you believe in something, you look for evidence of it. It creates an explanatory style (how you explain things to yourself) that supports it. It changes the way you interpret your whole world and all its events. If you don't believe that, just look at atheists versus Christians. An atheist can find plenty of proof of evolution and a Christian can find plenty of proof of creation.

Having helped counsel folks for panic and anxiety disorders for decades, I do know that what you tell yourself about anything changes your world. Let's look at this interesting series of events that happens in the human mind:

The barista at the local Starbuck's looks at Johnny with an expression of discomfort and disgust and then looks away, refusing to look at him again while taking his order. Johnny's belief system is one that carries the message "You are repugnant." With that facial expression from the barista and his belief system, Johnny explains it this way, "she thinks I'm hideous." Now, Johnny feels invisible, unwanted, and repulsive.

Ultimately, we will never know what was in the barista's mind when she made that expression, unless we ask her and then we are at the whim of whether she wants to divulge the truth or not. All we know is that an expression was made and its origins are unverifiable objectively, but vulnerable to interpretation.

This is what happens in the world of the paranormal. Events occur and their origins cannot be discerned concretely, so we are left with the effects of these paranormal encounters which can be anything from disinterest to amazement, terror to excitement. All of those emotions are the result of belief systems. They are the filter through which we observe our lives. When someone has a low self-esteem, the first thing we want to target is that belief system that makes him explain everything in such a self-deprecating manner.

When you change the belief, you change the explanations that stem from that belief and thus the emotions.

In the world of paranormal encounters, we can never know what the phenomena has as an intention or where it is coming from. All we have is our belief system and the explanatory style that supports those beliefs. If you believe in ghosts, a knocking sound is a ghost trying to communicate. If you don't believe in ghosts, it is an old house expanding and contracting after a hot day and cold night.

Do we really know what the knocking was? No. We may never be able to know what caused the knocking for sure.

The only reason I am able to confront some very odd phenomena and go into dark scary places all alone and observe and interact is purely because my belief system does not house a single demon or devil, evil occupying entity or possession. Hence, I never ever encountered them.

We can never know what the hell paranormal activity is, but how you interpret it is based upon your beliefs. Some people would run and scream and others would rush towards it with excitement. Investigators and psychics will bend the evidence to fit any belief system they support.

In the end, all we can ever really say about paranormal experiences is that, upon occasion we see, hear, smell and feel things that we cannot explain and that leave us with a puzzle. In the end, we tuck these away in our minds colored by the belief system that interpreted them.

We can all agree on the events; but we cannot agree on the origins or threat; those come from the subjective human witness.

Grocery Shopping For Getting In Shape

I thought I'd share from time to time, the ventures I am undertaking. I am a goal-oriented gal and when I decided to get published, I published 5 books in one year and wrote two more awaiting publishing. I decided I needed to stop and take some time to concentrate on me. I work in the health care industry and I know just what happens when people neglect their physical being--obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes... Well, you get the idea. A day becomes a week becomes a month becomes a year becomes a decade and you have cumulative damage.

Here's my shopping trip for this lifestyle focus I'm undergoing--

Happy Birthday Cliff!

It's Cliff Barackman's birthday today and I just want to thank the cutie pie for being such an enthusiastic seeker of our shy cousin, Bigfoot.

Cliff's attitude and energy, intelligence and humor have made "Finding Bigfoot" my fav show, along with his cohorts (even the sourpuss, Matt).

Animal Planet--you done right! Keep these shows coming--can't wait for the new season! I plan to do some over-the-top fun stuff and a giveaway.

So, you're not a year older, Cliff, you're a bit closer to making the world a better place with the domino effect of your interest, your charm and your show, creating happy bloggers, happy viewers, and curious children who want to grow up and explore and ask questions and not accept the patent answers from authorities.

Here's just another happy birthday for you --

You Think You're Old? You Have Nothing On These!

How about the oldest tree?

The Methuselah Tree is the oldest living nonclonal organism in our world! At 4,842 years old, here's what was happening in the world when it was sprouted: The four earliest civilizations - Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Indian, and Chinese - arose between c. 3100 B.C. and c. 1500 B.C. The copper stone age had begun. And, Stonehenge was built. The pyramids weren't built yet.

