Lonely On a Friday Night--I'm Here!

I got my visit done early and I'm home and in my jammies with a cold beer. If anyone wants to hang out, I'm around on here this evening...


  1. Beer of choice? I'm drinking a Fat Tire.

  2. Bud Lite with Lime. I'm addicted for some insane reason.

  3. Hee hee. I have a bottle of absinthe but I won't have it unless someone is with me. The last time I tried it, I had crazy psychedelic dreams when I went to sleep. It was cool, but it'd be funnier to share that with someone else. Besides, two beers and I'm ready to start stripping. I'm an easy to get drunk gal.

  4. Well cheers.


    I'm off to the local shenanigan-spot to shoot some pool and talk man-nonsense. Enjoy the evening, and keep up the good content!

  5. L.I.I;
    Have a blast! Sounds like fun and for the content--it's always there.

  6. Hey, how's it going sweetie? Any male prospects?

  7. Funny you should bring that up. :-p Despite all of the bullshit that's been going on lately (omg It's one thing after the other) I actually have a date (And it's a confirmed DATE) for the 13th :)
    Met the guy (again) when I went to go see Finntroll. He's the guy that took his shirt off to show me his tattoo when I saw Epica in December. Ran into him again. ^.^

  8. I'm up to my eyeballs in alligators and work, but I thought I'd wave as I ran by.


    (Currently drinking: Coffee with Sweet Italian Cream creamer.... and there is probably no actual cream in it.)

  9. Steve--Seriously, you must come back so you can tell me more about these alligators...

    I had a good feeling about that guy, a real good one. Smart dude! He knew not to let you get away. You're lucky, you're in an age where most of the guys are available. I can't tell you how many married men pursue me. I'm like a married man magnet. What's up with that? Hee hee. Glad I found an incredible single guy. I'm not stupid--I plucked him up quickly, especially because he was handsome, funny, creative, sweet, and sexy. Like, am I lucky, or what? I think it's our year, honey.

  10. Lol He's the first guy who's legitimately come up and said "So how would you feel about going on a date?"
    THAT is something that has never happened. I LOVE the directness in that :)
    2011 BETTER be picking up for me. It's been HORRIBLE so far. I'm in need of a vacation already. :-\

  11. Oh yes, I know what you mean! But, when you think about it, that's a sign that you've gotten a lot done. I like this guy--he sounds good for you. He has no idea yet what a treasure he's getting. He's going to leave the date doing a little dance in the parking lot because he hit the jackpot.

  12. Haha! Well he likes me enough to drive 2 hours to take me out on a date so, I'm ok with this. :-p
    How about you and your guy?

  13. He's so good to me. I have never had a relationship with a man where I'm not nervous and uptight and worried. My ex was so anal retentive, picky and uptight that I couldn't laugh or smile. This guy loves to laugh and gets my silliness and finds it adorable. He takes pride in what I do. That's so weird. My ex never asked me what I was up to or cared to know at all. It's so new to me actually not being invisible anymore. It's like I exist! Between my ex and my childhood family, I was completely and totally ignored and left to my own devices all the time. This guy--he wants to be with me so much and it's so weird to think of having a guy to watch horror movies with (my ex hated horror) or to go investigate abandoned buildings (my ex was definitely not into messy houses). Hee hee It's just great to be precious to someone. I've wanted that my whole life to know that when I'm not there, he thinks about me. That's so new to me.

  14. Aww YAY! I'm so glad!!!! ^.^ You deserve it too! :-D Sounds like things are definitely headed in the right direction for you!

  15. Yeah. It's weird. I took a risk and chased him and he turned around and chased me back. Best risk I ever took and I never ever use psychic skills to better myself in any way, but in this case, I had a feeling about him for a long time. I just knew there was something important there. I was right. I have good instincts that way. Like names. Once I see someone's name written down, I know if they're going to be important in my life. I am glad this time I let my instincts make the decision. With my ex, it was really just a very practical decision.

  16. Been sick all day with a cold, just thought I'd say "Hi" before I pass out.



  17. HN;
    Take some NyQuil, sweetie. Good luck! Colds in the wintertime are nasty--but at least you can drink hot and take hot showers to feel better.

  18. I wish I could do that with names... It'd save me some aggravation. I can get feelings off the bat for some people, if they're good or bad. But then there's a bunch of people who Just give me a headache.
    I recently had somebody give me a hard time (They started to come off as VERY controlling... Guess they got bored with their life and tried a hand at mine) because I decided to go out and have a fun time in the wake of all of the shitty things going on (My car dying, my lap top dying, my uncle dying, my house dying and becoming uninhabitable...) So perish the thought that I be aloud to go out and take a breather.
    people slay me sometimes. Lol

  19. I've learned that people have their own agendas and if you're taking away something they want or keeping them from it or you represent something they want, they will resent you. But, they also deep inside respect the hell out of you for going for it. They want to be more like you which is why they resent you because they realize you're doing it when they're just dreaming it.

