Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Daily Health Tea Recipe!

I make this every day. I love teas and I will be sharing more recipes for healthy curative teas you can make at home and also about the health properties of teas and coffees in your daily life. This one, I make at precisely 2:00 every afternoon. It perks me up and makes me feel ready for the last hours of work. It's very nurturing and super super tasty.

Ginger: Ginger tablets are the best cure for seasickness, even better than dramamine which can knock you out. It's also great for nausea any time or stomach upset. It is used for menstrual cramps and arthritis and muscle pains because it has a strong anti-inflammatory benefit. It has a hot bite to it, but when you chew and eat it, it really makes you feel invigorated and amazing! If you don't like the raw ginger in your tea, use candied ginger (found on the Asian aisle in a little box). It is coated in sugar and very eatable and sweets the tea naturally.

I could write a song about its fantastic properties but my singing voice sucks! Blueberries are top of the chart for antioxidants. Why do we need these antioxidants? In simple terms, we have unstable cells in our body that can lead to heart disease and cancer and these occur because of oxidization and antioxidants help stabilize this situation. Blueberries are also high in fiber, vitamin C and manganese which is good for helping to convert that food you eat into energy that you burn.

Cinnamon: This has anti-clotting capabilities which is good news for those who worry about heart attacks and strokes. It also lessons inflammation in the body like muscle aches, arthritis and such. It has antimicrobial properties and helps to stop the growth of bacteria. The most exciting new finding for this fantastic spice is that is helps to regular blood sugar. Basically, it helps slow down the amount of time food is in the stomach so you don't get a huge jump in your blood sugar.

The ginger has anti-inflammatory properties which helps your body's immune system and your aches and pains. The blueberries have healthy antioxidants to counter all the harmful things our bodies take in. The cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugar so you don't ride that crazy blood sugar rollercoaster that makes you hungry all the time. Enjoy!

Let's see how I make this healthy powerhouse tea every day (and remember, you can always use frozen blueberries and candied ginger for convenience and also so you're able to do it when blueberries aren't in season)


  1. Just because you can't sing, that shouldn't stop you from at least WRITING that blueberry song!

    (Lack of singing talent hasn't held some people back)