The tree is located in Inyo National Forest in California.

All those droughts, all the coming and going of population and civilization, all the rains and floods, lightning storms and earthquakes and still good old Methuselah stands.

How about the oldest person who ever lived?

The longest unambiguously documented human lifespan is that of Jeanne Calment of France (1875–1997), who died at age 122 years, 164 days

Yeah, some days when I'm feeling ancient, I really need to put that in perspective

Gifts for Cryptid Fanatics

Have a Very Paranormal Christmas cards with Bigfoot.

My favorite (I had to order this one)
Bigfoot ornament for Xmas $9.95

Yeti Mittens $29.99

Nessie Figurine $13.99

Flying Cryptids book $13.85

Bigfoot and His Resume Gift Set

Thunderbird Ornament $5.00

Monsterquest Season 2 $34.99

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Getting In Shape

This is an example of what I don't want weight-wise. I was at my modeling weight in this photo above--ghastly underweight and unable to even have periods and tending to faint when I stood up. How did I manage to stay thin? I have no freaking idea! I ate potato skins, ribs, Mud Pie... I was still young and getting used to my height. Tall people have it worse because we get used to eating anything and everything we want and never thinking about weight. Then, reality sets in. I don't want to be scrawny, but I do want to get back to being able to wear anything I want and not worry about if it makes me look "fat." I just miss being a clothes horse!

My goal weight (above) is about 30 pounds more than the top photo. Yeah, being tall has its advantages!

I also look at my family history of deaths:

1. Father died at 59 of heart disease, was obese and had high cholesterol, ate tons of meat and no exercise, loads of stress and traveling lifestyle.
2. Mother died at 74 of emphysema, had high blood pressure, smoked, no exercise.
3. Brother died at 43 of alcoholic cirrhosis.
4. Sister died at 50 of complications of gastric bypass.

As the baby of the family, I have the perspective of looking at what elders did wrong and avoiding it. Luckily, my numbers are great, very low cholesterol, vegetarian lifestyle, much more active than other family members. Still, I know what our genes can do with a bad lifestyle, but what can our genes do living an optimal lifestyle? Well, I have a very independent aunt about to turn 91 that proves where you can go with that.

I realized a few things about wanting to get to a certain goal weight:

1. It should not cost a damn thing!
2. It means a commitment each day of 2 hours until weight loss goal, then 1 hour after.
3. Health is the ultimate goal and weight loss will come with it.

With those three things in mind, I proceeded to do my research and decided to use the doctrines of a dense nutrient-based diet from the book "Eat to Live" by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. The basis if plants; veggies, fruits, beans and legumes, nuts, whole grains. I can absolutely do a plant-based diet. In picking a lifestyle for yourself, you have to keep in mind your parameters-are you fast food dependent? Consider Subway diet. You want something simple with a few rules-consider "You On a Diet" (the Dr. Oz one). Since I grow my own veggies, go the the farmer's market and love beans, veggies and fruits--I'm set!

I plan to do 2 hours of exercise a day. Sometimes, the exercise is not extreme. For one of those hours, I put my laptop on the bar counter and march and dance in place while editing my books, but this means one less hour sitting on my ass with a computer and since from 7 am until about 11 pm I'm usually on the computer, this helps. The other hour I use my elliptical machine or hip hop dance. Considering I work 8 hours a day and then do writing another 6 hours a day, doing 4 hours like Biggest Loser folks, ain't gonna cut it.

I plan to keep y'all updated on what I'm doing. What I'm eating, how I'm making it, the scheduling of my life, and the results. It's that time of year we're all thinking of getting our shit together and really doing it this time. I'm hoping to blaze a path myself.

Philip K. Dick: Prophet of Science Fiction?

Philip K. Dick (1928-1982) lived to be only 53, but as is often found, it was not the length of his life that counted so much as what he did with the life he was given. If you haven't heard of him, you're probably not a huge SciFi fan. Those who know his name, credit him with amazing strides in our understanding of science and the hazy delineation with science fiction.