  20. That makes a whole lot of sense, especially with this girl. I have Cornell College looking at me, And I told this girl about it, and She was like "uh, Don't do it. Why would you go there?" Uh, I don't know, Maybe because it's a prestigious University that would be a good experience? Lol

    I also wanted your opinion on something...
    My uncle passed away, and I could feel when he died.
    Like, we were told he wasn't expected to make it through the night... and I was up studying, and at 5:24 I had this overbearing feeling of grief come over me, and it lasted until 5:31... I asked my mom in the morning when he died, and she said around 5.
    Is this common with people and family members? Because I felt the same thing when my grandmom died.. or at least I knew (Saw a Sunset and said "Hmm... I think someone died")

  21. Yes, she was definitely envious. If the person means something to you, you reassure them that this only makes your relationship better because you can include them in on this whole new world.

    Yes, what happened with your uncle--very very common and absolutely positively true. You definitely felt it. There's a lot of theories in how this comes about, whether we are psychically attached to family members or if there is a kind of link between us all by genes that makes us tuned into each other. When my mother passed, she had been determined to die in the family home her mother died in. We were sitting there with her in a coma for a week and finally told our brother, the doctor, that we should remove her from oxygen. Everyone stayed with her as she passed, but I knew I couldn't see her take her last breath. So, I went across the street. I sat in there for a time, paced the floor and then all of a sudden, I knew it was over. All the tension in my body left. I went to the front porch and watched my brother walk out from the house and come towards me to tell me she'd passed.

  22. Does it happen with everyone or just people who are more intuitive?

  23. Everyone. Lots of people say they didn't know when a loved one died, but it's like this. I'm psychic. I touch things and get tons of info. I also know how to turn that off so I that I don't let the images and emotions in. How else would I be able to go about my day touching things in normal everyday life if I didn't have this ability. People do this in their lives and don't realize it. Sometimes, in retrospect, they got a little sign. They look back and realize it. If we lead our lives noticing subtle changes, like feelings of dread out of the blue or sudden sadness for no reason at all, we might realize we're picking up on a tie we have with someone. This is exactly why I'm writing my book From Fledgling to Full-Fledged Psychic, because everyone has this. We just need to realize which type of talent we have and take off with it.

  24. I definitely would like to read your book ^.^
    My cat's climbing the wall and begging to be in my closet. I'm trying to figure out what she's seeing/hearing/after... I'm all freaked out because of how unstable my house is right now. Lol

  25. What happened to your place, sweetie?

  26. Lmfao Where do I start?
    The Cabinet overtop of my toilet, that's been up there for over 2 years, Randomly decided to fall (Elves must have come in and tap danced ontop of it to make it fall) ontop of my Toilet while we were out.
    The toilet tank cracked, which spilled out all of the water, and kept refilling, which flooded the entire house. We have a bunch of water damage, My clothes were all ruined, My shoes were ruined (My room was hit the hardest...) and all of the money I spent to redo my room and bathroom.. totally pointless... because the paint is now peeling off of my walls, and everything I bought is now cracked or warped from water damage.

    THANK GOD for homeowners insurance... Hopefully they'll be able to replace everything decently (equally? eeps I hope so. My vanity alone was 6-700 bucks) and make sure everything's stable.

  27. Oh dear! I went through something kind of similar recently. The folks upstairs had a hot water heat that exploded and the water poured out into my storage room which shares a wall with my bedroom. For a month, I kept hearing water dripping and smelling horrid moldy smells but there were no spots on the ceiling from dripping. It was dripping inside the wall. One day, I went in to the dresser and there was a huge black spot on the carpet and mushrooms growing! Holy heck! Well, they tore out the walls in m storage room and my bedroom. It was a freaking mess. It explained why I had felt sick with a nonstop head cold forever. I hope they do a good job of cleaning the place out. Mold is a bitch once it takes hold and in a humid place-- a real nightmare. You poor lamb. You have enough on your plate. What an ass pain. I guess it's just a way of testing your skills at handling a lot of things at one time. You're a pro now!

  28. Oh god, Mushrooms were growing!? That's terrible!!!
    Being in Florida especially, we're prime candidate for mold.
    The contractors might be here on Monday to fix it all... Our entire house is going to be like brand new. My mom can't decide if this is good or bad. Lol She's pretty stressed with it.
    I'm ok with it... I just don't want to be here. It's so ... stressful. It's CRAZY dusty, which makes it hard to breath. :-\
    Not to mention I'm so bummed about my clothes and such.
    My friend Kaye really stepped up to the plate though... She lent me a bunch of clothes and her favorite pair of boots (She knows shoes make me happy), and has been trying to help me out with it all. She went through something similar and lost all of her stuff as well, so She's trying to be there for me, and meanwhile I'm trying to be there for my mom. It's a crazy mess. haha!

