Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Cliff!

It's Cliff Barackman's birthday today and I just want to thank the cutie pie for being such an enthusiastic seeker of our shy cousin, Bigfoot.

Cliff's attitude and energy, intelligence and humor have made "Finding Bigfoot" my fav show, along with his cohorts (even the sourpuss, Matt).

Animal Planet--you done right! Keep these shows coming--can't wait for the new season! I plan to do some over-the-top fun stuff and a giveaway.

So, you're not a year older, Cliff, you're a bit closer to making the world a better place with the domino effect of your interest, your charm and your show, creating happy bloggers, happy viewers, and curious children who want to grow up and explore and ask questions and not accept the patent answers from authorities.

Here's just another happy birthday for you --