Speaking of himself in a journal, Philip Dick wrote, "I am a fictionalizing philosopher, not a novelist; my novel & story-writing ability is employed as a means to formulate my perception. The core of my writing is not art but truth. Thus what I tell is the truth, yet I can do nothing to alleviate it, either by deed or explanation. Yet this seems somehow to help a certain kind of sensitive troubled person, for whom I speak. I think I understand the common ingredient in those whom my writing helps: they cannot or will not blunt their own intimations about the irrational, mysterious nature of reality, &, for them, my corpus is one long ratiocination regarding this inexplicable reality, an integration & presentation, analysis & response & personal history."

If you aren't aware of this deep and troubled man's work, his writings were turned into these movies:
"Blade Runner" ("Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?")
"Total Recall" ("We Can Remember It For You Wholesale")
"Minority Report" ("The Minority Report")

The loss of Dick's twin sister soon after birth had a profound effect on his mind set. He grew into a troubled young man who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and other issues and subsequently told he did not have them. Was this man psychically sensitive and misdiagnosed? Much of his life involved precog abilities which explains his ability to write the masterful "The Minority Report." His writing themes involved concern about technology and hints of paranoia, as well as worry about android design. At one point, he had a premonition about his son and begged his wife to take him to the hospital because he had a hernia and he did, in fact, have one. Was it possible that with a twin in the grave, Philip K. Dick had an insight into the other side? The wisest people I know have lost many loved ones and with a gang on the other side, seem to have some interesting precog abilities (perhaps info being fed to them or simply an ability to be part in this world/part in another since a portion of them resides in their lost loved ones?)

There are many who believe Philip K. Dick to have been so far ahead of his time that he seemed otherworldly. He could not be defined by mental illness, substance abuse or other possibilities--he simply was a man who knew too much.

Gifts for UFO Lovers

Have a Very Paranormal Christmas cards with UFO.

Alien Elf Ornament $8.88

UFO/Alien Baby Coverall $21.00

Alien Cup and Saucer $8.67

Roswell UFO Model Kit $17.39

UFO Hunters Season 2 $16.49

Alien Gift Basket $44.99

Alien Butler $60

Saturday, November 26, 2011

BottomFeeder Cinema

My son has a fun channel where he mocks bad movies called BottomFeeder Cinema.

I just did a Podcast with him taking apart a horrible movie called "Simon Sez." He just put part 1 up. Enjoy.

Dale the Doll: I Smell the Holidays

I will never understand why humans believe that sitting around a table and stuffing their faces until they feel sick and bloated and then sleeping it off to awaken and start the frenzy again at 11 at night, is a worthy yearly goal.

The Human went to her son's home for a vegetarian Thanksgiving. That had me laughing for a good half hour. I suppose that could be considered flipping the bird on the turkey. Get it? hahahaha

She did make some pies. They smelled damn good! Hey, I might not digest food, but I am still affected by scents; like the smell of the incense she burns when she's meditating, the coffee scented candle that sits beside me on the shelf, or the smell of The Human's new perfume. It's called "Breath of Fresh Air" and it smells kind of like someone opened the door after a cold winter snow and it brings in this clean smell when they shut the door. When she puts it on her golden skin, it gets the smell of the heat from her body and then pretty soon, it becomes this new smell of snow and flesh, honey and iced tea....

Oh, hell, now I'm sounding like some lovesick fool. Nope. Never. Not me. I'm not lovesick. I'm not a fool. And, I certainly never would carry a torch for a human! I just have a very sensitive nose and that's the only reason I think she smells like everything that is beautiful and right in this world.

No poetry and moonstruck lovesickness here. Nope. Never. Not me.

She's got the home decorated for Christmas already, or "Yule" as she likes to call it. I'm a bit miffed because she has ornaments of a Viking long ship and a kilted Santa to represent her Norwegian father and Scottish mother, Bigfoot and ghost ornaments to show her interests, but there is not one ventriloquist doll ornament!

I know she's going to make her famous fudges for Christmas, packaging them up in neat little gourmet bags and handing them out with recipes. I saw the recipes pulled up on the laptop; candy cane fudge, brown sugar fudge, and chocolate peanut butter fudge. I hate the freaking holidays and all the tormenting smells!

Book & Movie Combo Gifts

I love to do a cool gift package of book and movie. Here's some combos you might consider for a loved one. If you want to really do it up, consider putting them inside of a microwave popcorn bucket and put some movie theater candies in it.