    I'm mostly concerned about school. Luckily my teacher is working with me and not saying "Oh well too bad!" It happened RIGHT before a test... So he's letting me take it when I'm ready. Which... I'm still trying to study. It's really difficult because of the situations. Moms up north until tomorrow for the funeral. And this house... Ugh! lol!!!

  29. When it rains, it pours! I sure hope that you can replace everything. When this happened to me, I went around my apartment, wrote down what I own, took photos of it, bought a super cheap jump drive and put it all on there and then put it in my safety deposit box. I figured, I'm covered if anything happened. There's nothing worse than wondering what you owned when you're stressed. I feel for you and especially for your mom. Trying to grieve while your world is disrupted it so tough. Just try to see it as a strange adventure and a test in your adaptability. When it's done, you can quiet down and focus. And you, Miss Thing, you have a guy to distract you. Men are delicious distractions!

  30. How funny, I just posted my blog with that title. I'm not sure if you got that from there or not. Lol!

    I'm doing alright with it all. I'm being crazy Optimistic about everything going on.

    My car dying: We could pay the electric bill with that. Moms unemployment checks got messed up and we had no money at that time. So the money from the car got us a months of electric and groceries and such.

    My laptop was a blessing, It had vista.

    My uncle: he isn't suffering... He first had Bladder cancer, and then it spread. So the two months he had cancer (I can't figure out why he went so fast) it caused him pain. I don't think he was ready to go, cause he was fighting it. But... He isn't suffering.

    My House: ...New house! yay! :-p I'm thinking things will be done right this time when they put it all back together. I painted and everything by myself. Maybe they'll do a better job. I'll pick out a better blue for my room! :-p

    And yes, Guys are yummy distractions. hehe! Especially when they're into the same music you're into (a rarity here... for some reason O_o) and are willing to drive 2 hours to see you. ^.^

  31. Mine will be driving 5 hours to see me--so I beat you on that one! Hee hee. :-) I like guys. I have always understood men more than women. I don't know why. I think because my sisters were 10 months apart and fought constantly and tried to pull me into it and my mother just disliked people and especially women. No love, no hugs, nothing nurturing. Then, in school, girls were always competing with me and I was only looking to myself for my goals so I never understood why they wanted what I have. I have never looked to another person to decide what I want. It's all so foreign to me. Men don't mind if you burp, giggle, say something stupid, stumble, aren't in a great mood. They just are much more easygoing. Oh, yes, men are very good distractions.

    I like your attitude about what's happening. I always remind myself that "this is just one tiny moment in my time line." It's like, when I'm at the dentist, I put myself ahead in my mind another half hour when I'm home and doing the things I want to do and it's all over. So, when bad things happen, I just think--this is like a romantic comedy and they're throwing shit at me to see how I hold up, but like the heroine, in the end I get the man and my detractors get theirs.

  32. Concerts are AMAZING distractions, and give you crazy self esteem boosts! Lol! I'd kill to go see Finntroll again. God that show was awesome! And we hung out with the singer afterwards, and the guys from another band that was supporting them... and Finntrolls Keyboardist was in a band that My friend was in... So that provided conversation... Oh god it was just so much fun.
    And in the beginning... So funny... I was walking up the Queue line, and one of the guys in the front of the line was like "I like your sweatshirt!!" and the guy next to him was like "Fuck the sweatshirt! I like you!!"
    And then I got in the front of the crowd because I'm a pretty girl :-p I asked one of the guys who was up there if there was any way they could make room for me, and he was like "Oh yeah! A pretty girl with an Opeth hoodie! Of course there's room for you!"
    I always feel like a powerful seductress that guys can't have at concerts :-p

    And I swear that's how I feel! I feel like I'm in a novel or something. My life is playing out like a book. A strange book... Hmm. Lol!

  33. I like that perspective. I think when you're ready, things happen. I was painfully loyal for 31 years to one man. I never made eye contact with other men or it might give them the wrong idea. As soon as I was out of that commitment, I noticed men started saying "hi" and approaching me. I wondered what the hell as different? I realized it was because I have a spring in my step, finally have control of my own life and feel my own happiness. It just radiates, I think. You were probably radiating from a good place.

  34. Oh I definitely radiate at concerts. Lol I feel like a completely different person. I'm usually in my element... I'm crazy Knowledgeable about Metal music and such. Where as at like.. a dance club I'm like yep... So this is cool?
    I also Radiate confidence at concerts. They're so much fun!!
    I have one to go to 4 days after my 21st... So that should be a good celebration :)
    Get to listen to Folk metal and the lyrics are in Gaulish. Love it!! :-p

  35. You are a bundle of energy! I have to admit I'm a dancer. I do hip hop, but I love club dancing so much! Of course, finding men who dance-not so easy. I come alive when I can dance. My ex was a drummer in a band so I got really sick of live music. Not that impressed with it. I find it tedious, but then I listened to a bar band for a couple decades so I'm not thrilled. A live jazz or fusion band, though--that has my attention. I do admit, I went to a Fleetwood Mac concert a few years ago and I thought I was past my concert years but I really had fun, except that Lindsay Buckingham had way way way too many solos. I just wanted to listen to and watch Stevie. I would love to see a band live that would move me. It's been a long time since I was moved at a concert, but then I've gone to mostly pop band ones. But, give me dance music and my body goes insane. I cannot stop moving! Sometimes, I want to dance in the middle of a store if a good song comes on. I end up kind of dancing a little. It's an affliction, so I can get how you feel at concerts!

  36. Oh don't get me wrong, I love dancing too (I mean, I am a belly dancer :-p I use that to my advantage at clubs ^.^) However, as you said, Finding a guy who can dance... REALLY hard. I went to a club, and I swear, I got raped up the ass with clothes on. Guy asked me to dance and tried to make me move my hips the way he wanted them to move (No way in hell! My hips move the way IIIIII want them to go, HE must follow if he wants to dance THAT way) and then he started thrusting. I was like "Yep.. I'm done" and walked away. Guys at clubs don't impress me at all. No common ground.

    And my concerts tend to move me a lot. The bands put so much energy into their show... And then there's the fact that there's hot guys on stage. That makes everything good :-p And when the band plays everything you want them to. There's NO disappointment. None at all.
    And then when it's in a different language. :-D

    With Finntroll, all of their songs are in Old Swedish. And the other band that co-headlined with them, Ensiferum... Their song "Lai Lai Hei" starts in Finnish... I knew EVERY word. And I was able to scream it to the singer. and then their song Into battle...
    SOOOOO good! Lol!!!!

  37. My son and his fiancee went to her favorite band in concert--sigur ros (spelling?) I love their music. Very good. It must be in the genes, but I adore Scandinavian movies and music. I totally get it. Now, what you're going to see would be awesome and romantic. If music is going to move me, it needs to be a show but it needs to have a wicked singer. If a band has the right sounding singer, I just puddle. Yeah, dancing is a tricky thing. I don't think I'd want to be with a guy who knows how to dance--I'd wonder a bit if he got too good at dance if he has some girlie tendencies. But, I wouldn't mind if a guy was willing to just move on the floor just so he can be with you on the dance floor. I'm used to dancing in groups of girls in a kind of circle--you know the thing--we all do it in clubs. When my ex's band would play, a lot of times I would get up in the floor alone and dance and point at and gesture for others to come up. Being the first dancer up is insane. One time, they were playing the song "dancing with myself" and I just sort of pointed at myself. People laughed and joined me. I wouldn't mind grinding up against my guy on a dance floor, but some strange groin against me--ick.

  38. Heh, The band that I'm going to go see on the 24th makes me happy. They have Bag pipes and a Hurdy Gurdy. Lol! And flute solos!!
    Opeth has a good singer (to me at least. I LOVE his clear vocals!) But I have no clue when they're going to tour agian.
    Unfortunately I won't get to see the one band who's singers voice just made me swoon.
    Type O negative - Peter Steel was their singer... and he had such an amazing and deep voice.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD5No_JRrZw that song is just... Phew. Lol!

    I don't mind the whole grinding thing... But if a guy starts thrusting into my ass... That's just... wrong. Lol I can't handle that at all!

  39. Soraya;
    You crack me up! I was hoping to hit the highland games this year. I like to go every year and watch the brawny men tossing cabers and listen to the fife and drum and just have a blast looking at the family clan stuff, except I'm a traitor. I hate the Fraser plaid. I like their ancient hunting one, but I despise red on me! Ick! Okay, sweetie, well I need to hit the hay. Tomorrow i must work a 10-hour day. I will be doing this again next Friday, of course, because my weekends are a snooze. Take care and keep me up on what's happening! You are just about the neatest young woman I know!

  40. Aww Highland games are fun. haha! I like going to the Scottish Weekend at the Renn Fest. They have their version of that and it just makes me happy :-p That's coming up soon... Hmmm... Must add that to my list of things that I must do. Money is tight and there are SO many things in a short period of time...
    Eluveitie, Apocalyptica (Mar. 4th), Turisas (March 14th) and the Renn fest is really soon... And then there's the State fair. Hmph! Must figure this out.

    Alrighty!! Will talk next Friday then :-p
    And I try ^.^ I AM an oddball, I suppose that adds to it all :-p


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