SciFi Combo:
The Minority Report by Philip K. Dick $10.17
Minority Report (movie) $5.49

Horror Combo:
Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane $6.63
Shutter Island (movie) $14.99

Sports Theme:
The Natural by Bernard Malamud $7.74
The Natural (movie) $10.49

Self-Exploration Combo:
Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert $10.20
Eat, Pray, Love (movie) $11.99

Romantic Comedy Combo:
Under the Tuscan Sun: At Home in Italy
by Frances Mayes $10.20
Under the Tuscan Sun (movie) $11.49

Drama Combo:
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee $13.49
To Kill a Mockingbird (movie) $10.49

What-the-Freak Towns in America

(Above: Ruby,AZ)

Elko Tract in Richmond, VA
: From this awesome site , here’s a description: During World War II, Richmond created a fake city a few miles east of the airport and during potential air raids, they would blackout the actual city and airport and turn the lights on at the decoy in hopes that from the air, the bombers would unknowingly bomb the decoy and Richmond would be saved.

This man accounted how they went in search of the town. Here’s some description (after having to cross a concrete barrier and fallen trees) “We walked around for a bit, found a few disheveled buildings that appeared to be more maintenance sheds than habitats… Our final conclusion: Its more like a lost sidewalk than a lost city. Sure it was kind of neat to explore it and see it first hand but all and all, there are plenty of places in America where roads were paved and then abandoned. We have experienced much more interesting things – there’s really not much there besides chunks of concrete, a few fire hydrants and an old water tower.”

Centralia, PA:
(Wikipedia) Centralia is a borough and ghost town in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, United States. Its population has dwindled from over 1,000 residents in 1981 to 12 in 2005[1] and 9 in 2007,[2] as a result of a mine fire burning beneath the borough since 1962. Centralia is now the least-populous municipality in Pennsylvania, with four fewer residents than the borough of S.N.P.J.. For some awesome photos of how it looks today, check out Les’s Blog here. He just photographed it.

White Rock, NM: (Wikipedia) In 1947 the United States Atomic Energy Commission acquired land from the United States Forest Service to build a temporary community to house construction workers. That community was the first White Rock, which was abandoned by 1953. By 1958 all of the old White Rock buildings had been demolished or removed. The second and present White Rock was begun in 1963.

Willow Creek, CA: Willow Creek is the self- proclaimed Gateway to Bigfoot Country. Every Labor Day weekend Willow Creek plays host to Bigfoot Days the largest celebration of the creature anywhere. The annual event attracts visitors from all over Northern California and many from other parts of the world. It has it's roots in local Native Americans and their lore regarding a huge manlike creature and his family that dwelled in the Bluff Creek area along the Klamath River.

Brattleboro, VT (AP) -- Vermont's infamous naked town is under orders to keep its pants on. Tiny Brattleboro has long been a live-and-let-live kind of place where skinny dipping was a rite of summer. Last summer, though, it began flirting with a nudity ban after a group of teens took to hanging around a downtown parking lot in the buff. Officials decided then to let winter take care of the problem and never voted. It took an elderly man wearing only a fanny pack and wandering through the center of town last week for the Select Board to decide it had seen enough.

Ruby, AZ: Ruby, Arizona is one of the best preserved ghost towns in Arizona, but you can only gain access to it by helping in the restoration effort. It was founded as a mining camp, producing mostly copper, lead and zinc. At its peak in the mid 30s, Ruby’s population reached 1,200. The population diminished after the mine was closed in the 50s. The few buildings that remain include the jail, a schoolhouse, mine offices and a handful of homes.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Gifts For Zombie Lovers

My first suggestion is Julie and I's new shop on CafePress of Zombie Housewives wares.

The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Board Game. $18.95. I own this one and love it! It's totally addictive.

A beautiful zombie Christmas ornament for only $6.95.

An "I Love Zombies" gift basket for $44.99.

Zombie DVD movie collection of classics! Only $9.99.

I will also refer you to some zombie bloggers with zombie wares and art.
Zombies Everywhere
Phil's Custom Sculpts
Astrid's Alley


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